sigur rós 2016 tour

queen elizabeth theatre
vancouver, bc, canada

sep 19 2016



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photos by Jill Willcott
photos by ray maichin for The Permanent Rain Press.
photos by Nadia Gottfried


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  1. Amazing show. The combination of smoke, lights, and song was otherworldly. Once in a lifetime experience.

  2. Amazing light setup on stage, matched the beautiful music so well. Fantastic to watch and listen to.

  3. This captured what last night was for me:

    “For many (myself included), the Sigur Rós live show is a transportive, communal experience, a sort of secular church service — instead of the Holy Spirit, we’re moved by the band’s intangible force, their delicate balancing act of violent aggression and hypnotic respite. It hardly matters whether Birgisson’s singing in gibberish (critics dubbed this approach “Hopelandic”) or his native Icelandic — at a Sigur Rós show, we’re all speaking in tongues.”

    -Ryan Reed, Stereogum

  4. Been a great year of live post-rock starting with Godspeed earlier this year, then the past couple months with This Will Destroy You and Explosions in the Sky. But what better way to end that circuit then with the band that really got me into the genre; Sigur Rós
    I’ve probably said this before but I love the destruction of that violin bow, the way it strays like shivers of raised hair. When Jonsi creaks the violin bow to the distorted guitar for solo before Ny Batteri starts is that chaotic church moment.
    I remember sitting there, bopping my head to the anarchic beats that shook the walls as if the Queen Elizabeth was buzzing a stutter, and thinking to myself ‘these are the moments to live for, when we live in such grandiose moments.’

  5. Sigur Ros’s show at the Queen Elizabeth was absolutely breathtaking. They took the audience on a spiritual journey sonically and visually. Their music carrys me through the vastness of my psyche, the universe and the ocean, but always maintains a warmth and connection to humanity. I feel the world’s love, pain, beauty, struggle and so much more through their music. Their sound was incredible, the visuals were layered, contemporary, and oh so stunning. The way the sound and images connected were an undulating masterpiece. You have inspired me infinitely. Thank you for the gift of your expression and for your commitment to your craft. Your art and performance abilities are incredibly moving to witness. I will never forget it and am inspired to strive for the same level of pure expression in my own artwork. Big love!!!

  6. I was the bald guy sitting right in-front, Row A. That was the most intimate experience I’ve ever had with such a well-known big band. I’ve worked as a camera op at festivals and been on-stage with legendary bands like War and Three Dog Night, Sigur Rós sounded better and provided a greater experience overall. I had been waiting over 12 years to see them live. It wasn’t a perfect performance but, being someone who acts on-stage, there rarely are. The true test of any performance is how well the talent on-stage reacts to mistakes, which are unavoidable. If I had one suggestion, and I give this with love, it’s that the band lighten up a bit more. Take it easy. Laugh it off. Enjoy playing as much as we are watching. To see Georg smile as he played Ny Batteri was a highlight. Other bands should take note of what Sigur Rós are doing with this tour. There wasn’t a line of over-sized security guards blocking the front of the stage. This showed that the band knew their audience. That they were comfortable and trusted us. This builds even greater mutual respect. I will not go to another show in a sports arena. Theatre is the way to go. I have never heard anything better live. Thank you, Sigur Rós. That was an experience I’ll always remember. Oh and that new song is amazing!

  7. The closest descripion I can come up with is catharsis. The purifying force of your music is amazing. It goes through you, the artists, and through us, the listeners, and we’re not the same after it. This is a rare gift, thank you for giving so generously and so wholeheartedly.

  8. an otherworldly experience – the stage design was incredible, the music exactly how we expected, if not better

  9. Best live show I’ve seen and I used to set them up for a living. Well worth 2 days of driving to get there. Your sound crew did a great job and wow you three sure brought the magic! TAKK Sigur Rós!! for every song, And for putting in the love it must of took to put that show together.

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