Margaret Court Arena
Melbourne, VIC, Australia

August 13, 2022

5 Comments on “Margaret Court Arena”

  • S


    This was an astonishing concert. As close to live music perfection as you could get.

    The band dialled into me and well I was just taken to this special place. I literally floated into the intermission with Jonsi’s angelic voice and the beautiful lighting making smaskifa a moment I will never forget it.

    Far to many highlights to list. A magical evening.

  • Rod


    Fantastic show. I’ve missed earlier tours, and am so glad I saw this one. Really enjoyed it. I travelled from Hobart, Tasmania to see this. Was worth it. Terrific!

  • Ollie


    This week was magical. Not only was I lucky enough to speak to Goggi for my first ever band interview but I also saw my first Sigur Ros concert. Incredible visuals, a gorgeous mix and stellar performances that reduced me to tears. Andvari and Smaskifa will stay with me for the rest of my life. Takk fyrir allt, Sigur Rós. Ég elska þig xoxo

  • Having seen Sigur Rós multiple times, every time, the show gets better. It’s more than seeing a band live – it’s an experience. Perfecting the craft of ambient, mysterious and above all beautiful music.

  • Bree


    August 13th 2022 – The day that changed my life.
    I have been a huge fan since 2008 and unfortunately missed out every other time you came to Melbourne. You guys have been my favourite band for over 10 years and that night absolutely blew me away. When I realised I was 3 rows from the front my heart was racing! As soon as you walked on stage I couldn’t hold back the tears. When you first started singing I was so overwhelmed with emotion I was literally sobbing. I have never witnessed anything more beautiful in my life. It was a spiritual experience that I will remember for as long as I live. Thank you so much for making the most incredible music on the planet ❤️

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