Paris, France

November 5, 2022

Set 1

Untitled #1 – Vaka
Untitled #2 – Fyrsta
Untitled #3 – Samskeyti
Rafmagnið búið
Ný batterí
Gold 2
Untitled #7 – Dauðalagið
Untitled #9 – Smáskífa

Set 2

Untitled #6 – E-Bow
Untitled #8 – Popplagið

11 Comments on “Zénith”



    Second night was perfect too. I loved every minute of it. Can’t wait for a future concert.

  • Sylvain Marlard


    Good concert but not excellent
    I waited more than five years to attend the Sigur Rós live show . I was terribly disappointed not to hear the track which for me is one of their masterpieces “Hippolia”
    my disappointment is pretty terrible.
    I would have preferred a less brighter part in this sad world context. I had bought my tickets more than a year in advance.

  • Pierre


    First time for me, after so many years of listening and dreaming. The show was splendid, very emotional. Thank you so much for all this passion and love. You guys are the very best.

  • Mylène


    It was so amazing, so emotional… I couldn’t stop my tears from falling on some tracks, and I wasn’t the only one. Takk

  • Pauline


    I was so unsure to see you playing on stage again that the concert could only be magical ✨ and so was it ! Thanks for making us travel, dream, float on your music. It was my 7th show and still as marvelous as the first one. Can’t wait for a the next concert :)
    Takk Sigur Rós ♥️

  • Manu


    Je n’ai pas pu aller au concert car hélas bien trop loin et dans ce monde inflationniste plus de 350 € ( billets ar de train + concert + hotel et frais annexe) c’est pas rien quand sans emploi ! Alors Sigur Ros pensez au sud… vous savez c’est beau le sud Français !
    En attendant je suis d’accord avec un précédent commentaire : dans ce monde de noirceur actuelle on aurait aimé « hoppipolla » et « ara batur » dans la playlist !
    Et perso « valtari » mais c’est vraiment perso…

    Allez a dans 2 ans dans le sud ? Et j’espère une captation malgré tout et surtout un nouveau CD !!!!!

  • Julie


    Thank you so much for sharing your whole art with us ! It was a moment of pure gracefulness and beauty. Can’t wait for seeing you soon again.

  • Sylvain


    I’m a huge fan and attended both shows in Paris. This concert was my 6th time seeing you.

    Both shows were really great, and I would gladly see Popplagið live every night ;-)

    Slight disappointment is that the setlist was exactly the same both nights, and both shorter than the American and Asian shows. The second night being totally seated, I expected at least Heysátan and the new song Gong 4.

    Please play those songs the next time you come to Paris :-)

  • Parée Corinne


    For my first time, it was so beautiful, powerful and I definitely like this band. I’m interested in a lot of Icelandic bands and Sigur Rós has a really special place. Thanks for this amazing show and comeback quickly :)

  • Franck


    The third time in Paris for me after 2013 and 2017. The magic still works. A sublime show, perfectly realized with magical moments. Moments charged with emotion, vibrant with magic, changing, singular, unique colored atmospheres. Moments of sharing (my youngest son discovered, the oldest, 15, has already had his third experience), moments of communion in front of a respectful and conquered audience. Already looking forward to seeing you again and discovering your next album. I am going through difficult and very painful times actually, your music remains an incomparable light.
    Takk ❤️

  • Now that we have returned to the US New Mexico I would love to say THANK YOU SIGUR ROS for the four FANtastic shows I attended. Luxembourg 11/26, Koln 11/27, Amsterdam 12/01 and Paris 12/05.
    Each performance was great, the music was spot on, the stage show was wonderful the mood of the fans was superb. We could not have asked for a better time while we were on vacation. We will again follow you on your next tour.

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