Days Off Festival

(* London Contempary Orchestra)

Paris, France

Jul 3, 2023

Set 1

Ekki múkk
Von (live)

Set 2

Untitled #1 – Vaka
Untitled #3 – Samskeyti
All alright
Untitled #5 – Álafoss
Sé lest

20 Comments on “Days Off Festival”

  • Philippe


    This was absolutely beautiful ! You guys are genius and your music is more than essential

  • Juliana


    Quel beauté de concert !!!
    Je suis encore sous l’émotion.
    Takk ❤❤❤

  • Kar



  • Taya


    Weird setlist and inappropriate orchestral breaks

  • Mariano


    I traveled from Argentina to Paris to see this beautiful and wonderful concert. emotional to tears. I return to Buenos Aires with a full heart and a renewed soul. eternal thanks

  • Mariano


    I traveled from Argentina to Paris to see this beautiful and wonderful concert. emotional to tears. I return to Buenos Aires with a full heart and a renewed soul. eternal thanks sigurros

  • Guillaume



  • Yannis


    Takk, once again. I don’t have the word to describe that night. Beautiful and intense. Out of this world. Probably one of the best concert I’ve experienced ! Blóðberg was such a beautiful surprise. Instant tears.

    Hope to see you soon ❤

  • Matt


    Stunning evening in Paris. What a concert and what a venue. Perfect- so glad we made the trip from the UK.

  • ERC


    Takk. Un moment intense et exceptionnel de beauté, de musique et de grâce qu’on ne peut plus oublier… Thanks and congratulations for your show.

  • Amélia


    Un moment de pur bonheur… Ils nous ont fait vibrer si fort. Semblable à l’étreinte de l’Univers.
    Je me sens à présent en manque. À très vite, merveilleux artistes.

  • François


    Thank you for this incredible show! It was my 7th time seeing you live, the first time with a full orchestra. I loved that you played songs that you never played live before, from Valtari for example. It was a perfect fit for this kind of show. And the arrangements were really powerful, making some tracks even more special. A wonderful experience for me!

  • Fabienne


    Incredible musical atmosphere
    Wish it never end
    Tears have flowed from delight
    Thanks so much Sigur Rós and London Contemporary Orchestra

  • Célia


    Beautiful concert with London Contemporary orchestra. Listening to Sigur Rós it’s like hugging the universe.

    takk fyrir sýninguna.


  • Paulo Rocha


    Got 2 tickets at last minute, glad i did. Travelled to Paris to this wonderful experience in this beautiful venue; happy to see Kjartan on the wheel again :))

  • Essylt


    Amazing beyond words. Thank you so much for this incredible, unforgettable experience. Takk Sigur Rós ❤️

  • It’s now more than 20 years since I’ve been into Sigur Ros, checking them out tour after tour and the collaboration with an orchestra playing in beautiful and comfortable concerthalls was one thing I didn’t want to miss. I expected a lot of it and the concert was beyond it. The setlist with songs I have never heard live before, were made to be accompanied by an orchestra; what a version of Álafoss by the way..!
    And skip the guitar during Staralfur
    Everything just fell into place: the weather, the concerthall(!!!), the audience, the atmosphere, it all lifted the music to another level, a level I didn’t know it existed. I saw a lot of people moved to tears, me included.
    Hopefully you guys take a break every now and then, to rest(Jonsi’s voice) and to make sure that we can enjoy another 20 years of Sigur Ros, the musical ally in my and other people’s life…
    Tusen Takk!!

  • Stéphane


    Lovely, thank you for this moment of grace.
    Please, make a record of the concert !!!

    Kærar þakkir

  • Serge


    Everything has been written on this amazing concert, far more different than the last one I saw in November at the Zenith !
    It was a moment out of time, perfect to escape the chaos of the actuality.
    The band and the orchestra offered us of real communion with the audience.
    We were in a bubble of serenity, peace and emotion.
    Special mention to the percussionist who was rubbing her bow on the vibraphone producing celestial sounds. She was at the back of the orchestra, in the shade, and she moved me a lot…
    I wished the concert would never end.
    Let’s hope there will be a live album, no matter where it would be recorded, to lengthen the pleasure.
    Takk !

  • siri-ingrid


    Flowing out of myself with gratitude, it’s been a while since I commented here, I now need channels to get back to myself after two stunning concerts, Amsterdam and Paris.
    I went through a fair bit of trouble to get here, just like so many people traveling from all places to see this unique show. Love them!
    This setlist!, very different from the ‘regular’ shows, a sheer string of pearls with ‘Skel’ as the absolute highlight for me.
    Right after the concert, people are coming down to the scene, to just stand there trying to catch their breath back and let the trembling inside sink back for a bit; the invasive vibrations of Jónsi’s voice amplified by the forceful and beautiful strings are still inside my system. People look at each other and you can see that they have the same experience. Then you start talking and laughing out of joy. Such precious moments. Waiting at the artist’s entrance afterwards to say a proper thank you is therefore an absolute must do.

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