Riverside Theater

Milwaukee, WI, United States

Jun 1, 2022


Set 1
1. Vaka
2. Fyrsta
3. Samskeyti
4. Svefn-g-englar
5. Rafmagnið búið
6. Ný batterí
7. Gold 2
8. Fljótavík
9. Heysátan
10. Dauðalagið
11. Smáskifa

Set 2
12. Glósóli
13. E-Bow
14. Ekki múkk
15. Sæglópur
16. Gong
17. Andvari
18. Gold 4
19. Festival
20. Kveikur
21. Popplagið

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18 Comments on “Riverside Theater”

  • Jacob R.


    Had the honor of meeting the guys and touring photographer earlier in the day. Possibly the best day ever. Have traveled US/Europe for ~15 SR performances over the past 20 yrs and this one did not disappoint. Can’t wait to see y’all again soon. Cheers!

  • Jerome


    Fragile, ecstatic and utterly beautiful.

  • Ken


    Took my 21 year old son who wasn’t too familiar with the band. He’s a fan now! We had a wonderful time.

  • Matt


    Loved every minute of it

  • Brad D


    A triumph of expression. An exercise in stillness. And such beautiful noise.

  • Alex


    First time seeing them live. Absolutely unforgettable experience.

  • J


    Incredible, beautiful experience. “Samskeyti” had me in tears. What more to say? Thank you. Takk.

  • Completely moving, from start to finish. Heysátan brought out the tears I’ve held onto for years. Takk, and see you in Chicago!

  • Troy and Kathryn


    Inspiring and feverishly memorable. An emotive journey through sound, sight and inner awakening. A genuine and true gift Sigur Ros is.

  • Nicci Tait


    This was such a beautiful show. Sigur Ros got me through high school and college and their music always holds up throughout the years. This was the first show of theirs I’ve had the pleasure of seeing and I was amazed at the sound they were able to create on stage. Everyone was at the top of their game and I can’t wait to see more in the future. I hope you come back to Wisconsin! So many people love you here.

  • James


    Amazing show! Been a fan for 20 years but first time I was able to go to a live show. Nothing like it!

  • Elizabeth


    Loved this band for years (wrote so many college papers to them), first time seeing them live. What a show, even from the highest balcony section. Beautiful imagery, sound that thumps your chest. Incredible experience, takk fyrir!

  • Weissgerber Mark


    Such an amazing Journey! ✨ The Show seemed to pass very quickly, once I went back outside afterwards, it felt like I had been away travelling for quite some Time!

  • Jonathan Beckler


    Amazing, beautiful show! The last time I saw Sigur Ros my wife was pregnant with our son. 18 years later I was able to bring him with in the flesh. We both enjoyed the show immensely and hope you will visit Milwaukee again in the future. Takk!

  • Kevin


    Great show! Where does photog post her images?

  • Sandy


    Loved every second of the visually stunning show… please come back … I was truly moved!

  • Paul


    This show was entirely ethereal. During the short breaks between songs The strangers sitting on either side of me turn to me and I to them and asked as one, is this real? Are we still in the SpaceTime we were when we walked into this venue? Simply astonishing. I hope you’ll come back.

  • Dan Reed


    I had no choice but to shed tears as pure emotion was drawn from me. The captivating, emotional sounds and breathtaking visuals proved that magic is indeed alive in the world today. THANK YOU for the spirit you have, and return!

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