sigur rós 2016 tour

orpheum theater
phoenix, az, united states

oct 14 2016



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  1. This show was the most spectacular show I’ve ever seen. The special effects were incredible. The music brought me to tears. I loved every second.

  2. The most beautiful sounding and looking show I’ve seen, thank you for visiting our little desert town.

  3. This was the best birthday present I could have ever hoped for. The guy who kept standing up by himself, and clapping is my new hero. That guy was legit.

  4. My first concert. Thank you for coming to Phoenix and playing at such a cool venue. I enjoyed it so much. Otherworldly and mesmerizing.

  5. Amazing! Row 2 seat 1 & 2! The wife & we loved the show & how close to we where! So epic!

  6. Your music speaks to my soul. Thank you for coming to Phoenix again !
    Your show is one I will always want to see.

  7. So happy I had the opportunity to see one of my favorite bands of all times! Sigur Ros at last!!! #orpheumtheater #SRphoenix

  8. Thanks so much for playing our city. Your music is so wonderful, emotional, and enlightening. Everytime you tour, it is an event!

  9. Best band ever. This show sealed that. Cannot stop thinking about the performance. Looking forward to April in LA. You guys are the best

  10. This was my 4th Sigur Rós show, and by far the best! Excellent set, and the band sounded amazing.

  11. The detail they put into their live shows is amazing! The band & crew really understand how powerful the audio visual experience can be. Best set design I’ve seen in years and now that I think about it, possibly the best sounding drums I’ve ever heard live. Magical night.

  12. Such a wonderful night at a fantastic venue. Incredible light show. You guys outdo yourselves every single time.

  13. Changed my life. Not an exaggeration. Georg plays the bass like death is knocking on your door but wants to party instead. Orri plays the drums like train is running off a cliff. Jonsi bows the guitar into a tornado and then sings to you while you ride it.

  14. Like nothing I’ve seen before at a live musical show! Having seen previous tours, they keep pushing creative boundaries. So happy it was at the intimate, historic, Orpheum Theater. THANK YOU for everything! Please continue to come back to this beautiful state.

  15. This is now my fifth time seeing you live, and this was by far the best for me! I love the choice of the vintage theatre venues, to see you in such an intimate space felt so special, and the lighting was so theatrical and mind blowing. The sound was perfect even! So crisp & clear, I had tears in my eyes. Thank you, thank you!

  16. Not my first time seeing them, but each time is like the first. Their work is always an incredibly rich experience. They were even so down-to-earth to come out to greet the fans after the show, so I had the immense honor to meet them in person. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMING TO PHOENIX. Please come back, our souls need your art.

  17. Was lucky enough to see this show at the Hollywood Bowl and the Orpheum Theater. The Pictures and comments will never give this show the credit it deserves. The sound Sigur Ros creates and level stage design is unlike anything I have ever seen or heard. They are always a step above the rest ~

    Takk Sigur Ros ~

  18. Gracias por su bello arte. Se me hizo nudo en la garganta con algunas canciones. Si ya era adicta a sus canciones, ahora seré más. Sigan viniendo a Arizona o México, de verdad disfruté mucho el concierto y me gustaría volver ir a más de sus conciertos. Manejé sola casi 7 horas por verlos desde Hermosillo, Sonora. Son asombrosos, sigan creando arte.

    A continuación el vídeo que tomé de no tan buena calidad:

  19. I’ve seen every show in Phoenix and some, it gets better every time! TAKK you guys are amazing and are truly a gift!

  20. As always Sigur Ros delves deep into a surreal landscape of images and sounds with a soothing and atmospheric appeal. I personally have seen the band 5 or more times. This last time in phx however, they did it as a 3 piece and used sampled tracks to play the parts they couldn’t.

    This was the most challenging show I have seen them put on. I commend them for taking on the task of getting all of the sounds from each song with just the 3 of them but It definitely showed it’s shortcummings.

    Orri made very noticeable mistakes through out the show, and to me it seemed as though the set could have been longer. I believe it was 40 mins an intermission and then another 40 mins. As hard as it was to get those tickets, and also how much they cost I thought the show was going to be a little more intimate, as well as quite a bit longer.

    Were they good? Absolutely, but as a loyal fan of the band since the late 90s I expected more.

    I will see them again when they come around again, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit disappointed.

  21. Would have loved to see the show but I sold my tickets on StubHub, forgot that I sold them, and came to the show. When the people that bought the tickets arrived I did the right thing and left. Instead of just enjoying an amazing show and being good people, they claimed they were turned away. Now StubHub is charging me, I had to pay the babysitter, couldn’t get a refund on parking, and the biggest downer being that I missed an amazing show. It’s a sad day when people can’t just be good. To the people who sat in Balc D seats 2-3 I hope that as you grow older you can become better people. Maybe you needed he money back for something else or maybe you’re just not very nice. Either way I just hope that one day you can contribute to society in a much more meaningful way than by showing someone that people kind of suck. I hope that you can aspire to be human beings.

  22. hey Sigur =)

    Me and my friend went to the concert from Mexico City and actually talked a little with Orri at morning that day. You seemed to us humble, nice and lovely people, just like i imagined. Your music makes a lot of good to me everytime i listen to it, like the soundtrack of my life. It was my first time in the United States and absolutely worth it, Orpheum Theatre has a great atmosphere that got along well with the concert, the Setlist was perfect and now Phoenix has a new special meaning to me, all because of you. Keep doing amazing music please and be together for many many more years! Hope to see you again soon, no matter how far.

    Takk Sigur Rós!
    Take care and best wishes always.


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