sigur rós 2016 tour

midland theatre
kansas city, mo, united states

oct 12 2016



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  1. Thank you for coming to Kansas City again! This is my 5th time seeing Sigur Ros live. I’m in constant amazement during the entire performance. Even though I know the music extensively it feels so new each time I see and hear it. I’m beyond blessed to experience your creativity and life.

  2. Amazing! The show was breathtaking. I was in front of Jónsi the entire time. I finally witnessed “Sæglópur” live, and it was everything I wanted it to be. They ended with “Popplagið”, and Jónsi kicked his mic stand, which landed directly in front of me. I instinctively yelled into it….literally providing vocals to maybe the most amazing song ever written. At the curtain call, Georg Hólm (bassist) leaned over and gave me a double high five.

    But wait…there’s more!

    One of the roadies peeled off Jónsi’s set list from the stage and I jumped and grabbed it. Good lord, what a night! I’m framing it all!

    An amazing experience!!!! Takk x a million! You make KC proud!!!

  3. I’ve never cried so much out of sheer happiness, and never so much from a concert. Thank you, so, so much, for coming here so I could see you. It’s a dream come true. Love you all, and please come again. Takk!

  4. Such a magnificent show! It was a truly beautiful experience. Thank you for sharing your talent, passion, and love with us! Much love to you three!!!

  5. So fortunate to be in KC on a work trip to catch the greatest group in all the land. You never disappoint, and I am always moved by the work you do; and the art you produce. Tonight put my soul at ease, and energized me for whatever comes next. Thank you is not enough, but thank you. Headed back to Vermont with smiles in my heart and hopes that you someday come to the green mountain state ;-)

  6. My bones shook and the music found my soul.

    Visually and artistically intricate. Moments of musical serenity. Then beats and bass that shake you to your core.

    Melodies so light and airy it brought tears to my eyes. And so much passion on that stage that the smile never, for one moment, left my face.

    It’s been about 10 year since I saw them and I was terrified I had this show so blown up in my head that’d I’d leave disappointed. Good god, ya’ll, my heart is so happy. This band knows the way to my soul.

  7. I want to share with you a unique love story of my husband and Sigur Ros, so my story goes like this:

    My husband and I first saw sigur ros when I was 14 (and he was 16) in Omaha, Nebraska but we did not yet know each other. That night I decided I wanted to walk down the aisle on my wedding day to a Sigur Ros song. 2 years went by until I met my now husband and he came to learn how much I loved Sigur Ros.
    Another 3 years later, on Christmas, he had gifted me tickets to see them. Immediately after seeing them in Colorado, we went up to the mountains where he proposed to me.

    A short 6 months later, I walked down the aisle to Ara Batura where my 14 year old dreams of came true on my wedding day.
    And now Sigur Ros is playing in Kansas City on not only the exact day of our 3 year anniversary, but also my 10 year anniversary of falling in love with Sigur Ros.
    It’s a very special love story with both my husband and Sigur Ros, I think I cried the entire time tonight. And each and every time I see sigur ros is just keeps getting better,
    All my love
    Elizabeth Peck

  8. I’m amazed, I am from Costa Rica and I never thought i was going to be able to see you guys!! Takk takk.. just beautiful!

  9. Hypnotic, beautiful, haunting, spiritual, stunning… @sigurros has me speechless. They are absolutely incredible live. My heart. All the feels.

  10. This was my third show and I didn’t know what to expect. This was an amazing experience that touched my friend and me on so many levels. What looks live best is the complete combination of visual, music and emotion. It was one that I wish they would release as an album, and I wish they would comeback more often to Kansas City.

  11. I wish I could send an old fashioned fan letter to you guys on how much your music has been a part of my life…it has gotten me through some very tough life situation…this was my 4th time seeing a show through the various albums…this show was just fabulous! Jonsi you are such a beautiful soul with your voice and iam sure in everyday@ georg and orri so much talent! I love you guys! Hope there is more to come!

  12. Another quick note to add…after the show my friend and I were curious as others around us what jonsi said on stage? He could have said we were all idiots! But seriously somehow we all knew and he laughed and we all laughed as we knew the special moment! Let us know jonsi! Rainbows all the way to pheonix!

  13. Incredible, some moments last night were epic. Seeing SR last night inside historic Midland Theater (dark and haunting) in downtown KC was the best venue I’ve ever seen them play in — I’ve seen them 10+ times since 200. Acoustics were amazing. Visuals were incredible. Everything I hoped it would be and more.

    As three piece, SR doesn’t have full sonic depth without the back-up classical strings from earlier years either, but they still delivered an amazing all out sonic experience, as always. Thank you for 15+ years of beautiful noise.

  14. This was my first Sigur Ros concert… the music and visuals exposed every latent emotion within me that was due for some light. Both Iceland and Sigur Ros are uniquely indescribable with words, but so effortless to feel. I am grateful for the experience-looking forward to seeing you again. Thank you!

  15. It was the first time seeing Sigur Rós live after ten years of them being my favorite! It exceeded my expectations more than I could of ever imagined! I bought them as a birthday gift from me to me and it meant the world! They sounded absolutely beautiful live and the production of the show was fantastic! By far the best concert I have ever attend, and I MUST see them again! Thank you for such an amazing and breathtaking experience! Takk!

  16. This was my second time seeing the band, I was not disappointed. Absolutely blown away by the music, the lights and the entire performance. It was amazing how everyone just sat in their chairs as if we were watching an incredible movie. Everyone was locked into the music and enjoying every second of every chord. I wish I could see this group more often!

  17. When they announced this run of shows, they said “we can only ask you to trust us on this one.”

    Never a doubt. Amazing. My second SR show, and my 10-year-old son’s first. A special memory we’ll cherish.

  18. Best concert I have ever been to! I have been wanting to see Sigur Ros for years, and they went beyond my expectations! My daughter, who is a year and a half would not stop talking about it! Loved by all ages!

  19. I was first introduced to Sigur Ros 15 years ago, but never seen you in person until last night. Your music has helped me through the good and bad times.

    I just introduced my girlfriend to SR just a few days ago, she proclaimed it is one of the best concerts she has ever been to and is now hooked. I would agree, this concert was amazing. A wonderful journey that had me smiling the whole time along with a few tears of joy for the memories that the songs brought back.

    Patiently waiting for when I can see you again.


  20. The led curtains and light show were amazing. It’s was my first time seeing the band live and I’ve been a fan for 15+ years. You have 3 artists in the world. Ones that are clearly only in it for the money. Ones that you enjoy but forget. And then you have ones, like Sigur Ros, who when seeing them live, they make you want to become a better artist. That to me is the most important connection in the world, other than love. I need to step up my band’s visual presence in a major way now. I need to get to work on this! Haha

  21. I was chatting to one of the ushers before the show, a really nice guy who asked me what the band were like because he had never heard of them. I told him to expect nothing like he’d ever witnessed before. I also said that he wouldn’t understand a word Jonsi sang. He looked a bit confused and asked me why I liked them. I said “Just wait and see, this is not like your run of the mill “rock concert”. I never got a chance to talk to him afterwards but I hope he now understands a little better why fans of this group would walk on hot coals to see them play live! As far as I am concerned, they’re the most unique band on the planet. The first time I heard Popplagio played live I remember standing at the end of it, utterly stunned. I don’t think I applauded but just stood there feeling like I’d been hit by a train (in a good way). Glossoli always brings a lump to my throat, whether it’s watching that beautiful video or hearing it played live. Thank you Sigur Ros for another evening of gorgeous music. I’m pretty sure the usher at the Midland won’t forget it either!

  22. Best day of my life. I’ll be lucky to ever experience something this beautiful again in my life. I have a new level of appreciation in this world.

  23. We had the privilege of seeing you all in KC 8 years ago and so glad we got to see you again! As always, thank you all for an amazing experience! Much love from Tulsa, OK!

  24. I’ve been a big fan for a while, but this was the first time I have seen them live and it was magical. The visuals were top notch. I didn’t expect Vaka to be my favorite part.

  25. I finally got to see this beautiful band in concert. I drove 5 hours to see them and cannot express how much I loved that I got to see this. It’s truly an experience, one that leaves you different and wanting more. Thank you, for the incredible music and feelings of wonder you inspire

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