sigur rós 2017 tour

o2 apollo
manchester, united kingdom

sep 18 2017



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  1. The best show I have ever seen. Absolutely amazing. Only thing that was slightly annoying was a girl sat infront of recording the whole show on her iPhone right in our eyeline.

  2. Fifth time I attend your gigs (from the Radiohead support in 2000 near Paris to Les Nuits De Fourvière in Lyon in 2013), but last night this Evening In Manchester was the first time I felt your music so perfectly tuned with the almighty energies in action.
    It sounds like your live music is a pure channel between the Gaïa core and the Celestial fire in motion. And it’s wonderful how I can feel myself perfectly aligned between the Earth and the Sky when I experience your live magic. Are you deliberately kind of Nibiru’s, Galactic Messengers? (Some of your visuals made me wonder…)

    Anyway, takk for this time of Grace.

    Bless your Art,

    (PS: I interviewed Georg when I was a music journalist in Paris and if any other opportunity to do a new interview with the band arises I’d truly love to delve deeper into this “channel” topic… I’m a kind of special Messenger too!)

  3. I wasn’t expecting that naked assault of pure beauty poring through the air tonight. A truly mesmerizing moment in time and a totally lovely experience. Love it!

  4. i have never been to a live show like this in my life.
    the artistry with which the show is constructed is exquisite; the lighting, the music – it becomes more of an emotion than an experience. it’s like i need a new language to describe how this music performed live made me feel, because it made me feel something completely new. no amount of words in any order really cuts it.
    the sound issues really had no lasting impact on the experience, at all. i’m so in love with the memory i have of this show, it’s almost stupid – i just hope they loved playing it as much as i loved watching it.

  5. Totally awesome! We were at all three Manchester concerts, two of them on the front row and well worth paying for. We could see every facial ‘expression and Jonsi’s giggly reaction to the technical hitch on Monday night only enhanced the performance! He was just amazing, they all were and left me in tears with the emotion of it all. The lighting was brilliant as well as the vocals.
    We had the best seats in the house (thank you daughter!) so were able to shake hands with the band at the end, and one of our party was handed a drumstick at the end! Just totally and absolutely brilliant in every way. Takk Sigur Ros.

  6. I had a wonderful night! It was magical to feel wrapped up in the music and the visuals, a joyful assault on the senses with such a good feeling in the auditorium. Takk!

  7. oh wow what can I say? Breathtakingly beautiful and emotional – raw and primeval – fire and ice with the voice of an angel – a truly mind blowing experience – you really take me to a higher level – Takk- and I hope it won’t be too long before you’re back in the UK.

  8. My son asked me to be his +1 for the concert tickets we bought him for his 18th birthday, so I went into the show not really knowing what to expect… and left as a newly fledged fan. Amazing, beautiful, powerful and a multi-sensory journey I am infinitely glad I took (even with the sound glitches!). I cannot wait for your return to the UK, I will most definitely be there!

  9. First time seeing Sigur Ros live and I can say, hand on heart, that it was the best gig I have ever been to. Just superb. Lovely small venue with a great view of the band. Hearing your music live has been a highlight for me. Finishing with Popplagio made my year. Absolutely amazing song and Orri’s drumming is phenomenal. I can only hope that I will have the opportunity to see you live again in the future. Thank you for your music.

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