Saint Michael’s Fortress

Šibenik, Croatia

Jul 25, 2023


Untitled #1 – Vaka
Untitled #3 – Samskeyti
Ekki múkk
Ný batterí
Untitled #6 – E-Bow
Untitled #7 – Dauðalagið
Untitled #8 – Popplagið

7 Comments on “Saint Michael’s Fortress”

  • Sylvia


    Mesmerizing, amazing, impeccable sound, spectacular location. Wonderful atmosphere. Almost unbeatable. Opening with Glosoli and I am instantly there. Thank you so much for this amazing experience. You are truly keeping it up for 22 years now, which was when I first saw you in London.

  • Kris


    That was amazing. I’m actually speechless. Was there both nights. Still can’t recollect myself after that mind-bending experience.

    Amazing shows, thank you guys, this was – unbelievable!

  • Christoph


    Thank you for this amazing and magic Event. Sigur Ros in this wonderful Location, absolutely fantastic.

  • Beatrice


    Los Angeles- Greek theater, Hollywood bowl, Orpheum, Disney concert hall.
    Paris – Grand Rex
    Iceland- Laugardalshöllin
    Sibenik- St. Michael’s fortress
    All the shows have been moving and special in their own way. But this one was the most intimate show with a spectacular setting I’ve experienced.
    Next up back to Los Angeles with thr orchestra! I can’t wait

  • Maja


    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this experience! The words cannot describe how you moved me! Pure magic! Takk!

  • Sebastian


    10 years ago at Colors of Ostrava, I didn’t make it to the concert due to my heart and the hospital. Now I managed to be and have amazing memories. We’ve been waiting for a new album for 10 years! Thank you very much!

  • Michael Scherr


    Wow. Wow. I can’t describe how incredible the experience was. You can’t call this a “show” or a “concert”. Epiphany may be the most accurate. I was enchanted from start to finish.

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