Citibanamex Auditorium

Monterrey, Mexico

May 3, 2022

13 Comments on “Citibanamex Auditorium”

  • Nancy


    I love it!

    thanks for amazing ninght ✨

  • Ever


    Amazing performance, really a unique experience to be there feeling a whole set of emotions thanks to all of you.

    Thank you so much.

  • Obed


    Twenty years passed to live the experience of enjoying them in concert. Thanks for sharing your music. Thanks for sharing your life.

  • Obed


    Takk fyrir eftirminnilegt kvöld.

  • Abril Zapata


    Thank you for coming into my life, you have touched the deepest vibes of my being with your music, I will always carry those moments in my heart, I wish to see you again in Monterrey very soon, simply the best…..with Love Abril zapata <3

  • Guillermo G. Espinosa


    I went to the show at Metropolitan and I can say that this show got better en so many ways, the sound was powerful, Glósoli was amazing, I cryed a lot, thank you to make me feel alive!

    I love you so much Sigur Rós ❤

  • Fernando


    It was my first concert in long time, I went to see your show at Auditorio Citybanamex in Monterrey, it was amazing that one of my favorite bands came to my city, I enjoyed it a lot, thank you soooo much for come!

  • Carlos Tamez


    Really, really guys, thank you for the incredible moment and the experience you give us, eternally grateful for the passion and giving everything on stage, my first Sigur Ros concert, i would like to repeat this experience again and even leave my hometown to have the opportunity to attend another show of yours, I love you very much and thank you for everything


  • Daniela Alfaro


    I’d never ever dreamed of seeing Sigur Rós live in my home city, it was nothing less than a miracle, I’m just sad that there wasn’t enough people who could appreciate the beauty of your music. But a good thing is, despite the big production behind this show, it felt kind of intimate in some parts, like we, the audience, were really close to the band and the true fans felt connected to, immersed in, and touched by their songs. At times I became a mess of tears and snot, pouring all the emotions, the pains and axiety out of my chest, feeling my very soul being cleansed, then the percusion and the lights, with their combined efforts, would shake my entire world, the very air around me, forcing me to wake up from my dazed state of mind, filling my body with an electric current that exploded into pure adrenaline at the end of popplagið, which sadly i wasn’t able to record from my seat. But it’s ok, that moment will never be erased from my memories.

  • Aurora


    Fue un concierto sublime, magistral me emociono tanto verlos, los sueños se hacen realidad….❤️

  • Rods


    Setlist: It was very good, you played some songs different to the previous tour. That gives more variety to fans who have been in one of your concerts before. It was amazing how you played continous songs sorted like in the album, that sounded super-lovely… ♥
    Performance: Unbelievable! I have no words! Also, it amazes me how you handled very well the small issues you had, like when Jónsi’s guitar string broke, or Kjartan’s amp was not properly working. I think Jónsi’s voice was quite affected by the weather, I guess? Heysátan was unperfectly perfect!!! I enjoyed it a lot, I bet you enjoyed it too! ;)
    Arragements: Powerful arrangements! Like in the albums. I liked the samples you used, they filled well those empty sounds could be presented. I wish you can bring people so they can play the strings, and brass; that would give more organic sound.
    Lights: Oh my god! Synchronization was perfect! And those white lights were surprisinly unexpected! The ambience and mix of colours were amazing! It’s so you, and it is lovely… ♥ The video mapping was beautiful! Reminds me of your music videos, and themes used like in Liminal.
    Venue: There was a speaker that didn’t sound well during a couple of songs, venue has too horizontal view, I got the feeling that the venue and/or OCESA missed a bit more of promotion.

    Thank you Sigur Rós for bringing a magical evening, you are full of surprises. I was happy to meet Jónsi, Georg, and Óbó… I didn’t have the chance to meet Kjartan, please say “hi” for me! :D
    You make me feel like I’m in another dimension, I cried, I laughed, I sang, I listened, and I felt like I was “listened” too… I lived all emotions during more than 2 hours, and I cannot ask anything else in my life! Takk fyrir Sigur Rós! ♥♥♥


  • Lorenzo


    Sigur Rós es una banda que descubrí cuando estudiaba prepa. Quizás por mi temperamento, o mi espíritu suelto, caí como en sueño, en un estado de calma dulcísimo. Desde entonces he venido escuchando todas sus canciones hasta las no lanzadas, los lados B, los demos, las versiones alternas, todo. Me bebí su esencia a diario, como hábito. Similar a tomar agua. Idealicé tanto verlos en vivo, escucharlos yo solo en el primer asiento al frente y platicarles cómo su música toca fibras sensibles, y sobre ese dicho de que “Dios se va a dormir escuchando a Sigur Rós”. Después de veinte años, dejaron los conciertos sólo en Europa y vinieron a México a inicios de mayo. Me apunté rápido. Espere la fecha con paciencia reproduciendo sus canciones. Cuando finalmente los vi en el escenario, y escuché ese sonido caluroso que enciende por dentro, reafirmé porqué soy fan, lloré y les grité vitoreos. Apenas creo que los escuché realmente a metros de distancia.
    Al regresar a casa todo el tráfico se alineó para que pasara con tranquilidad como Moisés abriendo las aguas del mar, cené deliciosamente, dormí pleno. Comprobé así que, en efecto, Dios se había calmado e ido a dormir tranquilo habiéndolos escuchado. ¿Quién no?

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