sigur rós 2016 tour

treasure island festival
san francisco, ca, united states

oct 16 2016



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  1. What a magic night under a full moon! San Fransisco is so greatfull for the show. Thank you for performing despite the awful weather. It wasn’t easy to wait for you guys but it was so totally worth it. This was my 3rd Sigur Ros live and as always it moved me to tears. Your music is so powerfully and it reaches the depths of my soul. Thank you so much for giving such an exquisite performance! Takk ❤

  2. Absolutely breathtaking. Been listening to your music for years but never would have thought I’d get to hear it performed live! Thank you thank you for making it out and playing despite the weather. So magical to be a part of the crowd

  3. I do not normally write reviews, but being this was my tenth Treasure Island Music Festival (the last one on the island) and my thirteenth Sigur Ros live performance, I couldn’t go about my day to day without expressing my heartfelt thanks to the band and to the festival. I arrived on the island at noon, and amid the cold rain, the ocean wind, muddy fields, and schedule changes, I questioned if I had the fortitude to stay into the late hours of the night. Then the clouds broke revealing a full moon and the Bay Bridge tower shined so white. When Sigur Ros walked the stage, my smile disintegrated all my heavy doubts. Unlike most shows that I have seen, it was just the three of them, and it created this sense of purity to their sound, a natural splendor. They provided a sounds that were both familiar and comforting yet new and exciting. My heart fluttered every time Orri struck his drums. The genius behind their lighting effects and visuals knew how to elevate the experience even further, from the moving blue lines in Saeglopur to the red pointillism renders of the band during Vaka. Sigur Ros provided a balanced set list of fast and slow with one new song. Caught under the spell of the band and the festival, on an island in the middle of the bay, on the heels of the midnight hour, I stayed for all ten songs. It was the perfect final chapter to ten years on Treasure Island. I left the show smiling hopping into puddles. Thank you, Sigur Ros.

  4. Have been a big fan of Sigur Ros since 2004. I can’t find any words to explain this night, just thank you u guys! Your music always surround me and go through my life with lot of memories and happiness.

  5. I cried twice! Being such a longtime fan, and making this my first ever time seeing you guys perform, this concert couldn’t have made me happier… Well, if you could just play for me forever and ever that might make me happier.
    This band is so amazingly talented, with so much energy and passion it’s impossible not to stare in awe at times. Jonsi, you’re voice is a gift that always keeps on giving.
    I love you guys! Thank you for coming to my city by the bay! You inspire me to be my creative better self, and I will always be forever greatful for your wonderful and beautiful music that surrounds and touches me to the core of my being. Takk ❤❤❤

  6. With a delay time of three hours due to heavy winds I stood in the wet mud awaiting my favorite act to take the stage. Three years of awaiting their return and they still moved me to the core. They have to be seen to be believed. Every fan knows this. I hope you all enjoy the time home but please return to California soon. And thank you orri for the drum stick. I will treasure it my entire life. Love u guys.

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