Paris, France

November 4, 2022

Set 1

Untitled #1 – Vaka
Untitled #2 – Fyrsta
Untitled #3 – Samskeyti
Rafmagnið búið
Ný batterí
Untitled #7 – Dauðalagið
Untitled #9 – Smáskífa

Set 2

Untitled #6 – E-Bow
Untitled #8 – Popplagið

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14 Comments on “Zénith”

  • Jérôme Soller


    Concert incroyablement magique ! ! ! Merci pour ces moments inoubliables ! ! ! En espérant vous revoir une 3ème fois un jour !

  • Claire


    Incredible, as always.
    So intense, a moment out of time.
    Hope to see you again very soon !!
    Takk ✨

  • 220__674


    7th venue. Always great. Perfect sound. Perfect mood. Takk.

  • Blibli


    I was right here where I was supposed to be last night. It was exquisite and delicate but at the same time so vibrant! Takk

  • Yannis


    It was my first Sigur Rós concert and it was above my expectations, a moment out of time filled with emotions.

    Never thought Festival could be that amazing and transcend on stage, I had the feeling that I would explode of joy ! An unforgettable venue with tears, joy, tension, laughs… hope to see you again ! Takk

  • Eric


    Slow and loud!
    Great show. Takk !!!

  • Thibaut Lagarde


    Merci du fond du cœur pour cette poésie, cette majesté et ces mélodies qui m’ont fait, tour à tour, pleurer, sourire et planer … Takk!

  • Ce concert était exceptionnel, comme tous ceux que j’ai vus à Paris depuis 2001. Sigur Ròs est le plus grand groupe de scène que je connaisse, et n’a rien perdu avec le temps.
    A l’attention de Jonsi: lors de mon récent passage à Reykjavik en septembre, j’ai déposé pour toi à la boutique Fischersund un exemplaire de mon dernier livre sur l’Islande, SAGAS en version anglaise. SAGAS est une échappée photographique dans une Islande millénaire et contemporaine.

    SAGAS – Olivier Joly

    J’espère que tu pourras le récupérer en mains propres. La musique de Sigur Ròs a toujours été une inspiration pour ma photographie et je suis heureux de t’offrir ce livre.
    Continuez à nous offrir votre merveilleuse musique.
    Olivier Joly

    This concert was exceptional, like all the others I have seen in Paris since 2001. Sigur Ròs is the greatest live band I know, and has lost nothing with time.
    To Jònsi: when I was in Reykjavik recently in September, I dropped off a copy of my latest photo about Iceland, SAGAS in English, at the Fischersund shop for you. SAGAS est une échappée photographique dans une Islande millénaire et contemporaine.

    SAGAS – Olivier Joly

    I hope you can pick it up in person. The music of Sigur Ròs has always been an inspiration for my photography and I am happy to offer you this book.
    Please continue to give us this wonderful music.
    Olivier Joly, french photographer and author



    My dream came true. With this amazing concert, I finally met my favorite band. Sound and setlist were perfect.

  • Klem


    Best show ever, filled with so much emotions and magic.
    Takk ✨✨✨

  • Karhunen


    eerie, magical.

  • P'tit titi


    Concert d’une intensité frisant la perfection, merci pour ce moment suspendu et magiquement construit

  • Serge


    Amazing concert ! It was the second time I saw the band live on Friday ! Emotion was there, especially with Untitled #7 ! I just regret that, sometimes, the public doesn’t leave the magic of the silence operates :-( Thank you !

  • Tuhka


    Still an incredible experience to attend your concert!
    I cried 10secs after the first notes of Vaka.
    This was the second time i was able to see you and i wasn’t disappointed with it. Saw people from any age enjoying every minute of the concert.
    I wanted to meet you just after but sadly you already left.
    I really wish to see you again before my vision decline.

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