sigur rós 2016 tour

citadel festival
london, united kingdom

jul 17 2016



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  1. At last year’s Citadel Festival, Ben Howard headlined, who was outshone a bit by the livelier Bombay Bicycle Club and so I was worried whether a band like Sigur Ros would work in this venue. The stunning visuals together with the haunting and anthemic melodies and music put that fear to rest. It was a fitting ending to a day of top quality music. The music by Sigur Ros just reached a level other bands cannot emulate – the emotion filling up Victoria Park in Mile End like the moon watching overhead in the clear London summer sky.

  2. I was in beautiful, amazing Iceland in January this year and that’s when I first really started listening to SIGUR ROS. I’d waited all year for this show and it didn’t dissapoint. AMAZING. The vocals. The guitar. The bass. The drums. The visuals. They transported me back to Iceland. Back to the icy caves, the lava fields and wild beaches. This is music that takes you on an physical and emotional journey through time and space. Truly haunting and mesmerising. Can’t wait to see Sigur Ros again.. I snapchatted the whole day at Citadel – add username #ShaunVlog

  3. I was not even supposed to be at that festival. But in a pile of sht, there it was – Sigur Ros. Icelandic everything might just be better, than the rest. I mean, it definitely was better that day.

  4. Nothing short of colossal. Sigur ros is meant to be enjoyed live and the new visuals and the incredibly impressive effort put in by a mere three members now is amazing. Epic is the only word that seems fitting.

  5. My fifth time seeing Sigur Ros and, although each time has been a different experience, this was a superb show. Incredible lighting and graphics and Jonsi’s voice was sublime. There was so much energy in the performance and the sound that the three of you produce is beyond belief. A great mix of light and shade in the set list and it was a privilege for us to see you perform. Till the next time…takk.

  6. Life changing, jaw-droppingly awesomely amazing. Just WOW!! Loved every second of it! I’m still slightly drunk from the euphoria 12 hours later. Takk fyrir for an amazing show!!

  7. I don’t believe there is another band on the planet that can take a huge crowd like citadel in the palm of their hands. The audience were rapt in their attention. So quiet, transported to a personal nirvana by three Icelanders.
    Hearing Sigur Ros stripped back to the three of them alone is a new experience for me and a wonderful one. The set list on paper looked unusual. But was in fact an ocean of emotion as they carried us along.
    From saeglopur to festival to popplagid all perfect.
    It’s Sigur Ros’ world. We’re just happy to live in it.

  8. I’ve also seen Sigur Ros a few times, and this was by far the best I’ve seen them play – what am amazing experience! The energy from the band and the crowd was incredible. People around me were stunned at the end of the show – they couldn’t believe what they’d witnessed. I took my daughter to the festival and she was equally amazed. Sigur Ros really reach down into your soul. It was an night to remember!

  9. Obviously I didn’t expect their set list to cater entirely for me but the set was way too ambient and samey for my taste. I’m not sure if it’s because there’s only three of them when they normally have a bigger live band. They might not have been able to play their busier and more energetic songs that i was really hoping for like Brennstein. It’s a shame I unable to catch them while they were touring Kveikur as most of my favourite Sigur Ros songs are on that album. I was stoked that they played Ny batteri and Sæglópur though. I found a lot of the visuals on the backdrop way to cheesy, cheap and sparkly and found they really detracted from the music.

  10. I won some Icelandic lava, a pack of Iceland stickers and an Iceland themed pencil in the tombola. Enjoyed doing the Icelandic clap chant with Jonsi and Orri at the end. I want to go to Iceland. (Great show and amazing visuals, bring back Amiina!)

  11. Sigur rós might have just given me the most remarkable night of my life so far. I was afraid for some songs being performed by only three members, but they completely aced it. It was everything I thought it would be, everything I waited for for over four years. It won’t be forgotten, takk fyrir!

  12. WOW another totally amazing live show from Sigur Ros! This was my 5th time seeing them live, I first saw them at Lattitude in 2008 and have loved them ever since!!’ I’ve seen them twice at indoor arenas but the outside venues are where they shine! I didn’t think anything would top Jodrell Bank in 2013 but last night blew me away!! I love this band so much and I hope this years festival gigs means another album and a full tour for next year?

  13. 7th time. Loved it! Beautiful setting, beautiful weather, beautiful band… the first time we were quite so far back, a bit noisy but to be expected at a festival venue. Great light show as always, met up with a load of Instagram friends old & new, brilliant day, please come back soon, takk ??

  14. 7th time. Loved it! Beautiful setting, beautiful weather, beautiful band… the first time we were quite so far back, a bit noisy but to be expected at a festival venue. Great light show as always, met up with a load of Instagram friends old & new, brilliant day, please come back soon, takk

  15. I expected nothing less than amazing and wasn’t disappointed, loved the visuals and the new versions as a 3 piece where great, I need this years tour on DVD, I need to see those visuals again! Well done boys! HOO!

  16. Absolutely touching sound and astounding matching visual effects! I’ve been dying to see you guys live for 11 years and your performance at Citadel was a dream come true. Thank you!

  17. Insanely incredible. I spent the past year listening to hundreds of Sigur Rós live bootlegs, so I knew how good they were live, but I wasn’t really fully prepared for how overwhelmingly beautiful it was in person. I spent about 4 hours stood up just to make sure I was at the front, and it was so worth it. I was also very close to getting Jónsi’s broken bow, but unfortunately the security guard didn’t notice me shouting and gave it to somebody else. I did manage to touch it though, so I’ll never wash my hand again.

  18. This was the first time I have seen them live (seeing them again in a month in Edinburg) and I was dubious having only seen recordings of them with half an orchestra behind them. Thankfully by saeglopur those doubts disappeared and instead of being a super cool spectator, I just spent the whole set standing there with my mouth open-such a good look!

    I cried at Vakka. It hasn’t previously been a favourite of mine but yesterday it was incredible, the whole atmosphere, the visuals and Jonsi’s voice; oh what a voice. The guys seemed to be having a good time, even when there were a couple of hiccoughs. It was nice to see them smiling with each other.

    Just have to say, Jonsi, seriously mate, watch the mike stands and the amps. They could do you some damage ;)

  19. I’d first come to see you live almost ten years to the day at Southampton Guildhall, on that day I came away shaking in amazement, and I’ve relived that feeling several times since, but at Citadel Festival you somehow took it to another level, those shakes, the shivers, the wet eyes, the lump in the throat, and the ear to ear smile actually felt brand new! As a newly shrunken three piece band you’ve somehow managed to concentrate your already fantastic sound and presence, the songs sound even more beautiful, powerful, and full of heart . Jonsi, your voice maybe shines even brighter amongst slightly sparser arrangements. I’ll be insisting my friends come to see you on a tour. By the way, you seemed moved and delighted we did the slow and building Icelandic hand clap. Thankyou all three of you !

  20. Once again (9th time now) a great show. A lesson learnt though, do not stand too far back at a festival. People talk too much! A real social event meeting IG and message board friends old and new. Also nice of John Best to pretend he remembered me from the train journey to Nottingham, or maybe he did!
    Please hurry up and announce a UK tour, I’ve been saving the pennies!!


  21. I will never – ever – ever tire of hearing Jonsi sing THAT note during festival or hearing Orri slay the drums during Popplagio. If you’ve neevr seen them live – you really need to. To an assault on the senses in the best way possible. I <3 these guys SO much! Xx

  22. I love that they re-invent their songs. From four with strings, to 2013 with all the back-up, to this year with just the three of them, raw. Every song recognisable, but different, and yet still magnificent. I thought Kveikur with the lights and video of the three of them as rock statues on an alien world was extraordinary.

  23. Without a doubt the best Sigur Rös concert! Probably the best concert I’ve been to; the visuals were stunning and were a perfect backdrop to your music. I attended with my son (as always) plus two first-timers whom were equally impressed. A faultless performance and one that I will cherish for a long time to come. Takk guys ;-) Oh and takk Orri for the drumstick ;-)

  24. A beautiful show! Loved every moment! It’s been a dream of mine to watch Sigur Rós and I finally got to do that at Citadel festival. A magical performance! One I’ll never forget! :D

  25. I am from a small town in spain and this summer I went to london just to see you. The tickets were my birthday present. I don´t think there are words to express what I felt, maybe it can just be said in vonlenska. I’ll keep searching them while I look forward to see you again.

  26. My first ever sigur rós gig and surely won’t be my last…
    Hauntingly beautiful and epic from start to finish!

  27. Participate on yesterday’s great concert in Hamburg, Germany. I love this music, thanks a lot!

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