sigur rós 2017 tour

sec armadillo
glasgow, united kingdom

sep 25 2017



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  1. Absolutely stunningly spectacular as always.
    Great venue, great set list, great band. Bravo

  2. One word………WOW ! First time seeing you live and completely blown away . Everyone should have a bit of sigur ros live in their lives. Music astounding….that voice !!!! Lighting , stage presence amazing . Roll on next time

  3. Long time fan,first time seeing the band live.I was totally blown away,when you leave a show after that experience you hope that you get to see and feel that experience again.Band,Lights,Sound absolutely brilliant,its not my favourite venue but top class last night.

  4. Words will never do justice to what i witnessed last night in Glasgow….I wasnt at a traditional “gig”, I was at an event….something so spectacular that my girlfriend was in tears at one point. The biggest compliment I could pay is that she doesnt like “my music” . She only agreed to come as a last minute replacement for my friend who couldnt make it and even she LOVED it!!!! The light show and the visuals were like nothing iv ever seen and so much time and effort must have been put into it. The setlist was perfect. A brilliant mix of old and new songs. Iv been to hundreds of gigs and seen Sigur Ros 4 times in the past and right now I cant think of a better gig. This includes bands like Radiohead and Roger waters. Sigur Ros is more than just music……its a FEELING!!!

  5. Absolutely Magnificent!! Beautiful, soul moving….experiencing sigur rós here in Glasgow last night…YOU were tearing all my heartstrings – TAKK

  6. From hearing a pin drop at the quiet parts to having your face blown off at the loud parts. Incredible show. And the lights and stage set up, that was something else. I wept like a baby. Takk.

  7. Takk fyrir!!
    Last night was amazing! It was the 4th time I’ve seen Sigur Ros live and I’m fascinated every time! ❤️❤️

  8. Difficult to find appropriate words to describe that!
    Without a doubt the most emotional I’ve ever been during a gig.

    Can’t quite believe it’s taken me over 20 years to finally see Sigur Ros play live!? Yet I’ve managed to go see Mogwai play on 10 separate occasions.

  9. The same as I commented on your fb post guys.
    You were absalutely astounding.
    I go to a lot of gigs and for me this gig will be one of my most memorable to date for all these reasons.
    It was breathtakingly beautifull,otherworldly,ethereal,took me away to somewhere different,escapism,emotive,awesome,out of this world,technical,amazing,stunning,inspirational,innovative.
    You were impressive and I can not wait to see you perform again the next time you tour our country again.
    Blown away we were.
    Be proud!

  10. Gig of the year for me. Absolutely blown away by the music, Jonsi’s vocals, lighting and stage set. What a night! Would have been great to have a little bit of chat for the Glasgow crowd at the end though!

  11. Been dying to see you guys for ages and was most definatly worth the wait! Thank you for such a memorable evening! The staging, lights and set list was down to a T! Cant wait to see you’s again! Next time play #4 though for me one of my fav songs! Ax

  12. Great show and well selected set. The new songs were good – look forward to hearing more. However if I’m honest I did miss the textures, extra dimension and warmth that additional players brought to the experience of previous shows. Still a wonderful experience though!

  13. Last night was such a mind-blowing and powerful show! Their captivating and gorgeous music in combination with the spectacular visual and lighting show make of each one of their shows an incredible other worldly sensorial experience!
    It was an absolutely incredible night that I don’t want to forget but to experience in many more future occasions! Some of their best playing I have seen, Orri’s drumming was phenomenal and Jónsi’s voice, so vulnerable yet so powerful guiding us into this ethereal world they create in each of their shows. And last night they did it, they got their fans immersed in the magical atmosphere they create with their music and moved them.
    What a beautiful and unforgettable night. Takk!

  14. Takk…

    The best live music performance I have ever seen, without a doubt. Truly beautiful. A journey through the spirit of the band, through the incredibly unique sound, and the mind-shattering light show.

    The feelings conveyed through each stroke of the guitar, each pluck of the bass, every strike of the drums could evolve from the gentle crashing of waves at the shore, to a tsunami of hope, renewed or lost.

    I found myself close to tears at some points during the show, time-stamping particular sounds and sights in my mind. It was an ethereal, off-worldly experience. They sent us drifting off into space, and pulled us crashing down to Earth.

    Thank you.

  15. This is the 9th time ( and also saw Jonsi on tour ) seeing Sigur Rós and each time I’ve gotten closer. This time my wife and I were front row centre. Wow. The feeing,music and emotion hits you like a sledgehammer. It was truly the most amazing time I’ve rver seen you guys. We have spoke before as I have lots of Sigur Rós tattoos. I get one everyone I see you. ( last time was Takk on the face) this time will be something new. I’ll keep you posted. Takk so much. It was truly amazing!
    Peace. X

  16. 5th and 6th time seeing you guys play live. You totally smashed it on both nights. Hurry back, Scotland loves you x

  17. Haunting, etherial, eclectic lasting music and artwork, passionately and expertly delivered, no time wasted chatting with the audience. A performance of pure musical brilliance and guts with nothing left in the tank at the end.
    The only better place to see them is in Iceland.
    Takk for the artwork and the drumstick!

    Don and Jane

  18. Absolutely amazing, the first time i have seen you guys live and you did not disapoint. Left exausted at the end – overcome with emotion

  19. Without a doubt, the best gig I have ever been to and likely ever will go to. Trying to put it into words wouldn’t even do it justice. I missed them play last year so this year I jumped on tickets and spent months buzzing for it. I knew it was going to be amazing, but it blew my expectations out of the water.

    Such an emotional experience, moved my sister and I to tears and we were sat clutching each others hands. I constantly had goosebumps and at times was nearly nodding off because I felt so relaxed and in such a state of peace. The light show was so bonnie and entrancing at times or powerful and exciting during others, definitely got the heart rate going! I didn’t want the experience to end. The only negative thing for me was folk in the crowd whipping their phones out and causing a distraction with bright screens or flash, nae need for it people!

    Thanks lads and haste ye back :)

  20. Mesmerising concert from start to finish, and an absolute to watch and listen to such talented musicians create sounds like no one else can. Takk.


  22. Got home, couldn’t sleep. Popplagio was still blasting my brain. Had the most intense dream I’ve had in years. Woke up. Popplagio still blasting away in my head. One of the most awesome gigs I’ve ever experienced. The songs are still ringing in my ears. Takk

  23. The most beautiful musical experience of my life. From start to finish it was amazing. I have been waiting 6 years to hear you perform and I was not disappointed. I was crying tears of happiness. Your music tells such vivd stories that I can’t help but get caught in. I can’t wait for the next opportunity to see you all again. You were all so passionate on stage! My only critique was hoppipolla was not performed but that’s only because it is one of my favourites :) everything from the lighting, production, sound and music was bonny! I loved every moment! Takk Sigur rós from a very happy Scottish Las x

  24. It shouldn’t work but by heck it does. Songs in Icelandic, wailing vocals, no interaction with the audience, a guitar played using a bow My first time. Ever since seeing Heima I had to see Sigur Ros live. From near silence to amazing crescendo, plus what a light show ! It wasn’t a concert it was an experience

  25. Words cannot describe how beautiful, deep, and wonderful, the music went right to the core of my being, it was a life changing experience that I will never forget. Please hurry back to Scotland Jonsi x

  26. Simply wonderful. Not enough superlatives to describe. An honour to have been there. Takk!

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