The Anthem

Washington, DC, United States

Jun 6, 2022

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  • Jenni


    Last night’s concert was my first time seeing Sigur Ros live. It surpassed my expectations. Moved to tears more than once, I had to remind myself to breathe at times – it was overwhelming…the sound, the visuals…all so wonderfully intense. I remain inspired by this band and will never miss the opportunity to see them live again. I came to the website to get some merch since we had to hustle right after the show to catch the last Metro home. Looking forward to the grey hoodie :) Peace <3

  • Andrew


    Awe-inspiring. The group was so tight, and it seemed like Jonsi was possessed while performing. I was openly weeping during the second act. Unbelievable show and a memory for me and my partner for a lifetime.

  • Christine


    There are very few bands that have lifetime status through this wild ride of a life, and no matter how many times I’ve see you live, being able to watch the performance and hearing my favorite songs in real time (especially during these times) gave my heart a much needed hug and the space to just let the emotions flow. Thank you for an amazing night and I will continue to travel the world to see you again! ~your life-long fan :)

  • Carmie Heisler


    Hello! I traveled from Maine for the show with sky high expectations and this special evening exceeded them. What a beautiful experience to with others! You sounded phenomenal. The lights were perfect and the visuals tremendous. I don’t have the words to say how wonderful the show was. One day come to Portland Maine – we love you here! We even have an Eimskip terminal for receiving lots of merchandise. Love you all! Thank you

  • joey dorwart


    drove up from sc to bring family to the show. this is the second show my kids have seen sigur dos with me. they couldn’t take their eyes off the stage, except during intermission!! this band inspired us to visit iceland and learn icelandic. we’re getting it :)

  • Greg


    I hadn’t seen Sigur Rós live since 2004 at the Granada Theater in Dallas on the ( ) tour. I always told my wife of the magic of that show, but I got to show her at the Anthem in DC. We LOVED every second of it. The atmosphere was perfect for a Monday night concert. Everyone seated and focused on the sounds coming from the band.

    The set list was perfect. I probably would’ve loved to hear some more of the upbeat stuff that some fans dislike (Hoppípolla, Olsen, etc.) but I was so happy to have been able to hear so much of Takk live, having missed so many years of concerts by the band. To top it off, the new songs are AMAZING and we look forward to new vinyl to own!

  • Kim


    Still floating almost two weeks later. What an experience..

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