sigur rós 2017 tour

le grand rex
paris, france

sep 27 2017



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  1. I really had a good time! The concert was beautiful, Jonsí’s voice is magical ! And the lights!! The lightning was perfect <3
    Thank you for this amazing show!

  2. Beautiful show and great video and light effects. Disappointed that you did not play all your biggest hits, and the worst : hoppipola was missing !!!

  3. Third show in almost a year and this one was so different than the past ones, lots of new songs I can’t wait to see in an album. Vaka is such a magical moment in the show, definitely up there with Sæglópur tonight. And of course the energy from Festival and Popplagið that makes everyone get up and jump.

    As I got some signed albums from the past shows, I wanted to get something unique this time. I brought a D key from my piano and Jónsi wrote Samskeyti on it, the song that made me fall in love with Sigur Ros and start learning the piano, I don’t think I can ever top that.

    See you next time <3

  4. This was for me the 5th time I saw you. Concert was great: venue, acoustic and setlist perfect. I cried when you were playing Dauðalagid. Look forward to seeing you in Milan in a couple of weeks

  5. 5th live for me and this was by far the best and most impressive one. Playing two sets was a purely genius idea. The setlist was perfect. Guys you made me cry on the first two songs !! Playing very “no mainstream” songs was a wonderful gift for your fans. I really liked the contrast between the two sets, it remained me Hvarf/Heim.
    The three of you were very powerful and sensitive. Special mention to Órri and his motherf*cking powerful hits on Dauđalogn !!!
    Each show is unique and what I’ll remember from this special one was how you were close to us, how you were brilliant and emotive. The lighting technique was astounding as well as the effect of depth due to the light tubes.
    It was truly Sigur Rós.
    Thank you for all

  6. Lot of thrills during the set, i was just flying ! Lights, show, everything was great.
    A million thanks for this particular moment.

  7. Bouleversant, magique, féerique, puissant, intimiste et tellement vivant ! Merci du fond du cœur ❤

  8. Fantastic concert, one of the best in my whole life ; not only because of this magnificent venue (what a great choice), but especially because of this fabulous music and this incredible lightwork.
    Thanks again for bringing to us all these emotions, i hope you’ll come back soon ! Cheers

  9. What a beautiful night shared with you guys ! Such a powerful and wonderful music ! I have traveled a thousand lands with you last night !

  10. I felt really sick and awfully tired before the concert and seriously considered not going. You guys managed to let me forget about all this for 3 hours. Amazing experience

  11. 11 years. I’ve been waiting for this moment for 11 years. And I will remember it forever. I couldn’t imagine it would be this impressive, this powerful… And this light show was a pure wonder.
    Thanks. Thanks a lot.

  12. Thank you for this great show : the venue, the lights and the sound : all was perfect, and you pass on a big energy to the public !
    Great setlist too (Ekki mukk was wonderful and Kveikur unbelievably powerful !).
    My personal suggestion for the next tour : the return of Hafsól !
    See you soon (in Brussel for me this sunday :-D )

  13. My 5th Sigur Ros Concert (one in Paris Zenith, one in Rockhal in Luxembourg, one last year in London and Rock en Seine), and last night was the best concert ever. because it looked like a private one, even if I was upstairs. The sound was so good, the scenography so beautiful, and your voice as always is wonderful and beautiful. You touched my soul in the deepest way ever. Thanks a lot and see you soon

  14. Excellent performance from the Icelandish fellas yesterday. A pure and clear sound, even at the highest balcony. Jonsi is still very impressive with his vocals, technically and emotionally. And he is well assisted by Goggi and Orri for the rythmic section. Sigur Ros spoiled us with a double set including classics and new songs from their upcoming album, and it was just great. Incredible light effects too, it reminded me of the visual excellence of Tool live shows. My only regret is that they didn’t “Svefn-g-englar”, my favourite track of theirs. The rest was perfect.

  15. I’m not one of your early fans but one of your early listeners. I had to see you at least once in my life. That was yesterday. You gave me goose bumps.

  16. Hi,
    unfortunately I’m not enough good in english to describe all the emotions I felt.
    Sound, lights and visual effects were perfect. Set list was awesome with your best songs (one of the bests versions of Festival I heard), few surprises (Ekki Mukk !) and an incredible discovery : Varda !
    A real explosion of energy at the end of the show with Festival, Kveikur and Popplagid, always emotions with Vaka, E-Bow and all the other songs (except Ovedur which is not in my favorites).
    Your music is my only way to feel some emotions hidden in my heart and my head. I’m flying in the climbs since yesterday…
    Thank you and…. see you.

  17. Dear Sigur Ròs
    I’m 50 and you were my very first concert yesterday. I listen to you all the time when I paint, and even I would like to make an artistic perfomance in video and paint on your title “Valtari” one day, with your permission …
    I waited 12 years to see this concert, especially after I had to resell my ticket of “rock in seine 2016” …
    After seeing you, I am mixed. I will explain why.
    As a “fan” of your work I follow you, and I look everywhere as soon as something is published. So when you made your 2nd part of the concert I had no surprise … So I understand, you can not transform your concert according to your moods. Your show is precise, it is calculated to the millimeter but it is so calculated that there is a certain “coldness” in your lives which should however be “hot”. I admit that “we” fans were not friendly when sitting, but we respect you so much that we dared not move … it was my case and people around me …
    Also, like others, I regretted that sven-g-englar, hoppipolla, untitled 3 (samskeyti) and Ara Bàtur is not on the program … Personally I hope to listen one day live: lùppulagiõ, Refur , baba ti ki di do, and especially Valtari !! But I stop dreaming …
    Thank you for putting Ekki Mukk which was a great time …
    And finally little regret that you did not make a title after our reminders …
    In short you offered me beautiful images, beautiful tones, the sound was good although a little too strong compared to the room … besides I asked myself a question: what volume should listen to music if intimist of Sigur Ròs?
    In short, from this very first concert I remain a bit on hunger and I have only one dream: as in “Heima” you see playing simply, outside, without big machine behind, and we all around posed on a blanket under the starry sky …
    Yes I am definitely a dreamer!

  18. Amazing Show for your first date in Paris but a little bit too short and ALMOST… 150euros for ticket (value: 67.5 euros) + booklet (an empty booklet, just with your signatures !)… Are you kidding guys ??? I am really disappointed !

  19. It was the second time I saw Sigur Ròs in my life.
    What a night … Like the first time, I was moved to tears. Incredible, magical… Takk.
    Jónsi, you’re the most talented musician in earth. You leave me breathless and your music touches my soul.
    First time I got Jónsi ‘s bow, this time it’s Goggi’s mediator !
    And when I leave I decided I have to find a way to come back on friday… So, next review is coming for night 3 !

  20. 4ème concert de Sigur Ros pour ma moitié et moi même… Cette fois dans une petite salle. Déjà subjugué par le dernier concert au Zénith, je j’imaginais pas que je pourrais encore plus être ému… Rien que d’y repenser, j’en ai la chair de poule et les larmes aux yeux. C’était tout simplement merveilleux, unique,… Et on peut en rajouter sans fin… A quelques centimètres de vous… Je n’y crois toujours pas. Merci de nous apporter autant d’émotions… Si fortes… Même à trois seulement sur scène, le rendu est impressionnant de maîtrise. Quelle grâce, quelle puissance… Hâte de vous revoir, le plus rapidement possible pour prendre une autre bouffée de pureté et d’évasion. Cette fois avec ma fille à qui j’ai hâte de faire découvrir le monument artistique que vous êtes. Merci, du fond du coeur !

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