“we like the fact that sleep remains defiantly mysterious; something we all do – all need to do – but can’t ever get fully inside. this playlist is a modest attempt to mirror the journey of a sleep cycle, with its curves, steady states and natural transitions.” — jónsi, paul corley & alex somers

to celebrate its 10th anniversary, we are proud to announce the premiere of “riceboy sleeps” performed live by jónsi & alex somers with the orchestral accompaniment, conducted by robert ames, with orchestral arrangements by david handler. a collaboration between the sigur rós singer and american visual artist and composer somers, the album will be performed in its atmospheric ambient entirety for the first time anywhere.

october 2019
seattle, san francisco, los angeles, denver, chicago
montreal, toronto, washington d.c., boston & new york⠀

Ágætis byrjun

a good beginning

20th anniversary edition out now


soundtrack to a series of choreographed performances from the ICELAND DANCE COMPANY, originally commissioned for the band’s NORÐUR OG NIÐUR festival New Year 2018. IDC musical “vacillation and transfiguration” expert VALDIMAR JÓHANSSON was granted unique access to unreleased SIGUR RÓS material, as well as multitracks of the band’s catalogue, using them to create a score of high nordic drama to underpin the apocalyptic vision of choreographer ERNA ÓMARSDÓTTIR. edited for vinyl by KJARTAN HOLM.


soundtrack to brand new dance work by leading taiwanese choreographer CHENG tsung-lung, premiering in taiwan to coincide. tsung-lung chose his favourite music from throughout SIGUR RÓS’s career, which was then twisted, bent and broken, and finally added to in the band’s reykjavík studio to create a new perspective for CLOUD GATE 2. musical director KJARTAN HOLM.