Orpheum Theatre
Vancouver, BC, Canada

May 9, 2022

photos by Patrick Gateley


Set 1
1. Svefn-g-englar
2. Vaka
3. Fyrsta
4. Samskeyti
5. Rafmagnið búið
6. Ný batterí
7. Gold 2
8. Fljótavík
9. Dauðalagið
10. Smáskifa

Set 2
11. Glósóli
12. E-Bow
13. Ekki múkk
14. Sæglópur
15. Gold 4
16. Festival
17. Kveikur
18. Popplagið

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14 Comments on “Orpheum Theatre”

  • RB


    Love is the Law.

  • Bernadette Monica


    My first Sigur Ros concert with my husband and it was beautiful. A dream come true. Amazing set list. Thank you for playing the majority of songs from your Untitled album. That album means so much to me as it saved me many years ago from a dark place. I started crying three minutes into Untitled 6 (E-Bow) during the song build up along with Jonsi’s bowed guitar. The climax of that song to me is like an explosion of bottled up powerful emotions; it makes one’s heart bleed out — catharsis. It’s just so special to me and it’s my all time favorite. We loved and enjoyed the entirety of the concert. We were definitely in the moment and in our feels. Thank you Sigur Rós!

  • Curtis


    Great show, one of the best I’ve seen. Jonsi was really giving it his all. Then out of nowhere, they starting playing Smáskifa; never thought I’d hear that live. It’s been a long time since they last toured, they are too good not to continue.

  • Raeanne Anderson


    No words, only pure raw emotion…. loved it; this was my second concert and my husband’s first… next time I hope to see them in Iceland… Takk for my first post-covid concert!!!

  • Lauren


    Honestly, the best concert I’ve ever been too. I discovered Sigur Ros in high school after watching “The Life Aquatic” and since then I’ve been in love. Truly some of the most incredible music I’ve ever listened to, and it’s also incredibly healing. To see them live was a dream come true, and I had goosebumps the entire time and shed a few tears. Can’t wait to see them again, and again and again.

  • Miranda


    I’ve been to two of their concerts and they’re always like a magical and therapeutic trip. Jónsi’s voice is like out of this world. I got goosebumps and teary eyes the whole time ❤️

  • Clint


    It’s always cathartic experiencing Sigur Rós live and this show was beautiful, haunting, chill inducing, uplifting and emotional.

    I have never been to a concert where there was an extended period of absolute silence near the end of a song, an entire room completely entranced by the beauty of a moment, you could have heard a pin drop; remarkable stuff.

    Every moment of this show was stunning but stand outs for me were Samskeyti (this one brought tears to my eyes) and Festival (wow, what an incredible build up!).

    Until the next time, takk, Sigur Rós, for an incredible and unforgettable evening! You are amazing!

  • Anna


    I felt so incredibly euphoric and joyful. I’m sorry for anyone sitting close behind me while I rocked out with my fists in the air. This was my 3rd time seeing you and I’m so glad I flew from Whitehorse for this. Thank you thank you thank you.

  • Brad


    Absolutely spectacular. The best concert I’ve seen in over four years.

  • Steve


    Was there an opening band?

  • Michael Jess


    A great venue. Always a cathartic experience – right through the heart and mind for the whole show. Was able to say thank you to Kjartan after show – he was having a smoke and we walked by. It felt so good to finally thank you in person. A fan for almost 20 years.

  • Georges Prat


    I saw Jonsi perform once over a decade ago during his solo phase, and it blew me away. It was the best concert I had ever seen, and the best one still. It was always my dream to see Sigur Ros, but I admit I was disappointed. The Jonsi concert was also at the Orpheum in Vancouver. I knew none of the songs, but it didn’t matter. Everything was perfection. The sound, the levels of the different instruments, there was not a single wrong note. I loved how each song didn’t fully end, but would continue with a note or beat before moving on to the next one. Some of the songs were also greatly expanded compared to what they were on the album, I learned later. I love it when a band gives the concert goers a more epic version of the great music they’ve already made.

    The Sigur Ros concert didn’t have the same perfection. The music was too loud to begin with, which meant that when it swelled, the music became a wall of sound where it was difficult to differentiate one note from another. It’s also hard on the ears. At other times, the levels were simply off. At one time, the bass was overwhelming, much louder than it should have been to fit with the volume of the other instruments. Another time, it was the guitar being played by the keyboardist that was way too loud. I knew this wasn’t how it was meant to be because that guitar was just playing a repeated note that’s meant to add texture to the music, not be front and centre. Another time, I noticed Jonsi make a motion with his hand to remind whoever was in charge of the sound that they hadn’t put reverb on his voice. Soon after, the reverb kicked in. There was none of this sloppiness at the Jonsi concert all those years back, unless of course I have rose-tinted glasses.

    The crowd was annoying too, but this is not Sigur Ros’ fault at all, nor the auxiliary crew’s. Many people were milling around during the concert, getting up, talking, etc. It did not help the experience.

    The lights were spectacular, but when they became very bright and flashy during the crescendos, it did cause some discomfort. I believe this is why I ended up having a headache after the concert, or maybe it was that and the loudness.

    The projected images were cool as psychedelic as before, but I was mystified as to why there were two dark bands on the image, which effectively split it the projection into three smaller ones. I couldn’t tell if this was an artistic decision, or if there was a problem with the projector.

    Jonsi’s voice was spectacular. It’s amazing that he can maintain that level of skill over so many years. I’m no singer but I’ve heard it’s difficult to keep singing as effectively as one ages.

  • Diana


    I think we can all say we needed this concert after such uncertainty in this world these past few years. Thank you Sigur Ros for your beautiful music and always bringing me to tears. Jónsi’s voice is just too perfect for this world but I’m grateful to have experienced yet another celestial and magickal encounter. Until next time… Takk ❤️

  • Charlie


    I never thought I would get to see Sigur Rós live so this was an immensely special moment for me that I got to share with my partner. These early songs take me back to my teenage years and fill me with such strong emotions. The show was simply mind blowing, an unforgettable experience, thank you all so much, I love you ❤️

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