WiZink Center
Madrid, Spain

September 29, 2022


Set 1
1. Vaka
2. Fyrsta
3. Samskeyti
4. Svefn-g-englar
5. Rafmagnið búið
6. Ný batterí
7. Gold 2
8. Fljótavík
9. Dauðalagið
10. Smáskifa

Set 2
11. Glósóli
12. E-Bow
13. Sæglópur
14. Gong
15. Andvari
16. Festival
17. Kveikur
18. Popplagið

(setlist info)

10 Comments on “WiZink Center”

  • Pedro


    Thank you for comming to Madrid. We even had some rain and chilly weather that night, just enough to having to wear coats again and make you feel at home. Please come back soon, we miss you already.

  • David Durán Moruno



  • Daniel


    It was wonderful, thank you!!!

  • Javier GM


    It was a complete dream for me to see you in Madrid! I have been waiting for years to enjoy your music live for the very first time and, finally, my dreams came true!! You represent the essence of Iceland’s landscape and its beauty through your marvelous music. Thanks for visiting us and… I am looking forward to seeing you again in Vienna next Saturday! That incredible dream continues… Takk! Love you!

  • Kasia


    This was not a regular concert, this was healing with sound, a therapy! Amazing experience! I think everyone cried a bit during Svefn-G-Englar. I did. Beautiful. We came to Madrid especially to see you, now we’re wondering if we should buy tickets for another gig! ♡ thank you again!

  • Jose Luis lucas


    Thank you very much for coming back to Spain, I had been waiting for you to come back for years. Thanks for a magical concert!!

  • Kari Ramos


    Your music goes directly to the soul, and it brought light to my mind and spirit. Thank you for that magical moment, and for sharing your beautiful art with the world.
    See you soon. Takk

  • Just splendid, something sublime, I had so many emotions all at once, people sharing tears with me just by the touch of their music. The scenario incredible! Everything just perfect for an unforgettable concert! Thank you so much, been wanting to see Sigur Ros live since at least 20 years when I was back in my home country Costa Rica! Thank you again for being the perfect soundtrack of my life! Takk!

  • Kenya Alía Ruiz


    I had wanted to see them in concert for many years and for some reason or another I never could, and then they parted ways. And this year that they have returned with this world tour yes or yes I had to see them. Nothing and no one was going to stop me this time .

    Buffff, September 29, 2022 will always remain engraved in my memory and in my heart. For me it is a dream come true.

    This concert was something very big, it was magical, spectacular. Above I saw them in the first rows . It was exciting, the music completely enveloped me. Incredible. I got goosebumps. You are very great, your art is very great. Great concert 10 out of 10. I already liked Sigur Ros a lot and after seeing them live I like them even more if possible

    When is the next one?

  • Ivan Morett


    The sublime took over the venue in which we were undeterred by the majesty and hypnotic of its music.

    Our respect represented in the silence that played with sounds that generated an atmosphere that must have been infinite and never ended.

    The most beautiful concert I’ve ever seen

    Takk Sigur Rós

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