sigur rós 2016 tour

dour festival
dour, belgium

jul 16 2016



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  1. This was my second time I saw them. And wow, they still manage to surprise me with their show, their music, their energy. It was an unforgettable concert. Thank you for inspiring me, for making unbelieveable music!
    Hope to see you guys again (soon) in Belgium!

  2. Unbelievable how you guys are able to re-invent your music and bringing it to another level when you play live. Yet you always stay true to the songs.
    My brother, who bought an ice-cream right before your show, realised it was still in his back-pocket at the end of “Untitled 8”?.
    That’s what your music is all about for me.. Letting yourself drift along to another world and enjoying every minute of it.
    Thank you so much!

  3. I drove especially 160 km to see the show, it was amazing. I really love your music so much. I felt like I was flying in the sky. It go’s right true my bones!

  4. Saw the show without listening the band before. What began as an unexpected surprise quickly became a trip of emotions and musical excellence. Now I regret missing your music for so many years. Can’t wait to see you again guy, what you did was AMAZING! You won a new fan.

  5. Dour was the first time I’d seen them play and they were absolutely amazing, the best act at the festival! I’d happily see them time and time again.

  6. All the festival I waited for this show. Exhausted, nervous and restless but you guys brought peace to mind. Goosebumps were waking me up and emotions were released that had been hidden for some time.
    You move people.
    So much love and forever thankful.

  7. This was my third trip with Sigur Ros !
    I came to DOUR Festival to see you again.
    Still amazing, dreaming, enjoying and thrilling.

    Thank you for this awesome performance !! The end of the show had no description… I hope to see you again.

    Lille, France

  8. Went to Dour especially to see Sigur Ros! Saw them for the sixth time since I saw them supporting Radiohead back in 2000. Amazing how they are able to bring their music and show to the next level each time I see them. The visuals in this show are spectacular! Highlights of the show for me were Saeglopur, Kveikur and of course all time favourite Untitled 8 as the epic finish of the show. Really hoping for concert tour next hear and I will be there!

  9. Dour is my all time favorite festival, and for them to book you guys is proof of that. It started, it got me and I awoke out of a trance at the end remembering only some details from what always seems like a psychedelic trip. The emotions, musical grace and visuals form something magical that I can never get over. It grabbed me and I will hold your music in my heart for eternity.

  10. We came to Dour festival to see Sigur Ros. As usual it was a dynamic show with nice visuals. I can t help it but every time Jonsi sings his high notes it touches me so deep that I get watery eyes. You were amazing guys. C u in Reykjavik in December, but before that in forest national Brussels in October .

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