sigur rós 2016 tour

pohoda festival
trencin, slovakia

jul 8 2016



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  1. The best gig I’ve ever seen … Thank you so so much for coming to Slovakia … It was incredible experience!!! DAKUJEM :)))

  2. Breathtaking,absolutely astonishing.I can truly say it was the best concert of my life. Endless love for your music. Takk !!

  3. Amazing performance! What a privilege to see you guys playing live. Little sad that your’s violins and trumpets weren’t there and also too little new stuff like Isjaki or Stormur. Still, the best band of festival, by far.

  4. Takk! Thank you for wonderful show! I believe that your greatest Slovak fan – late Juraj Kusnierik was also enjoying this show from heaven as we were!

  5. When great music meets great visuals on great festival. Simply magical and epic. Thank you for coming!

  6. I might never see a better live performance ever , and that makes me sad. Until the next time. Takk

  7. I might not see a better live performance ever, and that makes me sad. Hope to see you next time. Takk

  8. It was absolutely breathtaking! I was standing in the first row and the I was taken aback by the sheer amount of emotions your music made me feel. Jonsi was spectacular – also I wanted to give him hug afterwards just to make sure he was okay. :D I can imagine performing these songs is very demanding. Thank you and I hope to see you again at one of your concerts.

  9. I am glad I was able to hear your breathtaking music live…Slovaks share a peculiar feeling of your magic music…have yet been known just from CDs and movies (Heima, Inni)…we love you :-)

  10. I am so happy you were here … Takk for that . It was the best concert I ever seen and you were best on Pohoda ,you are amazing ? Hope to see you again :)
    Hope you enjoy it as we all :)
    (I was in Iceland a month ago and previous year as well and next year I hope again and again ? hope to see you there :) )
    Takk ?

  11. Hey Sigur Ros, yesterday your Pohoda concert was one of the most amazing music performance during 20years of Pohoda Festival. Takk fyrir for all your great music full of emotions & icelandic spirit-it always reminds me my Iceland road trip 5 years ago via your wonderful country. And one special thanks for dedication of this concert to Juraj Kusnierik, one of the most important member of Pohoda crew, that suddenly died last year after Iceland Airways festival – we all miss him a lot&booking of your performance at Pohoda was finalised mainly thanks to him. CU next time, hope U will come back soon;)

  12. I really enjoyed your beautiful and powerful performance. Your music speaks to my soul and seeing you live was very exciting! Much love from Slovakia

  13. Thank you Sigur ros. You took me to another planet during your concert on Pohoda festival. Deep, breathtaking and magical was you performance from first to last minute. Takk

  14. ótrúlegt sigur rós ? Thank you for one of the best gigs I have ever seen. Very emotional and tense…. I won´t never forget this beautiful experience ! Takk

  15. Concert was unforgettable ….All people there were connected in same particular way throught your emotional music together. All of us were astonished by music´s beauty. Thank you for making us crying and smiling at the same time…Thank you very much for making our lives more prettier….

  16. Simply said – SPECTACULAR! Standing in the first row, having a possibility to share feelings of your magical music was so emotional for me that I simply burst into tears with pure happiness. You have made my dream come true…Takk kærlega fyrir!

  17. It was the most emotional and brilliant performance I have seen in years. When you played Popplagið I cried and had shivers. Thank you for making this anniversary year of Pohoda the best ever! <3

  18. Thank you, Takk, Dakujem… your performance has ranked among the best ones in Pohoda history and I liked it very much. And I also hope, you liked performing @ Pohoda. Pohoda & Sigur Rós rulezzz :o)

  19. cried with joy most of the time
    filled to the brim with happiness and love
    towards you guys and your music.
    seeing you again after four years was a dream come true
    and the performance you gave was the best I’ve ever seen
    takk fyrir <3

  20. TAKK! after 3 years again live! and the same feelings: nature of Iceland transformed into music… and in the end we met pure eruption of icelandic volcano! Puff!…DAKUJEME!!!

  21. Before this years’ Pohoda, people asked me what was my highlight over the 9 years I attended and I could not really think of one that really took my breath away…until Friday night. Thank you very much for coming and thank you even more for playing with all the energy and dedication. Your performance with the visuals was absolutely stunning! :) And I think the moment the sound went off for a while, people even stopped breathing and were mentally pushing for it to work again – that was also an amazing experience, you just kept playing and it was vow. Very impressive

  22. Everything I wanted to say was said already. I’d like to thank you for that unforgettable, touching and magical experience. Take very good care of yourselves, we need your music!

  23. Still can’t believe that this could happen. Speechless, breathless. The best concert in my life. Thank you!

  24. After a long waiting you have come to Slovakia and I could finally see your peformance and join to all the fans who had already experienced this. Definitely one of the greatest show ever seen. Looking forward for any other opportunity to see you again on stage (or wherever else)!

  25. Your music touch my soul, stolen my heart. I was crying after long long time thanks to your emotional music. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will never forget that feeling, it was very personal for me. I feel like I been there alone with you.

  26. Thank you for coming to Slovakia! your gig was absolutely amazing, phenomenal and you were the main reasons I came to the festival Pohoda. Please come back again to Slovakia.!

    P.S I lacked song hoppipola :/

  27. Hello ~ I would like to thank you for pure magic you have created during your concert on Pohoda festival. It was my dream – to experience your concert live and it was beyond my expectations. I have your music in my ears, but what you are giving through live concert (…). What a mass of energy and vibrations! Tribal, deep and cosmis sound! Your music has literary touchable form – massive and yet fragile, like a stone with crystal. I clossed my eyes very often and the journey through the stream of tones was just like the place I know for so long, for centuries., full of light. Old pure natural place. Thank you very much for comming and for your genius music. ~ D?kuji <3

  28. the entire concert was breathtaking, but the finish was the most intense and emotional concert experience of my life

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