Electric Castle Festival

Cluj, Romania

Jul 22, 2023


Ný batterí
Untitled #1 – Vaka
Untitled #6 – E-Bow
Untitled #8 – Popplagið

4 Comments on “Electric Castle Festival”

  • Corin Pop


    Participating in Sigur Rós’ performance at Electric Castle 2023 was an unparalleled musical journey. The harmonious blend of their music and captivating visuals created an immersive experience that filled me with gratitude for being able to witness such a masterpiece. It was pure art that left me in awe and made me appreciate the beauty of being alive in that moment.

  • Alex


    This was my first time seeing you live. I only knew three songs. Boy, oh boy, I was in for an amazing experience.
    This was the first time that I almost cried during a concert.
    Starting with Kveikur I remember my body started to “float” (no drugs, no alcohol!) and during the bridge of Untitled #8 my body basically ejected my brain. I can’t describe the feeling – it was out of this world.
    Too shame that EC dind’t release any pro-shot video of your performance.

  • George



  • George


    () part 2

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