The Greek Theatre

(* Wordless Music Orchestra)

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Aug 28, 2023

Set 1

Ekki múkk
Von (live)

Set 2

Untitled #1 – Vaka
Untitled #3 – Samskeyti
All alright
Untitled #5 – Álafoss
Sé lest

15 Comments on “The Greek Theatre”

  • piama


    I’m speechless after the most moving transcendent magnificent ethereal somber sacred magic surrounded by pine trees and a near full moon. wowwwwwwww✨✨✨

  • David


    That was art.

  • Ryan


    An awesome inspiring, breathtakingly beautiful experience.

  • Dave


    10th Time witnessing the greatest band of all time. The Venue was perfect. For an outdoor Venue, the sound was impeccable. This show was by far their best of those that they have performed in LA, save for the Disney Concert Hall. I am hoping that after they take their well deserved break, that they gear up to do it again. Thank you guys for playing, Von, Se Lest, Vaka, Heysatan, and All Alright. I can honestly say I never thought I would ever hear some of those songs again in a live setting. Takk for everything.

    On a slight sour note: My only complaint: Much like the Shrine, some patrons seemed to value overpriced watered down liquor over the majestic experience unfolding on stage and in the process temporarily rudely disrupted the experience of those there to see the band by stumbling to their seats as the band had already started.

  • Timothy Franks


    Joy, tears, no words…

  • Susana Morrison


    Magical, ethereal, profound, and lush! An unforgettable evening with you all. Such a gift to take in your music under the stars and an almost full moon. Profound gratitude for what you offer this world through music and feeling. Takk.

  • Susana


    Magical, ethereal, profound, and lush! An unforgettable evening with you all. Such a gift to take in your music under the stars and an almost full moon. Profound gratitude for what you offer this world through music and feeling. Takk.

  • Jorge



  • It was an absolute dream to see Sigur Rós play with a 41 piece orchestra. Even better that the conductor of this orchestra, Robert Ames, is the same one who was conductor on ÁTTA. It’s now been 21 years of experiencing this band perform live, through various lineups, and they’ve never disappointed. As a matter of fact, it’s safe to say those gigs are all at the top of my list as far as “favorite concerts”.

    Even though I saw them with the LA Philharmonic in 2017, I was not prepared for what this evening provided. The set list itself was a perfect selection of songs written throughout their career. Some surprise omissions once the tour kicked off, mainly because they’ve been such mainstays, yet once the evening was over, there wasn’t an ounce of “I sure wish they had played…..”

    My only concern is how will they top this on future tours? Happy to say I’ve had this same question in the past when it comes to their gigs, and every single time they’ve squashed those concerns with the one of greatest nights of my life.

    It’s worth noting that I don’t think there’s a single band walking this earth that commands the attention SR commands, evident by the lack of phones raised to take pictures, or video. Sure, like myself, some took a picture of two to mark the occasion, but once they got that shot, the phone didn’t leave their pockets. It’s impressive, and beautiful.

  • bryan c


    A great night under the stars. Much more mellow but very nostalgic for those who have heard them the last 20 years. Glad I got to bring my wife who heard them live for the first time. The way they played Avalon was so hauntingly beautiful as well. A great song to end the evening.

  • ACW


    Beautiful music on a warm summer night. Loved every minute of it! My favorites were Andvari, Vaka, and Samskeyti. My husband’s favorites were Blóðberg, Dauðalogn, and Varðeldur. We both got a little teary eyed during certain songs. I hope we get to see them again!

  • Beatrice


    It was a wonderful evening. Simply beautiful and so different from all the other shows I’ve seen over the years. This was the 3rd show within 1 year. And I was so happy to hear a few songs I never heard performed. I’m happy to have this be the last one until the next tour.
    I will hear you soon. And hope to see you later.

  • John Tiedt


    I was in the 6th row for Sigur Ros concert at the Greek Theater and as you may predict I loved the concert and yes at times i had tears running down my cheek. However, I want to say a few words about Sigur Ros fans. I was so grateful to be around so many people whom I felt shared a unique understanding and appreciation for the great music of Sigur Ros. I was surrounded by good souls and I felt really at peace during the concert. I have seen just about every great rock group for the past 43 years but no group has touched me more than Sigur Ros. I really appreciate Sigur Ros and all those who make it possible to hear their music and to attend their concerts.

  • Hector


    An incredible sonic experience under the stars, incredibly moving and very, very mellow. I must admit I was a little bit disappointed at the visual portion of the performance, not because I think they need to do anything fancy or cool in particular, but because the stage design is naturalistic to the point of becoming too noisy and chaotic and clashes with the crystal clear smoothness of the music. Lots of musicians piled closely together, lots of infrastructure (cables, stands, etc), a few incandescent bulb strewn about, and no particularly well-defined lighting arrangement around the band itself. They were embedded deep within the orchestra and their performance could only be properly appreciated by keeping your eyes glued to the IMAG screens on either side. Nonetheless I was there specifically for the sound and the vibe and that was delivered in spades.

  • Heather P


    Please tour more!

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