Auditorio Telmex
Guadalajara, Mexico

May 5, 2022



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Set 1
1. Vaka
2. Fyrsta
3. Samskeyti
4. Svefn-g-englar
5. Rafmagnið búið
6. Ný batterí
7. Gold 2
8. Fljótavík
9. Dauðalagið
10. Smáskifa

Set 2
11. Glósóli
12. E-Bow
13. Ekki mukk
14. Sæglópur
15. Gold 4
16. Festival
17. Kveikur
18. Popplagið

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13 Comments on “Auditorio Telmex”

  • Alberto


    Muy buen concierto, buenas canciones, buen ambiente, muy buena banda

  • Grissel Rosales


    Tuve la oportunidad de asistir a 3 de sus 4 conciertos por México, y definitivamente este último, en mi ciudad, fue el que más me hizo llorar y levitar. Me siento afortunada de haber escuchado “Ekki Múkk”, de haber hecho amistades tan hermosas y de ver cómo cada uno de los músicos se divertían con sus mismos errores. Solo Sigur Rós puede regalar noches tan mágicas y hermosas. Jamás podré estar lo suficientemente agradecida por toda la felicidad que le han dado a mi vida. ¡Les vamos a extrañar! ♥️

  • Elstir


    Exelente concierto, el performance en vivo es lo más increíble que he visto!! Amé haber escuchado “festival” en vivo y “ekki múkk” espero que las demás personas que los vean disfruten tanto la experiencia como yo lo hice!!

  • David Santana


    This is the 3rd time i I have seen the band, it always moves me to tears, it fills my heart with feelings, the concert was amazing, full of emotion, love everything about it. Sigur Ros never disappoints. Love it.

  • Chris


    Thanks for the show! This was my only time seeing you since Coachella in 2006 and it was so wonderful to enjoy your music in a full set. I love the people in Mexico, and I love your music!

  • Cat


    It was a special night! It was the 1st time I see you and I’ll never forget it. 17 years ago a friend share with me your music and I really love the magical feelings I have when I listen to your music. Thanks for coming to Guadalajara. Hope to see you soon again! Love you <3

  • Araceli Garcia


    Agradezco la oportunidad de verlos junto con mis hijos, nos regalaron un concierto sumamente emotivo, gracias por ser exelentes humanos especiales, evolucionados a este tiempo, su música nos hace sanar el alma y el espíritu, soy su fan de 60 años y disfruto mucho su música, vuelvan pronto chicos bellos, un abrazo con mucho cariño desde tierras tapatías , hasta otro tiempo Takk

  • Gustavo Alfonzo


    My best friend died 2 years ago, and the first thing i did when she left was listen Ekki Múkk. Thanks for taking me back to her a few minutes with that song. Thanks for your music, for your soul.

  • gabs


    Lloré todo el concierto salu2

  • Gustavo S.


    Magnifica selección de canciones, magnifica interpretación, magnifico diseño de escenario, magnifica iluminación, magnifico concierto, magnifica banda ❤️

  • Alex Magaña


    Million Thanks to my friend Johnny who gave me a ticket front row to see you guys live, I had never seen you live before and as a musician myself I gotta say I went out with my jaw to the floor, what a magnificent night full of beautiful Melodies and textures, hope you guys come back soon!!!

    With love:
    Alex Magaña

  • Laura


    Third time seeing them. First at Coachella which may be the greatest session I’ve ever seen from any band. 2nd time in Portland and this time in GDL. The acoustics in the arena were disappointing but the band still gave it their all. I wish there had been an encore as this was the first time not hearing any of my old faves.

  • C.


    To say your music saved my life is an understatement. Back in 2006 I was fully depressed, bankrupted and almost took my life. It was listening to hoppipola on loop that gave me hope. I saw you back in 2008 and cried with tears of despair. 14 years later, life has turned for the best for me. Happy, married and wealthy. I came full circle with your music and I cried tears of joy. TAKK for everything. You are wonderful souls and your music is from another place.

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