The Paramount

(* Wordless Music Orchestra)

Seattle, WA, United States

Aug 24, 2023

Set 1

Ekki múkk
Von (live)

Set 2

Untitled #1 – Vaka
Untitled #3 – Samskeyti
All alright
Untitled #5 – Álafoss
Sé lest

Photos by Patrick Gateley

8 Comments on “The Paramount”

  • Nami


    Our 26th time. Beautiful:)
    And Mayor Bruce was in the audience

  • Jeni Larsen


    This was the most emotionally moving performance I have ever attended(well over 200 shows in my lifetime) I have been in love with Sigur Ros since the beginning. Playing with the Wordless Music Orchestra was beyond anything I could’ve imagined. Elevating the experience-a perfect balance, so beautifully and masterfully composed, it brought it to life. The tears would not stop streaming…..It was incredible to say the least. Perfection at its best! Well done, so grateful to witness the moment….thank you, thank you! Takk, Takk!

    Thank you for making me ugly cry. ❤️❤️

  • Sean McLaughlin


    Simply blown away. Bravo!!!

  • A M


    Incredibly pretty show. Fourth time seeing Sigur Ros.

    While this time was still great, it was VERY subdued compared to past shows. Part of what makes sigur ros so special live is how dynamic they are, combining soft & delicate moments with enormous climaxes throughout a show. I really wish the setlist included a few songs that reached a higher climax. It was a major missed opportunity to not include climatic orchestral tracks like Varud, Ara Batur, Klettur, or Saeglopur.

    Still beautiful though.

  • 3rd time seeing them with my wife, and definitely the most inspiring performance. Seen them at MSG (NYC), Walt Disney Hall (Los Angeles), and now The Paramount (Seattle). This was my first time with camera in hand though, and my goodness, was I in awe the entire time. Such a lovely performance by all. Loved the use of the Edison bulbs throughout the stage set. Also loved how the trio was centered in all of the orchestra. Can’t wait to see them again. Some photos below.

  • rod


    Just magnificent.
    This was my seventh time seeing Sigur Rós live over the years. And while I’ve loved every show, this was something special, a different side of the band. Maybe more emotional. If that’s possible. “Skel” gave whole-body goosebumps.
    The sound was superb and the lighting was perfect. Loved the green auroras during Álafoss (I believe it was during that song).
    This was so different than the other SR shows I’ve seen and I’m grateful for having witnessed it.

  • Gwen


    Thank you Sigur Ros for the most mesmerizing experience!

    This was my 14th time seeing the band and definitely among my favorite of those concerts. The setlist drew from a wonderful variety of their catalogue and the song choice was perfectly matched to the context. The perfect blend of old and new. And the orchestra was incredible and seemed to be thrilled to perform with you.

    As usual, we suspend all other plans to see you when you pass through Seattle – it’s such a gift! Thank you for including our city on this short list of venues – we are so grateful!

  • Kara


    My 5th SG concert, my husband’s 3rd. First SG concert we saw together in LA at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in 2017. We’ve been together over 8 years married just this January in Banff where we waffled a bit on our final choice of SG music for our wedding processional as Staraflur. Hearing it performed live for the first time since our ceremony was breathtaking. Really enjoyed the performance overall as Sigur Ros and the orchestra performed as one collective group of talent as opposed to only accompanying them. Very nuanced and more complex and emotional than other shows we’ve enjoyed previously.

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