State Theatre

(* Wordless Music Orchestra)

Minneapolis, MN, United States

Aug 21, 2023

Set 1

Ekki múkk
Von (live)

Set 2

Untitled #1 – Vaka
Untitled #3 – Samskeyti
All alright
Untitled #5 – Álafoss
Sé lest

11 Comments on “State Theatre”

  • Mike


    Fifth time seeing Sigur Ros. Best show so far. Perfect setting and atmosphere. It was the absolute best way to experience this band in a live setting.

  • John Quist


    It was (beyond words) divine and probably the greatest musical experience of my life. The emotions of being there are still flooding my senses, so exquisite and beautiful. What a treat!

  • Brian Wheeler


    It was a perfect evening. The band and orchestra were brilliant. The audience was there for the music and not a phone in sight. The performance was soul-stirring. Thank you for such a rich experience.



    Sigur Ros with Wordless Music Orchestra last night was one of the most perfect shows I’ve ever seen. Everything just felt right.
    With everything that’s gone sideways in the world these last 10-15 years it really felt good to see that this particular band getting to this point of such an ultimate, pure and distilled expression of their art.

    The show really felt like watching the band take a very well-deserved and very understated victory lap, and everybody in the room onstage and offstage was 100% there for it.

  • Misha


    Fourth time seeing them live and did not disappoint. It was a beautiful and magical night. Thanks so much for coming to Minneapolis again!

  • Richard


    Great experience with the orchestra! It filled the room with momentous sound. I don’t know a lock of Icelandic language, but my heart felt every word.

  • Peter C


    I’ve seen Sigur Ros a number of times, but never like this. The full orchestra gave these songs a lushness that was wonderful. Truly a one of a kind experience. Takk for making a stop in Minneapolis!

  • RBL


    I don’t know, perhaps my most disappointing SR performance. There was so much potential to be had with an orchestra that size, and it ultimately started just feeling same-y after the fourth or fifth song. From a technical standpoint the evening was flawlessly executed. From a song-choice and dynamics standpoint, quite disappointed.

  • E


    I’m with RBL. I’ve seen SIgur Ros probably 6-7 times, and this was one of the least interesting. Still great, but without the dynamic range they usually bring (no big, loud, dramatic builds, just soft and mellow). I love this side of Sigur Ros but was craving the contrast and ultimately felt unsatisfied. Also, as a string player myself, I felt that the orchestra could have been utilized better. It would have come across better at Orchestra Hall or another venue acoustically designed to carry un-amplified instruments through the space. At this show, everyone was amplified, which amounts to the sound of all of the instruments coming through the speakers, not allowing the acoustic sound of the instruments to blend and fill the space naturally. Strings simply don’t sound as good when they are amplified. They needed to be to match the level of the other/louder instruments, but in the right venue this show could have been presented with minimal amplification and would have been amazing. Still a great show, don’t get me wrong (it’s Sigur Ros, after all), but definitely a missed opportunity.

  • Jamal


    Another exquisite show. Sigur Rós never ceases to amaze. Thanks for stopping to say hello to use outside the stage entrance after the show. Takk fyrir!!!!

  • Tom


    Will preface saying the music was beautiful. The thing that was disappointing was that the orchestra was sat in front of the group. Sigur Ros is really special to me and doesn’t come to our area a lot, and so we spent an unusual amount of money getting 3rd row tickets. Unfortunately due to the orchestra being seated way up front, the first row of orchestra was all we could see. I found myself wishing I was much further back so that I could see the group – very unexpected! If the orchestra were to be seated in the rear, maybe on risers, then this would have been incredible.

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