sigur rós 2016 tour

montreux jazz festival
montreux, switzerland

jul 5 2016



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  1. Great concert last night! Just loved it! Thanks for making me travel within your Icelandic sagas :)

  2. Amazing show that brought me back in Iceland, especially Popplagið. Can’t wait for another concert. Takk!

  3. Thank you for this amazing show. It was a magical and beautiful moment. I wanted to see you live a long time ago, now I can’t wait to see you again. TAKK

  4. Takk ! I was working Backstage yesterday and you and your crew are so nice and profesional, humble. That is an evening i won’t forget ! Music and light were just magic ! Thank you so much

  5. TAKK, SIGUR RÓS ! I was so happy, to see you after 3 years again. The show was like always brilliant & magical, and let me dream in another wonderful world! Thank you so much for that!!

  6. your concert made my heart and mind fly and reach out to other spheres, the lights and soubds and Jónsi’s voice created an atmosphere like no other. amd thank you Montreux for offering good sound conditions once again. it was simply a precious moment to spend and one to remember for the time being here. i liked every minute of it and takk to you guys from Sigur Ros for sharing your music with us. Hope you had a moment to enjoy The Léman too.
    big hug, Anna

  7. Thanks Sigur Ros, this show was my first with you guys and I won’t never forget it. It was unique, magic. I was by myself but emotionally linked with people around me. I hope to meet you again D. All the Best Maurizio

  8. Takk Sigur Ros! Thank you for the a little evening trip trough the islandic landscapes! ?

  9. OMG I missed you this time :-((
    sad sad sad sad sad….
    Please come again soon soon soon ???

  10. Hey

    Have you seen you many times before but never at the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival. I liked the start of the Viking chant from the football team at the start! A few people tried to get it going. Awesome show, see you at Rock en Seine which will I think be my 7th Sigor Ros concert! SERIOUSLY!!!


  11. As Sigur Ros is a very beloved band of mine, I decided to go and see them in Montreux with two friends. Although I did enjoy the concert, I was quite dissapointed that so many sounds were just sampled and not played live, which is obviously impossible for three people to do, but I just don’t get why they only perform as a three-piece. The music they play is clearly designed for being performed by more than three people! As a result I wasn’t really able to feel the music as I do it on the studio albums, because everything seemed a bit too artificial for my taste. But this is just my opinion, will definetely continue to listen to your incredible music and hope to see you on your next tour with a different setting!

  12. The best concert I’ve seen in my entire life. So emotional and real. I can’t express what I felt exactly. Thank you, merci, takk for coming to Montreux and allow us all to live that great experience with you

  13. Takk fyrir for the amazing show! Once again, the light designers did an awesome job.

  14. First and only time I’ve seen Sigur Rós, it was one of the best experiences in my life. I totally loved them!

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