sigur rós 2016 tour

les nuits de fourvière
lyon, france

jul 6 2016



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  1. Thank you so much for this lightened, magical concert with a lot of emotions shared!

  2. awww it was so amazing and incredible!i saw you 3 years ago in the same place!Please come back soon! just 3 men for a wonderfull show!Hourray!

  3. Telluric. Aerial. Unleashed. Your music is the storm of a Turner’s painting. “þakka þér þúsund sinnum” for this concert. Once again, Lyon won’t forget you. As much as i won’t forget our shaking hands… See you next time. Florian

  4. We love you so much ! The show was amazing again ! Takk for your generosity, your haunting beautiful music ! Please come back in Lyon !!!

  5. First heard you guys at the conclusion of the film Vanilla Sky in the early 2000’s and I can never forget how powerful track 4 from ( ) is and how it really left that film on such a powerful note, truly a masterpiece because of the soundtrack and that track in particular! In Madison Wisconsin in 2006 I saw you live for the first time. Stunning! Hauntingly gorgeous and unforgettable! Please add track 4 from ( ) to more live shows.. I’ll see you in Denver CO this September! Please play that song! Love you guys now and forever..

  6. Amazing gig last night in Lyon. ‘Looked like you were having a reaaaaal good time! The three of you were as powerful as the 12 musicians I saw in 2013 for the Kveikur tour and the light show is better than ever. Magic from Ovedur to Popplagid.

  7. My name is Vincent, I’m 28 and I live in Annecy, France. I am fan of Sigur Ros since a long long time (2002). I am a ambient/post-rock musician too. (Vinc2).

    When I discovered their music in 2002, I had finally found what I had always sought in music. I saw them 5 times in live.

    The concert of Takk tour in Lyon November 17, 2005 was just the better day of my life!

    But tonight the show was really great too. Back to the roots. Only Jonsi, Georg and Orri on stage, nobody else. A lot of masterpieces in the set list, (Vaka, E-Bow, Ni Battery, Glosoli, Saeglopur, Hafsol, and … Staralfur !). Popplagio is still here to close this beautiful night. Dark and sober light show. I was very surprising in a good way and I loved the artistic choices made by the band tonight.

    And it was an honour to be able to talk with them after the gig, like in 2013. I gave my records to Orri as a present, because they are one of my main influences since I started to compose in 2004. Takk Sigur Ros !

  8. I have been a huge fan of Sigur Ros for a long time and the show in Fourvière really disappointed me. I really wanted to share this : I don’t understand ! The sound was HORRIBLE ! The basses were way too loud, I couldn’t enjoy any of these songs that I love so much…
    Why would you let such a thing happen ?? Your music is beautiful and delicate and I felt that everything was ruined just because the basses were too loud all the time.
    I still love your music very much ! But I didn’t enjoy that show at all.

  9. Þakka þér fyrir, guys. I haven’t seen you in Lyon since your beautiful concert in 2005 on Takk tour, so I was very excited to see you again. I live with your music since I was a teenager in 2000, I grow up with you, and the emotion is still the same when I listen to your songs. I’m fond of your country, too… last year, i was in Iceland, on 6th of July… i celebrated this aniversary in a beautiful way with you yesterday night! I want to thank you for your perfect choices on the setlist, too. Ég elska þig!

  10. Thank you so much for this inspiring and magical moment. Your sounds transports me and fills me with happiness…Please, comme back soon in France!

  11. Takk Fyrir for this show. Magic place, Magic music, Magic moment… It was perfect, I’m grateful!
    Merci !

    Lyon, Nuits de Fourvière 07.06.2016

  12. There is nothing like a Sigur Ros concert. The only problem is… when it ends ! Thank you for your art. Your music really makes the world a better place.

  13. Tónlistin þín hefur fyllt okkur hamingju. Þakka þér fyrir þetta augnablik fyllt með tilfinningar. Sjáumst fljótlega!!!

  14. A series of emotional waves. A magic tornado.
    And a second later, they were gone.
    Out of this world.

  15. Þakka þér fyrir þetta frábæra kvöld fyllt með tilfinningar.
    Thank for the travel in Iceland through your music.
    Hope to see you soon !

  16. Saw you 3 years ago in Lyon too. But this time i just came back from your country. It gave the sensation to be Silfra rift diving again, sitting in the black sand beach watching the storm, being in the middle of lava field. Your music is full of Iceland. And Iceland is unique, amazing, peacefull. Ice and fire. Like your show. The light were awesome. Thanks for being you, for the music, and the love. Dream of having some discussions with you one day, maybe in Iceland. :)

  17. Merci! Merci pour ce concert magnifique à Fourvière. C’était sans mentir le plus beau concert que j’ai jamais vu. J’ai ressenti tellement d’émotions…J’espère vous voir jouer un jour en Islande… après tout pourquoi pas?

    Thank you! Thank you for this breath taking show at Fourvière. Honnestly, it was the most beautiful concert I ever saw. Your music moved me (and it still do)… I hope one day I will be able to come and see you play in Iceland… why not after all?

    Takk! (That’s all I know basically)

    I whish you all the best <3


  18. Saw you guys three times, and the three of you were as powerful that night (even more maybe) as the twelve people set I saw in 2012 and 2013 for the Valtari and Kveikur tour. The light show is better than ever, the performance you delivered was astonishing and on top of that I was surrounded by friends and loved ones… I was just below the soundboard and stood up the whole show (and maybe called out loudly for Kveikur in between two songs). Fuckin’ good vibes. ‘Hope it was as special for me as it was for you!

  19. Just thank you. I can’t say anything else because the words are missing. Thank you for being you.

  20. I can’t believe you’re humans. Your music comes from the gods and the angels.

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