Festival Vaivén

Morelos, Mexico

Apr 30, 2022


1. Svefn-g-englar
2. Glósóli
3. Ný batterí
4. Vaka
5. E-Bow
6. Gold 4 (New song)
7. Sæglópur
8. Gong
9. Andvari
10. Festival
11. Kveikur
12. Popplagið

(setlist info)

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photos by aidee ro

27 Comments on “Festival Vaivén”

  • Angel Adolfo Hernández Godínez


    Absolutely awesome!!
    I’ve been waiting for this day since 2017 and of course it was worth it.
    Love you guys ♥️
    I’m very very excited for your new music :3

  • Miches


    A M A Z I N G
    Thank you for this show full of magic.✨

  • Encantador Show, es la 4ta vez que los veo, la primera vez fue en el cerro sagrado de Tepoztlán, la segunda en un corona, la tercer en el auditorio y ahora esta en el Vaivén y en todas ha habido magia de distintas formas, gracias por venir y darnos su energía tan bella!

  • It was amazing, thanks for all the energy that you gave us yesterday. I was very excited to hear you again and all the concert my heart was deeply happy. Thank you for creating such kind of amazing and unique sounds.

  • This was my first Sigur Ros concert and it was a very beautiful and magical experience that I’ll keep forever in my heart. It felt like a moment of introspection and connection with people and nature.
    Thank you for sharing your music.

  • Dulce Vázquez


    There are no words that can describe how the music you create makes me feel.
    Thank you for continuing to visit Mexico.
    See you until next time!

  • Erika Dzib


    Music of the cosmos. His performance in metropolitan theater was wonderful, from some parallel universe.

  • Amparo Kesne Pérez joachin


    Solo puedo decir, que están INCREIBLES. Que gran trabajo el suyo. Los amo, gracias por su energía.
    #Mexico #vaiven2022 #sigurros

  • Sebastian Diez


    Thank you so much for giving us this amazing experience! Please come back again soon. The show and setlist was perfect though I missed one song: Hoppípolla. It was my dad’s favorite song and he passed away two years ago, I was really looking forward to listening to it. Maybe next time ❤️

  • Marianne Sighs


    Don’t know if you ever read this. I just wanted to thank you for your music, it has been really important to me while I’m dealing with anxiety and depression. Your music makes me feel so safe and calm. I had the opportunity to see you at Vaiven festival last night, I really appreciate your show it was so magical and special. Thank you so much, I really love you guys. Takk ♥️

  • Karmina Elizabeth Ibarra Rodriguez


    Me encanta, no tengo palabras.
    Fue un show impresionante, me cambio la vida.

  • Soy su oyente desde hace muchísimos años, ayer por fin los vi en vivo y estoy agradecida con la vida por darme la oportunidad de disfrutar de su show en todo su esplendor, gracias por esta increíble experiencia.

    Su música me acarició cada rincón de mi alma ,me fui muy feliz y llena de paz y amor .

    Espero verlos pronto ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Héctor Rudiño


    Era la primera vez que conocía de ustedes.. y oh grata sorpresa que me lleve!.. esos contrastes de música.. esa forma de tomar una melodía desde lo más profundo hasta llevarla a su clímax!… La verdad no comprendía todo lo que estaba pasando.. pero me quedé con ganas de más!!.. espero y regresen. Pronto a nuestro País!!

    Se han ganado a un fan más!!
    Long live to SIGUR RÓS

  • Luis Tinoco


    Simplemente M A G I C O, Sigur Rós fue lo mejor del festival

  • Eder


    Gracias perros por tan buen show. Creo ha sido la ocasión que más disfrute de las 5 ocasiones que he tenido oportunidad de verlos.

  • The energy at the festival was amazing, I noticed the banda was interacting more with us and I feel so happy to see Kjartan back, they seem happy and all of us feel so grateful to have this band back starting a world tour in México

  • Raúl Suárez


    Nadie dilata el tiempo con tantas emociones. Magia pura fue lo que recibimos, muchas gracias por su música. ✨✨✨

  • Carolina SM


    A magical experience, you guys never cease to amaze me. I’m beyond grateful for the way your music makes me feel!

  • Luis Guillermo Martinez Pinzon


    Basados. Muy basados.

  • Carlos RG


    He complido 2 de mis sueños, conocer Islandia y Escuchar a Sigur Ros! Gracias por esta conexion increiblemente inexplicable! definitivamente deseaban un momento intimo con sus seguidores!

  • Dave Carrillo


    If nature had a soundtrack, it would absolutely be them. Sigur Rós perfectly embodies the mixture of all feelings at once. Gazing into the abyss kinda thing.
    They’re just on a whole different level than anyone else and I just find myself grateful pf having experienced them once again.

  • Claudia Ache


    They transmitted me a series of feelings, really a magical experience to listen to them live. Thank you very much for making GOOD MUSIC!!

    Takk fyrir Sigur Rós!

  • Stefany Rojas


    Beautiful! ❤️

  • José María Hernández Mireles


    Una de las mejores emociones que he sentido en la vida. Sin duda ver a Sigur Rós en vivo, sin duda, fue un hecho realidad.

  • Gracias Sigur Rós, su música me ha enseñado que el lenguaje de la música es universal pues no se necesitan letras en lenguaje conocido para poder disfrutarla. Los amo.

    Thank you guys, your music has taught me that the language of music is universal because you don’t need lyrics in a known language to enjoy it. I love you.

  • Rodrigo Aceves


    Sus canciones logran transmitir tantas emociones, a veces incluso sin necesidad de las palabras.
    Verlos fue un sueño hecho realidad.
    I remember listening to Sæglópur one night at 3 am while studying for an important exam; everything changes and now I had the opportunity to listen to it live with the love of my life; and it was quite a wonderful experience.
    Thank you very much for the amazing concert you gave.

  • Cesar Aldemar


    Dear Sigur Rós, I’m a big fan of you since 2005 when I first heard Glósóli… Since that moment your music is part of the soundtrack of my life. I got married on May 16, 2015 and my waltz was Ára bátur. This weekend my wife and I we travel to Morelos to see you in Vaivén festival and was magic!!! and on Thursday we will be back at their show in Guadalajara. It would be great if you could play Ára bátur as a wedding anniversary gift. Thanks for your music and your time to read this lines.
    With love, César Aldemar

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