sigur rós 2017 tour

eventim apollo
london, united kingdom

sep 20 2017



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  1. Dazed but not confused. The most extraordinary experience which for me redefines the modern gig. Artistry beyond compare. Aesthetically and emotionally without equal. I’m not sure a concert could get better then this. Better leave it at that.

  2. What an amazing show! The talent of the band seems to get better and better every show that I go to. Totally blown away.
    I absolutely love the new songs, especially “Varða”. I can’t wait to buy the next album with this included.
    Please keep making and playing music for many years to come; a world without Sigur Rós would be a dull and sad place to be!

  3. Stunning and mesmerising
    The lighting show is something to behold with an amazing led cutain and full back of stage screen. The strobes synchronised with the drums was brilliant. The music was amazing but i wouldnt expect anything less from such a good band.
    Can’t wait for the new album as the new songs were brilliant.

  4. Fabulous show, sigur ross as elemental as ever. Different to previous shows with the 3 boys and no session players, strings etc. The powerful but pared back sound brings out how jonsi’s vocals carry the melodies, over the framework of the bass and drums, the guitar filling out so much of the sound. Maybe the simpler arrangements affect song choice? But a force of nature as ever, wish I was there’s all three nights!

  5. I treated myself to the Besta package and had excellent seats. The concert was amazing, words can never describe what their music does to you. It touches your soul in a way that you could not see possible.
    Seeing them live will always be a memorable experience and one that I will never forget. It was a very moving and emotional experience.
    Managed to get a handshake at the end of the show which was just the cherry on the cake for me.
    Looking forward to seeing them again.

  6. Stellar performance and magical spectacle. This is the fourth time I have seen them play and it never fails to coax out the goosebumps. Not of the cold kind clearly, but of other-worldly form rarely summoned. Sigur Ros are an incredible musical talent and genius to witness and savour, hard to top for me personally.

  7. Well I thought the first set was impressive enough, but the second one blew it away with the projection screen and light show brought further to the fore. Musically brilliant, such a confident performance – many lesser bands would inadvertently speed up so many slower pieces, but everything was brilliantly paced. Huge credit to the sound crew too – their music is the kind that requires a really good sound and the quality was one of the best I’ve heard at any gig. Brilliant stuff!

  8. Travelled by train from Norwich to see the band for the first time and wow! what an experience it was, had to stay to the very end (thanks guys for finishing on time) but still got the last train home with 5 minutes to spare; hope there will be a DVD of the gig released soon and look forward to the new album in 2018? (it’s well overdue).. in the meantime Takk Sigor Ros (I may even try to learn Icelandic)

  9. I have been to countless concerts over the years, but this was the only one where I was literally in tears. Absolutely spell bounding lighting, timed to perfection to the music, matched to the voice of an angel. My favourite concert of all time. Please come back to UK soon.

  10. I’ve seen thousands of live show throug-out the past 25 years (I myself played over 350 all over the world) and I honestly can say without any doubt: the show @apollo on sept. 20th was the best live concert I’ve ever seen in my entire life and I know for sure, that I will never – not in a million years – ever see a better live show than the one experienced that night! If I wouldn’t be an atheist I would say “I was touched by the hands of God that night!” Thank you, Sigur Rós! Honestly, TAKK!!!

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