Odeon of Herodes Atticus

(* London Contempary Orchestra)

Athens, Greece

Jun 27, 2023

Set 1

Ekki múkk
All alright
Von (live)

Set 2

Untitled #1 – Vaka
Untitled #3 – Samskeyti
Untitled #5 – Álafoss
Sé lest


Photos by Spyros Bakalis

39 Comments on “Odeon of Herodes Atticus”

  • AReTi dimiTRAkopoulou


    Unique setlist music voice performance
    Ice and fire directly from Iceland towards our heart

  • Heidi Papagianni


    Dear Sigur Ros and all.
    I have experienced your live previous time when you came in Greece.Once more it was a peaceful journey, I was amazed by Jonshi ‘s vocals.The orchestra, the conductor, you were all amazingly placed together.Your music is love and thank you for an incredible evening!!!

  • Alexandros


    Incredible night!!!!
    A concert tha will remain on my life…
    Jonsi has an astonishing voice !!!!

  • Panos


    I drove 450KM because I knew that this show was gonna be epic.

    And yes! The show left me in tears after only one song.
    ODEON OF HERODES ATTICUS is just the place for such a show.

    Thank you once again for playing your beautiful songs to us.

    We are not saying goodbye.
    Only see you soon.

  • Troy Erickson


    Amazing. What an experience especially in this venue. A little tough for tall people in terms of seating but was able to move closer because of the nice ushers. Made it even better to be able to see the orchestra closely and conductor. Looking forward to seeing again in Boston.

  • Chrysanthi


    Ah, the euphoria!

    Jónsi, your voice is u n r e a l.

    I can’t even process what I am feeling, but I am already looking forward to next time!

    “Was it a vision, or a waking dream?
    Fled is that music –”


  • Thank you for a brilliant concert. I consider your music as the soundtrack of heaven!
    I thank you for letting me being presence in this holy evening at the amazing Athens venue.
    We came especially from Tlv. and hope to see you live in Tel-Aviv soon

  • Maro D.


    Amazing concert under the Acropolis. Still under your spell! Thank you.

  • Starrett Berry


    This was the eighth time I’ve seen Sigur Ros. My wife and I were on our honeymoon and this concert coincided with our last night here which also happened to be my birthday. Our wedding party and I walked down the aisle to Hoppípolla two weeks earlier and we both wept as I heard it live for the first time in a decade. Incredible show, incredible venue, it was nothing short of a religious experience. Takk Sigur Ros!!!!

  • Despina Tasoudi


    Thank you Sigur Ros. Thank you London Contemporary Orchestra. It was an absolute blast. A night to remember. Hope to see you soon

  • ?ektarios


    Thank you for this journey in poetry! Never before have I been in a concert that the place and the band are one. Even the night birds were singing in the rhythm of Sigur Ros. A dream..

  • Petros Almpanis


    Amazing concert. Takk

  • Tornike


    Beautiful People, Takk fyrir!

  • Nino M


    10 years have passed since I saw Sigur Ros live for the first time. This has been dream come true the second time. I have never heard more magical music in my life. When I saw you as a student 10 years ago I thought it was once in a lifetime luck and it’s absolutely humbling to be able to experience it again in such a wonderful setting in Greece. Forever grateful.

  • Nikolas


    It was magical. Almost twenty years after the first time I saw you in Athens and still every moment was breathtaking. Thank you and hope to see you again soon in Greece

  • Evgenia St.


    This show was a lifetime experience . Me and my senses are feeling so blessed. Takk!

  • Maria


    Takk my starálfur.. amazing concert!
    You will be a part of my heart

  • ??????? ????????


    Υou made us cry…again

  • Xenofon


    What happened last night!! Third in a row!!! This was the most emotional concert

  • Lia


    Last time you were in Athens the sky opened up, while you were giving an incredible performance. Last night we had the honour to experience an emotional live. Jonsi’s voice is magical.
    Till next time..

  • Thanassis


    Magical ! Takk!

  • Ioanna


    Thank you!!

  • Derek


    Flew from Cyprus and was worth every mile. Truly magical!

  • Emily


    A once in a lifetime experience! An epic set, in an epic venue, by an epic band, surrounded by an epic orchestra. It was pure magic. So many emotions!

  • Goran


    I experienced MAGIC last night. THANK YOU!

  • Dimitris


    Closing in on 24 hours after the show, still only thinking about it, and that one more last song that never came :)

  • Sophia


    Words cannot describe this mystical concert. It will be forever with me. Amazing orchestration, dreamy venue and Jonsi’s voice more ethereal than ever. Takk. Ευχαριστώ

  • Zoe Peponi


    I’ve been waiting for more than 20 years for these blissful moments with Sigur Ros. Your music opens up doors to other dimentions where everything is magical!
    Because of you I planned to visit Iceland this summer, to breath the air of your inspirations.



    As poets capable of speaking to the soul without words… how can they turn the impossible into something simple? And in the end, after so many years, they smiled knowing that they had done it again. Yes they did it.

  • Basil


    To be honest when I saw the setlist and some videos from previous concerts I was a little skeptical, since some of my favorite songs were missing which supposedly would add more energy. And I still miss Ara Batur (didn’t expect to perform it anyway), Glósóli, Varúð and a couple more which would create some dynamic to the whole project. But eventually it was a blast! Don’t let the videos trick you, listening and feeling it live is a hundred times more mesmerising, powerful, getting goosebumps in every song, feeling like your soul is charging. Sigur Ros don’t just perform. They create an energy connection through everyone in the ambient, guiding you to float with them in their sentimental landscapes. As a tip I would recommend listening to ÁTTA before the concert. It has some real gems to cherish and live will blow your mind! The theatre in Athens was beautiful and in Emily’s comment’s photo you can see part of the Parthenon hovering over completing the scenery and the energy of it all. Congratulations guys and to all the members of the orchestra as well for embracing the band with such beauty. Paris and America you’re next! Fly with them!

  • SigurKos


    E-Σ4Θ1 ♡ Ε-Σ4Θ2 ~> (❤️) Sigur Ros

  • Antonis


    Last time in Athens I was astonished by your powerful performance and the “coincidence” of the sky cracking up. This time it almost was on the other end of the spectrum. Calm, atmospheric and mystical and together with the spectacular London orchestra and the venue the outcome was majestic once again.

    You’ve accompanied us in good and bad times and that was something you could see and feel throughout the entire night up until the long cheering which you rightfully deserve.

    I can’t wait for the next one!

    Takk for this experience
    Takk for your music
    Takk for your spirit
    Takk Sigur Rós

    Love, from Greece

  • Neil Leigh


    My tenth time seeing the band and the most memorable yet given such a magical venue and the backing of the LCO. Having already arranged to be in Athens to see family the date of the show at the Odeon of Herodes was glorious serendipity. What an amazing setting. Meanwhile the orchestral additions added even more depth and beauty to the music. Atta is a sublime album and the new songs sounded glorious. Such a special and moving evening. Takk.

  • Natércia Vaz Marques


    Viajámos do Porto, Portugal, para Atenas, com o objetivo de ver Sigur Rós. O concerto foi lindo, num local fantástico, memorável. Só faltou terem tocado a minha música preferida, mas nunca temos tudo na vida
    Que experiência!
    Muito obrigada.

  • Marisia


    Thank you Sigur Rós!! Absolutely stunning work and sound! The whole atmosphere was magical, I couldn’t help but tear up during the concert …

  • zoi


    Tears in my eyes from the first sound.. before I even realised it was Blóðberg..
    Such a different vibe from your previous concert in Athens, with that divine storm that matched perfectly your music.. and yet the magical feeling this time was the same..
    I will never forget this night, and I can’t wait for the next time! Takk

  • Germanicvs


    I needed a week and return to Barcelona to process and distill everything I experienced.
    The concert on June 27th was truly an unforgettable experience that transcended the boundaries of music. From the moment the first notes of “Blóðberg” resonated in the air, we, the audience, knew we were about to embark on an ethereal and emotionally captivating experience.
    The collaboration with the London Contemporary Orchestra added a majestic dimension to Sigur Rós’ music. The orchestral arrangements enriched the band’s compositions, elevating the musical experience to epic levels. The orchestra and the band merged in perfect harmony, creating an expansive and emotive sound that enveloped us in a magical atmosphere.
    The stage and acoustics of the Odeon Herodes Atticus, with their history and grandeur, provided the perfect backdrop for this intimate concert. This was further enhanced by the appearance of the moon, majestically rising above the theater. Its gentle light watched over us, creating a special atmosphere and adding an element of charm to the concert. It seemed as if the moon wanted to bear witness to this unique moment, gifting us with its luminous presence.
    However, the magic was not limited to the music and the environment. During moments of pause or silence, we could hear the songs of small scops owls, as mentioned by “Ηektarios,” as if they were joining the concert’s chorus. These little nocturnal owls, with their distinctive calls, added an additional layer of natural charm to the event. Their voices intertwined with Sigur Rós’ music, creating a unique symphony where the human and the natural blended in harmonious beauty.
    The combination of ethereal music, the grandeur of the Odeon Herodes Atticus, the presence of the moon, and the songs of these little owls created a multisensory experience that transcended the purely musical. Each song resonated deeply within my soul, evoking profound emotions and transporting me to a state of ecstasy and connection with the music and the surroundings.
    This concert was more than a musical event; it was an intimate encounter with beauty and transcendence, an experience that has left an indelible mark on my heart and soul. It served as a reminder of the power of music to transport us to other emotional realms and unite us in a unique communion with our environment and with others. Sigur Rós managed to create a magical experience that surpassed the limits of the mundane and became a moment of pure inspiration and emotion.
    We will meet again next July 7 in Barcelona
    TAKK for all.

  • Basil


    This beautiful event in this unique historic theater should have been recorded and released officially for all the Sigur Ros friends around the world, who didn’t get the chance to take part in this experience but also us who did, to enjoy and lose themselves in their music too. This special place under the Acropolis added extra magic to the whole project. Sadly I didn’t notice any relevant equipment. Maybe they didn’t want to disturb the energy flow of the show. But it was a once in a lifetime circumstance.

  • Fotini K.


    It was not a concert, it was a mystagogia

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