Teatro Metropolitan
Mexico City, Mexico

April 28, 2022


Set 1
1. Svefn-g-englar (First time since 2013)
2. Rafmagnið búið
3. Ný batterí
4. Vaka
5. Fyrsta (First time since 2006)
6. Samskeyti
7. Gold 2 (New song, World premiere)
8. Dauðalagið
9. Fljótavík
10. Heysátan (First time since 2008)

Set 2
11. Glósóli
12. Sæglópur
13. E-Bow
14. Gold 4 (New song, World premiere)
15. Angelus 4 (New song, World premiere)
16. Gong (First time since 2012)
17. Andvari (First time since 2012)
18. Festival
19. Kveikur
20. Popplagið

(setlist info)

64 Comments on “Teatro Metropolitan”

  • Marianne Velasco


    No words to describe, you are amazing and your music is medicine to my soul. ❤️‍

  • Jessica


    Today and always I love then. Great music, great concert, great nigth.

  • Isaac Ramirez


    Best concert ever. I really love the setlist and the concert. I want to repeat this night again and again

  • The concert was WONDERFUL. After two years of a pandemic and very complicated situations, seeing them live was like restarting the world. The setlist was amazing, thank you very much.

  • Gabi


    Fue un concierto maravilloso. No se imaginan cuántas veces su música me ha salvado y ésta no la excepción; gracias por tanto.

  • Andrés Serna Alemán


    The most touching experience. A colorful emotional trip through finest music. I love your art, it’s healing and I feel so inspired for the event last night. Overwhelming.
    Thank you for your awesome music and your performance!
    Takk! ¡Gracias por siempre!

  • Eder


    Just perfect

    A perfect tribute of ( ) álbum.

  • Ana


    This was my third Sigur Ros concert and it only keeps getting better. Thank you for giving the world so much with your music.

  • Daniela Medina Ibarra


    The best night ever! I want to thank Sigur Rós for share their art with us, your music it’s amazing. I hope see you soon. <3 Takk

  • Oscar Alvarez Solis


    The Entire Concert was amazing. i’m so glad to see Kjartan again with the band. who is the new drummer? he plays solid . blessings

  • Wonderful, powerful, tearful, hopeful… All emotions present in this show. Thank you, thank you, thank you… You are lifebringers!

  • Grissel


    La noche más mágica que he tenido en mucho tiempo. Sigue Rós es una banda que simplemente te hace recordar cómo se siente la plenitud y etéreo de un momento. ¡Espectaculares!

  • La emoción a tope y los latidos haciéndome saber que sigo vivo. Una noche llena de magia nos dejan aún en estado de shock para quienes estuvimos ahí.

  • Jorge Luis Campos


    there is no way to define all those feelings that I experienced last night, emotion, happiness, anxiety, many memories, many things, tears and smiles, magical, it was totally magical

  • Sigur Rós is intense and emocional.

    ¡Ya los extraño!


  • Kam


    Guys, you were outstanding! The show was amazing… I was in a bubble with your music, your energy, your power… thanks for came again.
    See you guys on Saturday Vaiven’s Festival.

    Come back ASAP! Lol.

  • Nancy


    Definitely, you are one of my favorite bands. I have already seen you live 6 times, one of them in your native country Iceland. <3 His music makes me feel wistfully happy.
    Long live, Sigur Rós. <3

  • Estefania Alvarado


    Sigur Rós is my second fav band, I’ve been their fan since 12 years ago, and it’s an amazing experience to see them live!
    Yesterday at Teatro Metropolitan I started crying when they started to play because I can’t believe after 2 difficult years, I can feel the live music again.
    Tomorrow I’ll go to Vaiven only for them, and I hope you can play Viorar Vel Til Loftarasa <3

  • Luigi


    It was a magical night, delicate emotional tears were shared and deep emotions surfaced and became tangible. The energy was shared. For a night we all truly felt like one and happy to allow memories and emotions to roam freely in the air. Thank you for making this happen.

  • Nancy LG


    Definitely, you are one of my favorite bands. I have already seen you live 6 times, one of them in your native country Iceland. His music makes me feel wistfully happy.
    Long live, Sigur Rós.

  • Isabel


    Last night was awesome! It felt like a mix of emotions at the same time. I was hoping to listen any song of valtari, maybe next time, but the place, the set list, the crowd was incredible!
    Takk Sigur Ros!

  • Brenda Montes y Alfredo Ruiz


    My husband and I were amazed by your music. Healing melodies and reach to our souls. Thanks for your music notes, four your voice…. Come back soon!!.

  • Christian Gamboa


    Amazing show! No words to describe the beauty of your music. This is the second time I see you guys and just mind blowing, my girlfriend didnt knew your music and now she is in love with you just as much as I am. Takk!!

  • Ise Badajoz


    Me revivieron. Son maravillosos. Magnífico concierto.
    Los amo. Vuelvan pronto a CDMX, por favor.

  • Ale


    Thank you always, guys. It was beautiful and I’m happy to see Kjartan in action. <3

  • Brenda


    it was completely stunning… one of the best experiences ever, what a night! Sigur Rós music really lifts my soul. Takk!

  • Gerardo


    Primera vez que los vi en vivo , la cual fue una experiencia fascinante y hermosa hasta el punto de llevarme a las lágrimas.
    Una noche mágica , sublime y llena de sentimientos encontrados, nostalgia y alegría , esperanza y melancolía. En resumen una presentación magistral. Larga vida Sigur Ros ❤️

  • Juan Pablo


    It’s my 4th time seeing you guys live in Mexico City and it’s always a majestic experience.
    Hoping to hear the new things coming up!

  • Karla Sánchez


    This is the second time that I have the privilege to see you live in Mexico. You made me desire to go to Island many years ago… you made my baby move inside of me when I was pregnant, so I decided to create a playlist for the birth, you are literally the first sound my baby listened in this world. End 2 years later the dream came true and I went to Island… so Inunderstood everything …
    THANK YOU SIGUR we love you

  • Ricardo


    Noche llena de magia,nostalgia,vida,gracias por recargar mi vida,gracias por un nuevo amanecer,lo que transmiten,son sensaciones inimaginables, gracias por siempre Sigur Ros

  • Wilver Márquez


    Mi primera vez viéndolos en vivo, y fue tan hermoso que superó cualquier expectativa. El concierto estuvo precioso, los instrumentos y voz sonaron magníficos. Sin lugar a dudas, una experiencia mágica.

  • Yvett Miranda


    At the end of 2021 I lost my father and was diagnosed with cancer, fortunately everything was on time and today I am healthy, but mentally I needed to feel something positive again. You have been my favorite band for 15 years ago and although I have attended your previous concerts in Mexico City, yesterday at the Metropolitan was simply a magical, unique and perfect moment. You healed my soul in every possible way, with every chord, with every sound, with every song. I am deeply grateful to you for all that enthusiasm and musical quality, which made me feel alive again. Takk Sigur Rós, keep on healing souls!

  • April 28 2022. It’s a rainy afternoon at Mexico City, the clerks are coming out from their offices and the traffic is going in peak, I’m into this cab in one of the most chaotic cities in the world, the atmosphere smells like it was to be the perfect night for a Sigur Rós concert. It passed 14 years since the last time I saw Sigur Rós performing live at Colmena Festival in Tepoztlán Morelos. So I was pretty excited of seeing them again. I managed to arrive in time into the Metropolitan Theather, beautiful… but no time for selfie, have to get on my seat. Lights went off, energy already into full, hard to breathe with this damn mask, fortunately to calm all this rush of energy it starts the first chords of Svefn-g-Englar, passing to Ný Batteri. The sound of the instruments was great, the energy of the band was amazing, I could feel it, the concentration for playing every chord, the sound of the guitar of Jonsi, his voice, looking at Kjarri back again made me so happy, the concentration of Goggi in every play, Olafur into the drums… just amazing. I really liked the play list, they bringed us into a night of nostalgia remembering their best songs from all their career, passing from Ágaetis byrjun to 3 of their new songs which are amazing! can’t wait to listen the new album. I really enjoyed listen to Ný Batterí, Gong, Andvari, Fyrsta, Sæglópur, and of course the best moment of the night was in the last song Untitled 8 (Popplagið) when Jonsi entered into a kind of trance, amazing energy. Thank you guys, and please come back again soon, please keep going on! Takk Gracias we love you.

  • Oberon


    This was my first concert and I think it was the best way to introduce me in the live music. There is nothing like Sigur Rós live, it’s a mix of every emotion, from the lullaby of Svefn-g-englar at the beginning to the euphoria of Glósóli, and the mystery and amusement of the new songs, the atmosphere was ineffable, pure ethereal sounds welcomed by every sense.
    Takk, Sigur Rós, for making the most incredible hours in my life.

  • I feel so lucky now that i’ve been in the first show of the world tour, it was a Big surprise to hear all new songs and we could notice how excited the band was playing for first time in a long time. Even the bad quality of some speakers sounded great with Jonsi singing❤️

  • Ozzy González


    My first concert since COVID started. Beautiful set, Kveikur filled me with the most strange and powerful energy I’ve ever felt. When I heard the first chords of Frysta I remembered why I tattooed those parentheses on my left arm. For a couple hours that day I was in another world. I literally cannot express what I lived that Thursday. You made me remember why I love music. Takk, guys…takk.

  • Juan A


    That amazing concert was the third time I saw & listen you guys. It was amazing and the playlist was the best! Thanks for the experience! You are one of my fav music bands!

  • Jimena Manríquez


    The best Sigur Rós concert ever! Thank you for being the soundtrack of my life since 16 years ago. Takk!!

  • Ricardo Casta


    I feel so happy to read that everyone agrees that Sigur Rós’ music is soul feeding. No other way to describe the magic and the immersed experience everyone shares when they play their art.

    It is something you don’t want to ever finish and something you want to repeat ever again.

    Thanks so much for bringing joy in these hard times!

  • Luis Tinoco


    Sigur Ros le pone el soundtrack a los momentos más emotivos de mi vida, fue maravilloso verlos en el teatro metropolitan después de esperar 5 años, fue emocionante escuchar en vivo mi favorita “untitled 8” ❤️

  • Jessica Bernal


    I did not expect Sigur Rós to tour the world once again, and I would’ve never imagined that the band would start it in Mexico, it was very exciting because we had no idea what the setlist would be like, and I must say that my mind was blown away, I got goosebumps during the concert and I also cried a bit, but because I was really happy to hear you playing songs that I never expected, so it was very surprising. Thank you for bringing happiness to all your fans and I hope to see you at any other gig again, because one can never have enough with Sigur Rós, it’s like my soul needs your music, and it has helped me through really hard times in my life so cheers to that!

  • Luis Vázquez


    Great show, full of nostalgia. Welcome back Kjarri!

  • GiL Ramírez


    Saw you guys back in Montréal in 2008 for the 1st time, greatness at it’s best with the magical feeling that you transmit, Now the 1st show of this tour, in my hometown Mexico City with the same magical vibe experience I can only wish a long life in music for you all, have a great tour and hope to see you soon.
    ThanK you! TAKK. GRACiAS!

  • Ximena


    I love your music, that was the best moment of my life. Thank you for considering Mexico for the tour.

  • Antonieta


    Un momento majestuoso, su música me acompañó en un año tan difícil donde perdí a mi papá y mamá, fue un concierto nostálgico, pero también donde pude recargar la pilas de mi vida. Los amo

  • Eddie Ramos


    One of most pleasant moments I’ve ever had. You are a dream.

  • I have always enjoyed Sigur Ros a lot, and he has always managed to move all my emotions, turning the moment into a catharsis, but this time that feeling of emotion, of happiness, of being able to have shared what moves me, with my daughter, I don’t know what it made her feel but seeing her laugh, scream, clap her hands, get emotional with the sounds of Jónsi’s guitar and cry to the point of having to gasp for air, made me get overwhelmed

  • Mauricio Perales


    From Svefn G Englar to Popplagid, Sigur Rós brings a explosion of feellings with his full-band show, impresive visuals and flashing lights.

    Grateful to be part of the first show of his new tour.

  • Juan Sandoval


    Una noche mágica, las emociones al borde, hipnótico, júbilo y esperanza de volverlos a encontrar.
    Son una parte importante del soundtrack de mi vida.
    Regresen pronto.

  • The first time I saw them live, I discovered their music in 2017 just a month before the concert at the Auditorio Nacional (I couldn’t get tickets), however my goal was to go on the next CMDX Concert, I got great satisfaction when at 8:30 pm the chords of ‘Svefn-g-englar’ began to sound in a tour that had the first act culminating with ‘Heysátan’ for 15 minutes after the second act began with ‘Glósóli’ and culminated in an energetic and crazy with ‘Popplagið’.

    The surprise of the night was the 3 new songs that I hope to hear in the following concerts.

    Thank you very much for this beautiful experience.

    Gracias, Thank you, Takk Sigur Rós.

  • José M Rodales


    At the moment I did realize Sigur Rós would come, everything went boom. Their melodic, ambient and emotional music made me begin in a new age of my life. Definitely this first concert did break my head and my feelings making me cry and feel their emotional tones turning the night in a magical and glamorous moment of my life.

  • Víctor Bautista


    I don’t know if there are words to describe all the emotions that you made me feel at the concert, I went back to my childhood with your music, my emotions were running high, it was an incredible experience, thanks for everything. I hope you guys come back soon.

    You are like a hug to the soul.


  • Eugenio Gutiérrez


    Who can turn sounds into ecstasy of beauty, emotion and feelings? Only Sigur Rós…

    Many years ago, I had heard incredible songs on the soundtrack of some productions, series or movies and even documentaries without knowing that they were all yours… And one day Sæglópur came and I couldn’t stop until I found out who they were, suddenly: Sigur Rós! And I discovered that they were all yours!

    Listening to their music transforms everyone’s perception of the world into an ecstasy of beauty, and they have saved me more times than you can imagine, plus seeing the world through Sigur Rós makes life much better.

    I was afraid you didn’t perform Glósóli and Sæglópur because they are definitely my favorites.

    Not only can you hear them, I felt them, like that energy they transmit and it makes your skin crawl, explodes your mind and leaves you with a lump in your throat, how can you not marvel at all that? Thank you for being the soundtrack of my life.

    Going to a Sigur Rós concert is not going to listen and see, it is going to feel and experience, this is my second, but it always leaves you empty when it ends, come back soon and Takk!!

  • Lucy Meléndez


    How could I describe this feeling? I only know that my heart is still trembling with emotion, full of the good energy of your music. It is as if the universe had a soul, and that soul nested in my being after listening to you. I love you Thanks for all the magic.

  • David


    Profoundly moving concert, one of the best live performances I ever saw, absolutely flawless.

  • Pil


    28/04/2022 Just a beautiful and perfect day, thank you for all your performance, after 2 difficult years in this world you came to gave us magic, light and power! (thank you for that clousure <3 ). México will always welcome you as many times you'like to come. We love you and and hope to see you soon again. Takk

  • Beauty in its maximum expression, ethereal delight.

    This show was such an epic experience, one that is particularly relevant and will remain in our hearts forever. The first one in a long time, the first one of the world tour.

    A dear friend rejoined the band right after years of not touring the world, right after the pandemic hit our lives and changed humanity as we knew it.

    I was lucky enough to be only a couple meters away from the stage, from the guys; close enough to see the astonishment in their eyes as they walked in, realizing that in that very moment they were finally about to perform overseas as a band before an audience.

    I could personally relate to them. For many of us, this was the very first show we attended since the pandemic began. Such a remarkable event in our lives, a touching and unbelievable moment that will replay in our memories and generate a lifetime of indescribable emotions. They made it this far, we all made it this far. We were all there in disbelief, face to face, trying to assimilate what we were experiencing.

    I’d just like to thank you guys for sharing that moment with us, for wrapping us up in the atmosphere that you created with your warmth, your commitment and your talent.

    I remember how you looked at each other at the end of the show, in shock about what just happened, about what was happening in that very moment. Well, it was mutual.

    Thank you guys for inspiring me in such a deep level, for reminding me how art feels like, for literally bringing tears of joy to my eyes with your wonderful performance, for bringing me back to life. (Special thanks to Kjartan for wisely deciding to rejoin the band, and for the great job he did during the show. You totally rocked it, Kjarri!!)

    I’d also like to thank the management for choosing such a fancy venue that is not only aesthetically pleasant, but also has great acoustic and allows us to appreciate the entire show properly on comfortable seats. This is particularly valuable for the ones who truly care about appreciation and the full experience of the show. On top of that, Teatro Metropolitan is located right in the heart of Mexico City, it’s close to many spots and facilities, and it’s really easy to access. Totally nailed it!!

    Thanks to all the people who were involved in the making of this show, it meant a lot. And I wish the guys have a nice and safe world tour, I truly hope they come back to Mexico City soon. We’ll be waiting for them with open arms!! :)



  • Please sigue ros !!!! Pls play hoppipolla its Very important in My life a dream Will come true yo Me and My relatives at Monterrey México ;)

  • Monserrat


    Verlos después de 5 años fue una experiencia increíble, disfrute de cada momento con su música. Es una vivencia con sensaciones que te llenan. Muchas gracias por compartir su música con nosotros!!!

  • Bryan


    I flew from Costa Rica to México just to ser your show, first concert after 2+ years and it was just fantastic, the sound was so loud but so clean, I close my eyes and still hear that drum. Almost had lost hope of listening to one song from Kveikur (My fav album) and second to last you played the tittle track <3
    Just amazing!!!!

  • Lil


    Experiencia única y mágica, con sonidos que llegan al alma, deteniendo el tiempo.

  • Miguel Ángel


    Best concert of my life.

  • Miguel Ángel


    The best concert of my life.

  • Pablo


    This concert was a beautiful experience, I enjoy every single sound of your performance, I’m thankful for your dedication, your professionalism and your passion for music above all. The Teatro Metropolitan has a new meaning to Mexico City since you were here. Takk.

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