Rock Werchter

Werchter, Belgium

Jul 1, 2023


Ný batterí
Untitled #8 – Popplagið

11 Comments on “Rock Werchter”

  • Sabine Vanelderen


    I’m so sorry you had technical issues. Show was amazing! Love

  • Timo


    So sad with the technical problems. Such a beautiful vibe in the whole tent. Takk fyrir

  • Melvin


    You have moved to a level that I did not think possible. THANK you and see you again very soon!

  • Jose


    The show was amazing and moving.

  • Peter Fluijt


    Great show due some technical problems at the end. After repaired the show moved on. Enjoyed it.

  • Irene


    Wonderful show, takk!

  • Kristof


    Breath taking performance, thank you !!!

  • Alexandra


    Glòsòli as opener killed me. ❤️Most moving song I know. The whole show was emotional and dreamy as always. Takk!

  • Hannah Nergård


    transporting. i came to werchter for sigur rós. never been so moved by a live performance. never loved music more. thank you.

  • Chen


    It took me some time to get over this amazing show. No technical issues can stand in the way of the amazing force that is Sigur Rós. Came for the festival to see them, and was happy to be transported to a healthier atmosphere with their music. Thank you ❣️

  • Nicolas


    This was a great concert. For me one of the highlights of Rock Werchter 2023.
    I have seen your shows before, and this one was calmer as last time (vorst nationaal). Really loved you played two songs from your first album. (Svefn-v-englar, my music to fall asleep to for years, and ny batteri). This time I was able to introduce your music to my son, as he came along with me.
    I enjoyed from start till finish, even with the technical issues. Thank you for this beautiful music!

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