Tokyo Garden Theatre

Tokyo, Japan

Aug 26, 2022

photos by Takashi Konuma


Set 1
1. Vaka
2. Fyrsta
3. Samskeyti
4. Svefn-g-englar
5. Rafmagnið búið
6. Ný batterí
7. Gold 2
8. Fljótavík
9. Heysátan
10. Dauðalagið
11. Smáskifa

Set 2
12. Glósóli
13. E-Bow
14. Ekki múkk
15. Sæglópur
16. Gong
17. Andvari
18. Gold 4
19. Festival
20. Kveikur
21. Popplagið

(setlist info)

28 Comments on “Tokyo Garden Theatre”

  • Mu


    Hi! This is Mu!
    This is my second ever Sigur Ros concert, first one being São Paulo 2017.
    I am still unpacking all I felt. The music was breaking all my barriers, the visuals were taking over my imagination, well… My senses were completely taken. I was listening with all of my body.
    I thought during the show about brave this band is for using music to make people feel absolutely alive during times like now.
    I cried a few times during the concert. I have just experienced long distance bereavement. I saw my mind wonder about the closing of this cycle as it circled around the happiest of the happy moments. Saeglopur will always make me ball my eyes out, regardless, so this one time, it was just the catharsis I needed. Thank you.
    First half of the concert was dense. The blinding lights inducing eyes to close… GENIUS. The lights on stage creating figures in the air… I lost my breath when Jonsi’s head appeared lol
    Second half of the concert was a bit more nostalgic but not less intense.
    Definitely a different experience than my first time in 2017. That show was transcendental for me. This one in Tokyo, which I was incredibly fortunate to attend, I was faced with a notoriously punk, radical well-equipped, music-is-alive-and-I-am-here-to-defend-it oriented performance.
    Splendid night, thank you so much.

    See you again next time, maybe this time in Iceland?

  • Yuri Goto


    Thank you for coming back to Japan and playing in Tokyo.
    I felt I wasn’t in this ruthless world today because your voices and sound were so beautiful.
    It’s like I was in another world.
    This was one of the happiest days of my life.
    And you played some new songs today, didn’t you? They were very new to me. I cannot wait to listen to them on vinyl!
    Anyway, thank you for playing in Japan and making us feel happy. Thank you. I love you.

  • vloqee


    it’s been 10 years since the first time watched their live on Valtari concert in Singapore, their sound still make me cry couple times whenever Sæglópur played. Thank you for coming again.

  • Kimi


    It was my first Sigur Rós live, and that was mind-blowing show. It was overwhelming in every way, changing my life forever and ever. Thank you for coming all the way to Japan, and I hope you come back soon. Takk!

  • Another magical, fantastical performance! An epic sensory landscape of experience. A purifying mist of “burning tires and old telephone poles” (remember?) Silences, percussions, and vibrations. And a human voice played like a musical instrument. We shook, from the water in our bottles to the hairs on the back of our heads. The steel caps in my boots melted and froze with the changing seasons onstage. The audio and the visuals, the light and the dark, expressed the inner geography of our thoughts and feelings.

    As my wife Rumi wrote in her review of last night’s show,

    “Blown off by
    Overwhelming joy-
    Gentle and fierce like the Icelandic volcano
    Thank you for
    Performing in Tokyo
    At this difficult time
    Sooo happy to see you again since Reykjavik 2017!”

    You are always welcome in Japan, and we will be here! But next time, we hope to see you in Iceland again! In Harpa, or… an outside venue?!?

  • Masa


    Thank you for coming back to Japan.
    It was my fifth experience of your live.
    Just amazing, mind blowing, motivating and comforting me a lot. When I saw retern of Kjartan in the show, I felt happy feeling.

    I am looking forward to seeing you guys next time soon and your new album!
    I like new songs played in the show!

    Thank you again for performing in Japan!

  • Kiyo


    This was the first time to see you guys, and I was so impressed by your sounds! Feels like I am filled with something nostalgic warmth. Takk Sigur Ros!!! Hope to see you again in sometimes!!

  • sach


    Thank you so much for coming to Japan. Thank you for so many beautiful moments. It was really great. Everything was the best, but “Gong” is impressive. Feeling the music all over the body, wrapped in a lot of light and darkness, impressed and couldn’t stop crying. Good luck with your tour. A lot of people who love your music are waiting for you. I am also waiting in Japan. Have a nice day today and tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kota


    The gig was an extraordinary experience for me. I’ve never seen something like this. Through your sounds, I felt as if I’d been in great scenery.
    Takk, Sigur Rós! Next time, I’d like to hear your songs outside:)

  • Yonsi


    Takk! I’ve been your fan since my sister and her husband recommended me 14 years ago. I’m grateful to them, because thanks to the music of Sigur Rós I was able to feel the beauty of life in happy times and sad times. Your sound I heard live in Tokyo was exceptionally wonderful! Please keep to make the world colorful. I hope you will come back to Japan soon! Arigatou!!!

  • Sayaka


    Takk fyrir and arigato! I was so glad to see you all here again and Kjartan back in the band :)

    Especially the long silence you and we audience made during Dauðalagið was so impressive and reminded me Zen.

    As Zen philosophy tells us the importance of living here and now, you made me concentrate and dwell into each sound you made in each moment. Both blast and silence were so awesome.

    While covid made our lives bit depressive, your wonderful performance made me feel brighter. Again, I really appreciate your visit in Japan.

    May you all be happy :)

  • AP


    This is the best Friday night I have ever had.
    Thank you so much. Looking forward to seeing you soon :)

  • Sayaka


    Takk fyrir and arigato! I was so glad to see you all here and Kjartan back in the band :)

    Especially the long silence you and we audience made during Dauðalagið was really impressive and reminded me Zen. You made me concentrate and dwell into each sound you all made in each moment. Both blast and silence were so awesome.

    While covid made our lives bit depressive, your wonderful performance made me feel brighter. Thank you again for coming to Japan.

    May you all be happy and well :)

  • CN


    It was the shortest 180 minutes I have ever spent in my life. I couldn’t be happier. I’m pretty sure everyone felt like that setlist was for specifically made for them as I did. Thank you so much for your hard work and for sharing your amazing gifts with the world. I hope to see you again and again and again. Please have a good rest and stay healthy:)

  • Tom


    It was an epic, emotional sounds and visual effects, feeling like I was dreaming. Thank for for coming and please come again to Tokyo. Good luck for the rest of the tour.

  • misaki


    awesome!!!! takk ,sigur ros!

  • Yoshi


    Thank you for an amazing 180 minutes.Happy to see such a wonderful show.

  • SigurRos, a one-of-a-kind world view. Maybe it’s the energy accumulated from the Corona disaster, but 3 hours! Deviation from melody by bowing technique, deviation from scales, deviation from human rules, something beyond human knowledge. They were not gods, but I had the illusion of being one. Thank & Love you for the last unending two-way applause.

  • Aiden SB


    Sigur Ros,

    After two full nights, I still can’t explain how blown away I am by what I saw that night. I am a ten-year-old child living in Tokyo, Japan, and it was my first rock concert. It really was an amazing experience.

    You are one of my favorite bands, and I will remember your show on Friday, 26 August, for my whole life. Everything about the concert was amazing. The visuals were very powerful too. I was especially pulled into the visuals of the songs, Vaka, and Andvari. That concert will definitely change how I listen to music for the rest of my life.

    The concert was nothing I expected and more. I never listened to anyone else the same way I listen to you. I can’t say how much I loved the concert. I loved the concert! I loved the concert! I loved the concert! I loved the concert! I loved the concert! I loved the concert! Your music is so powerful and strong. I really wish I could make music like you someday. The use of the bow on the guitar was simply ingenious. The lighting was stupendous. The visuals were astounding. Everything about the concert was like heaven.

    It was a dream-come-true kind of concert. When I first saw the billboard that said, SIGIR ROS WORLD TOUR, I couldn’t bring myself to believe it. It was just such an amazing experience to have. It was, at age ten, one of my best nights ever.

    Takk fyrir frábæra sýningu

  • Shunsuke


    Your beautiful and powerful performance impressed me very much. Thank you for a great time. I look forward to having you in Japan again.

  • Megumi


    Most beautiful three hours I have never seen before, and it shined like a dream.
    The long silence ( 2minutes?) was really impressed, I felt it was the angel’s breathing. I look forward to seeing you again in Japan.
    Stay safe, stay healthy and stay happy.
    Takk Sigur Rós!!



    I’ve known about you guys for a while, but this was my first time seeing you live.
    Thanks for coming to Japan again!!
    I was stunned at the beginning, probably because it was my first time seeing a live performance..
    But I was gradually moved, and my heart trembled with beautiful and beautiful music♪
    It may be a song that I played many times, but I really wanted to listen to Hoppipolla…
    If you come to Japan again next time, I would be happy if you could play Hoppipolla!
    I will always remember the excitement of today’s live..
    Please take care of your health and hold the rest of the tour safely!
    I’ve come to like Iceland, so I’d like to go there someday♡
    Me & Japanese fans love you guys!!
    Please come to Japan again someday..

  • MD


    It was breathtaking, terrific, gigantic yet delicate. Thrilled to be there that night to feel the beauty of nature. Still giving me goosebumps recalling the sounds and silence.


  • Noverry


    How Fortunate I and my wife could watch the concert here in Japan! We are from Indonesia and since you guys didn’t have a show there luckily we are in Tokyo at the moment and we are decided to attend the show here. Very breathtaking show! And beautiful set list and stage performance! Thank you for the show and it was great!

  • Atsuki


    Dear Sigur Rós
    First of all, Thank you for coming to Japan.
    The show was fantastic beautiful moment that I could never forget.I was so moved that my eyes were filled with tears.(especially loved Ekki Múkk)Even now I remember being immersed in emotion.
    These tokyo2days were the best time of my life.Thank you for the special time like beautiful dream.I hope to see you again soon.
    Take care.

  • Takk!
    Det var undervar nätten!
    Verkligen hadde jag en fantastisk upplevelse.
    Jag älskar er, också mig själve och mitt liv!
    Tusen tack!!
    (Hoppas ni förstår lite svenska;))

    … As I have lived in Nordic countries, but not in Iceland nor knowing any Icelandic except ” takk” and ” hlé” so I tried in Swedish a little bit… it feels a bit closer than in English, and also I’ve heard Icelandic can understand other Nordic languages rather easier than opposite! …

    Though it took sometime to output myself, I can finally post it.
    It was my first Sigur rós concert ever. I enjoyed a lot, it was a breathtaking, mind blowing live.

    The light show, sound and its vibration were all just amazing. I could enjoy them all at once, strongly from my balcony center-seat.

    I felt you scream from the bottom of your soul, instead of us.
    I touched anger, sorrow, comfort, nostalgia and light of life.
    You soothed me, shaked me, beated me down, and hugged through the music.
    You beated my heart instead of myself, replaced all of my body.

    I could be a part of the vibration of the universe while the live show.
    I went through death, backing into oneness where all we go and come from, fulfilled with light, and came back into my life again. It was a process of reborn.

    You lighted us so hard I’ve never experienced.
    Strong and straight like the sun, shimmer like the Northern lights… never same as the nature itself.
    We were all shined so much embraced by your music.

    I hope you continue to bring a lot of people in the vortex of bright light.
    I hope I can see you again soon, and also in Iceland someday!!

  • Goc


    Tremendously excited to see ur live! You drove me to recall the love to music with your awesome sound and lights. I saw you in Fuji rock 2005 for the first time. Since then you are my hero and changed my life to much much better one. Hope to see you again soon in such a beautiful venue and sound.

  • Julia


    pas de concert à Séoul en Corée du Sud ?

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