State Theatre
Minneapolis, MN, United States

May 31, 2022



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Set 1
1. Vaka
2. Fyrsta
3. Samskeyti
4. Svefn-g-englar
5. Rafmagnið búið
6. Ný batterí
7. Gold 2
8. Fljótavík
9. Heysátan
10. Dauðalagið
11. Smáskifa

Set 2
12. Glósóli
13. E-Bow
14. Ekki múkk
15. Gong
16. Andvari
17. Sæglópur
18. Gold 4
19. Festival
20. Kveikur
21. Popplagið

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5 Comments on “State Theatre”

  • Misha Huff


    All of the feels! This is the third time I’ve seen you live and it did not disappoint. I had tears in my eyes and goose bumps galore. I can not express how much your music touches me and makes me feel alive. Thank you so much for coming to Minneapolis!

  • Brianna


    After the last couple years as a healthcare worker, and especially this last week as a mother to a small child and wife to a teacher, this show was absolutely cathartic. The tears began with Vaka and didn’t stop until I went to bed after the show. Thank you for fostering the beautiful release of sorrow, grief, anger, hope, and joy.

  • Abby H


    This was more than a concert. It was an incredible experience!!

  • Leigh Baker


    Amazing show! The energy between all band mates was electric. Thank you for taking us into your sonic world and artistry.

  • Kevin


    It totally melted my face

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