Aware Super Theatre
Sydney, NSW, Australia

August 12, 2022

9 Comments on “Aware Super Theatre”

  • Siana Olivo


    What a magical experience. I’ve been dreaming to see you live for +10 years. Tonight it was literally a dream come true. What a great combination of angelical vocals and the almost overwhelming textures, lights and effects on stage. My synesthesia was all over the place… What an amazing show. You are geniuses. Thank you for existing!

  • Shayne Murray


    First song in and I was in tears… as usual. Magic!

  • Naz


    Blew me and my family away. I have loved your music since Ágætis byrjun and in the 23 years since your music has been a huge part our lives. Your set tonight held us captive. We don’t want to be let go.

  • Felicity


    My third time seeing Sigur Ros last night. Magical, ethereal, moving. Some people choose religion. I choose Sigur Ros.

  • Louise


    Took my 4yo granddaughter with noise cancellation headphones. She had always loved listening to them in my car. Was mesmerised at the concert. Only planned to stay an hour (wished could stay for all) as babysitting, but she applauded with the crowd, sometimes almost first clapping after a song finished. Took her away after the hour but think she would have stayed for the whole set! It was the only way to experience our favourite band.

  • Cameron


    What an incredible, magical and emotional experience! Words cannot describe tonight, so glad my 18 year old son came with me to share Sigur Ros.
    Seriously thinking of visiting my native Glasgow in November, not to see my relatives (of course, yes I will) but really to experience this magic again!

  • S?k


    Ever since I first discovered Sigur Rós quite a few years ago, it has been a goal to see them live drove all the way up from Canberra in the hours leading up to the show and then drove back at 2am in the morning. I have never seen a band live before and I don’t think I could have made a better choice for the first to be Sigur Rós. It was fascinating to see the music I listen to so much in person, as it’s being played I was just in awe and covered in tears after the first few songs. So much so that I was desperately trying to stop crying cause I couldn’t see through them.
    If I ever get the chance to see them again I will definitely do whatever I need to. Even it means travelling even further.

  • SR brought a really ugly venue to life and continue to be the very best live act

  • Helen


    Four anonymous performers let the music speak through them. To those of us ready to receive, this was the collective consciousness.
    This was transcending. This was haunting.
    This was beauty beyond description.
    I had woken up. I was being. I was the performance.
    Time stood still.
    The music, lighting, visual art and I became one.
    Every cell of my being melted away to the experience.
    There was no place for ego in this moment.
    No place for small talk, chit chat or idle pursuits.
    Here was the NOW in its purest form. Here was the portal to the universe.
    Calming, guiding lights reflected on peaceful waters. White birds on the wire fly to and fro. The chiseled diver twisting in the swirling water’s depths. Children fleeing hand in hand.
    The crescendo of fireworks at the height of climax.
    This was visceral. This was the vibration of my cells to be one whilst neither drowned or deafened by experience.
    Flooded with warmth and oneness.
    Super awareness at Superaware Sydney.
    I felt I followed the light to the other side to a connection with my departed sister.
    Jonsi and the his haunting lyrics and sounds were the conduit. My mortal cells coalesced with experience.
    As if I was transported from my actual theatre seat to the moment in place and time on a winter’s night in Glenelg as my loved one soared from the cliff to feel free for the first time and fly to the flowing, glowing moon, by this night transformed from crescent to full to float in the weightlessness of freedom for eternity.

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