sigur rós 2016 tour

paramount theater
seattle, wa, united states

sep 20 2016



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photos by patrick gateley


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  1. I just got home from tonight’s show at the Paramount Theatre and I am still ringing. Such an amazing show beyond words. Simply outstanding. It is the fourth time I have seen Sigur Ros, and each time they just blow me away. Layered beauty. As soon as the crowd recognized Glosoli, we went even more crazy. So, so great.

  2. Thank you for the incredible show! This was the first time I’ve been able to make it to a Sigur Ros concert and it was an experience of a lifetime. So much talent on that stage. Takk.

  3. First, last night’s show may have just been the best of the five shows I’ve seen over the last ten years.
    But at first I was rather miffed at having paid nearly $100 for general admission seating and finding that there were no actual seats: all standing. Same price as the reserved seats.
    But I quickly got over this once the show started. And I have to admit, being close to the stage made for a more intimate experience with the band, and the power of the sound from that close was something I won’t soon forget.
    But the performance is what really stood out. Flawless. Powerful. Intense. Sublime. Cathartic.
    And what a great set. From the tear inducing likes of Ekki Mukk (thank you, thank you, thank you Sigur Rós for playing this) and Fjotavik to the raw power of Ny Batteri, E-Bow, and Kveikur, the mix of songs was this long-time fan’s dream.
    And hearing live for the first time (for me) rarities like Daudalagid, Hijomalind was a special treat.
    I loved the new song “Á”. Can’t wait to hear it again.
    The segue from Fjotavik to Popplagid was perfect. And a perfect ending to an amazing show and experience.

  4. Thank you for another incredible show! This is the fourth time I’ve seen you perform and every show has been absolute perfection. Your music has been the soundtrack to my life for the last ten years, and I will never pass up an opportunity to experience it live. So engulfing and surreal. Takk Sigur Ros! See you next time!

  5. The show was great except all the damn cellphones. So many people were on their phones the entire show.

  6. Sigur Ros reaffirms my love of experiencing a live show. Visually, sonically, musically…the only thing that was predictable at The Paramount was that Sigur Ros started promptly and ended graciously. Only my third time seeing them…but I will not pass up the opportunity if they come this way again.

  7. Music was as beautiful as always, but the production was amazing. It was my 3rd time watching you guys at the paramount and the combination of the venue, music and the production was unforgettable. Thank you from Seattle!!

  8. I met you in Iceland when I randomly found your studio and you guys were waxing the floors and possibly remodeling a little. You took time away to introduce yourselves and snap a picture. This was the first and last famous shot I have taken because it not my thing, but you all are my favorites – now for almost 10 years. I am coming to the Hollywood bowl, would love to say hello again and show the photograph. Best, Jered from California

  9. Sigur Rós is like having an out of body experience. Their music is the essence of beauty, fear, joy, sadness and love. If I were to lose my hearing, I’d miss hearing them above all else. Seeing them live and experiencing the magic floating around them is orgasmic! Seattle was my second show and I will never forget it. Takk for everything you are!

  10. I have somewhat been able to gather my thoughts about last night and my evening with Sigur Rós…first off, what a dream. A god damn beautiful, transcending, enticing dream that pulled me so deeply inward, I couldn’t help but tear up and hold onto my heart just to feel grounded. Never in my life have I ever felt so deeply grounded and also so totally captivated that I might have floated away. Their sounds completely manifested my entire being. Captivating and caressing every fiber that makes me, me. The vibrations from every sound made pulled everyone to the highest frequency they have ever vibrated on. The entire show was a journey. I felt so stripped and ripped open the entire time. So accepting, so safe, so secure…it was the most incredible feeling. So many feelings at once. Absolute and utter bliss. Their passion bled into everything they did and no one missed a beat. It was like watching a beautiful picture being painted live and in front of me. Their creativity and vision was just there, in your face. It screamed, “here we are. This is all of us. This is the music you’ve followed for years. Here is your entire soul being painted beautiful melodies all over. Enjoy the ride.” And boy did we. Feeling like a goddess floating on cloud 9 and never coming down. So cleansed and rejuvenated. Thank you, Sigur Rós, for walking me home with your music, it’s nice to be here.

  11. Thank you for the incredible, transformative show, and thank you Jónsi for your random act of kindness last September when you stopped to help two lost, jet-lagged women find their hotel in Rekjavik. I’m so happy I recognized you!

  12. For years, I’ve read people’s attempts at putting into words this experience that words cannot adequately express. Sometimes though, people come really close. You just did, so thank you for that.

  13. No encore guys I paid $320 for my two tickets and I got no encore
    That was the fifth time I’ve seen you in the first time now encore :(

  14. A deep, gorgeous, sublime experience I will never forget. I am still on a cloud. Takk, Sigur Ros.

  15. Always a joy to see you live. You never disappoint. Thanks again for coming to Seattle. Come visit more often. After all, we are sister cities.

  16. I was given the greatest opportunity to take my twelve year old son to this show. His first big show experience. He loved it. An amazing show on it’s own, but to share this with my son as well, is beyond words.

    To reflect on a moment would be during a song in the second set where the music rests and it’s only Jonsi singing. He holds the most pure, beautiful, singular note. Perhaps only for minute, but it felt like forever. My son rose to his feet, attention captured! Combined with the complete silence of three thousand people! Overwhelming. . .

    A moment – and a night I’ll never forget.

  17. Thank you ever so much for coming out to Seattle. Your show was not only the best of yours I’ve seen but easily one of (if not) the best live I have ever seen. It was a truly magical experience and I will not forget this night.

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