sigur rós 2017 tour

o2 apollo
manchester, united kingdom

sep 16 2017



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  1. This was my third time seeing sigur rós and yet again an absolutely fantastic set. A great set list playing a mix of newer and older tracks. Visuals as per impressive. A brilliant night. Cheers guys.

  2. Takk! Magical waves of euphoria and powerful overwhelming emotion. Immersive and memorizing. You aren’t of this Earth! Life changing.

  3. One of the most breathtaking sets I’ve ever witnessed. If you get the chance to see the guys on this tour I’d 100% recommend going. You will not be disappointed.
    Even if you’re not a big fan of the music the visuals and stage presence will blow you away

  4. Hauntingly beautiful. Sounded amazing, sends chills down your spine amazing. Looked visually stunning. Would have liked to be standing, only because we got sat behind a tall extremely hairy person. However 3rd time seeing them (1st as a 3 piece) and still up to the high standard. Amazing live band, everyone should experience Sigur Ros live at least once!

  5. Never seen or heard anything quite like Sigur Ros last night. Jaw dropping stuff, other-worldly even. Worse thing about last night is that I’m likely going to have to wait years before I see them again in the UK. But all in all, a special evening at the Apollo.

  6. Another astonishingly great performance. Fourth time me and my wife have seen you and you keep getting better! Very envious of people seeing you tonight and tomorrow!

  7. Words just can’t explain how magical the Manchester gig was.

    Travelled up from Norwich. Endured traffic jam after M6 traffic jam but it was worth every single second.

    Takk Sigur Rós.

    Takk takk takk


  8. Absolutely spellbinding. Amazing visuals, great lighting and they sounded as beautiful as always. Thank you very much for an amazing night.

  9. Incredible, this was an experience as much as a gig. Everyone needs to see Sigur Ros at least once in their lifetime.

  10. Finally got to see them after almost 20 years. One word. Awesome! Wish I could go back again tonight. Already looking forward to the next time.

  11. I cried! The music, this sound, your voice, lights, screens… emotions, feelings all mixed together! Second time in my life I had a opportunity to experience Sigur Ros live and I hope it’s not the last time! Do not ever stop making music guys! ♥️ Everybody should experience it at least once!

  12. Amazing show last night. Incredible sound and the stage show was something else. What an experience! Thank you

  13. Amazing. Third time seeing them and spectacular as always. Always enjoy the work that goes into the visuals as well.
    Jonsi’s voice is unbelievable.
    PS – Were you guys aware of like a 10 second silence during ‘Festival’? Was that a glitch or a ‘dramatic pause’ – Very ambitious if so!

  14. I’ve waited 9 years to get to see them and finally managed to get the chance in Manchester last night. I’m glad I’ve fulfilled my life’s goal. What an experience the music and visual effects were amazing. Definitely a night I will never forget. Thank you for an unforgettable night!

  15. Absolutely amazing. It’s more like a theatre show than a gig, it’s just pure art work in all honesty. The lights and special effects and the screen behind them was all incredible. I sat through most of it with my mouth wide open in awe. I was a bit disappointed they didn’t plag my favourite song Hoppipolla but regardless it was still utterly worth the ridiculous amount of money I paid for on viagogo (don’t use that site people!). I feel like I need a tattoo to commemorate how amazing it was. I’m so grateful to have learned about sigur ros a few years ago and to have had that gig experience!

  16. Seeing Sigur Ros is not just a music gig, it’s a life experience. It’s an explosion to the senses. My third time, it was the best. A great mix of songs. And Jonsi voice is just a joy to listen to, Orri drumming was mesmerising. Don’t ever stop making music guys, it makes the world a better place to be.

  17. I’ve waited almost 10 years to see Sigur Rós live – I was 12 when I went with my dad to the cinema to watch Heima, and it left a huge impression on me (I completed my music degree last year, and my dissertation was inspired by part of that film). Last night was unlike any other gig I’ve ever been to, and it completely lived up to my expectations; I just wish I could experience it all over again.

  18. Love, love, love you guys! Besta ticket, Row E…amazing show, my ears are ringing but worth it. Best gig I have been to for a very long time. Looked like Jonny Marr and Maxine Peake enjoyed the gig too ❤️

  19. We travelled from the Midlands to see you for the third time and left speechless. The most amazing visually stunnng gig I’ve ever been to. Jonsi has the voice of an angel and the music is out of this world. Complex, multi layered and emotionally draining. This gig was quite dark in comparison to others I’ve been too but an out of this world experience and one I hope to repeat soon. If you’ve never experienced Sigur Ros your life is missing something beautiful.

  20. At times angelically mesmeric, at others beautifully cacophonic, it was a thrill of a show with as many visual treats as aural ones. Every bit as good as the last time, when the music played out under the gaze of Jodrell Bank’s Lovell Telescope – turns out the venue doesn’t have to be quite as dramatic as that to deliver its splendour and satisfaction. Takk, Sigur Ros, takk


  22. The best Sigur ros gig I have seen!
    What a night. How the stripped back three piece manage to still provide so much emotion and power on stage I will never know! Truly amazing!
    The setlist was great and Á is one of my favourite songs! So good to finally hear it live along with Varða. There was a real connection between the audience and the band – it was truly very special.

  23. What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Magical, jaw dropping visuals & sound as always, great venue, great people. All seated is a bit strange especially as you don’t really feel you can stand up as people behind probably wouldn’t like it… I prefer standing for the interaction side of things but otherwise this was perfect!

  24. Seeing sigur ros live never gets boring. I could watch them perform over and over again, and still feel goosebumps and shivers down my spine with every single note.
    Absolute perfection. The feeling of euphoria is immense. I can truly say, with absolute certainty, that when I am sat in a huge hall listening to the beautiful, seemless blend of various instruments, signalling harmoniously to my soul, that I am at my happiest.

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