sigur rós 2016 tour

edinburgh international festival
edinburgh, united kingdom

aug 16 2016



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photos by andy phillipson


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  1. Absolutely fantastic, such an amazing and moving performance! It was my first time seeing Sigur Ros and I was utterly captivated from the very first note.

  2. To hear my favourite live song E-Bow
    Was just breathtaking but then you Stun me by playing Ekki Múkk
    I never thought in my life I would hear that live!
    Best Concert I’ve ever been to ever you Continue to Astound and make me fall in love with your music Takk Sigur Ros.x

  3. Absolutely stunning and mesmerising show as always. I’m not afraid to say that I was close to tears during parts of the show – it was so incredibly beautiful and moving. Takk Sigur Ros!!


  4. Was there last night with my daughter and son-in- law what an amazing night !! takk ??


  5. Thank you guys for giving us all a fantastic show. I have seen you 3 times in Edinburgh and you have been superb each time. Keep up the good work! I hope one day to see you in Iceland!! Oh and Scotland were 100% behind your national football team in the Euro Championship!! Thanks again for coming to Edinburgh!

  6. Utterly beautifully absorbing layers of music, vocals and visuals. The music would not be complete without the visuals and vis versa; they are a part of one another. I’ve been waiting for twelve years to see Sigur Rós live and they didn’t disappoint for a moment. An astoundingly put together performance of mouthwatering shapely sound. Thank you for a wonderful night.

  7. Outstanding. I was once again amazed, emotional and very happy. Hurry back. Takk

  8. Fabulous haunting performance. Visually spectacular as well as musically stunning. An unforgettable experience.

  9. Absolutely wonderful, breathtaking and unforgettable performance. Seen Sigur Ros 10 years ago for the very first time it was an honour to be able listin to them life again. Takk Sigur Ros ❤️❤️❤️

  10. How cool is to go to listen to your favourite band in the world two days in a row, reaching the venue with your bike, on a miracolous sunny day? and how cool it’s to prove your friends wrong, those who were aying you would have ruined the magic, watching them twice? :) quite the opposite. Following you from up in the balcony, from a cheaper and worse seat than the day before, I was silently playing with you every note, singing and screaming every acuto. You made me cry. And .. oh my god those new tracks from Kveikur, and the mash with Ny Batteri.. what they call catarsis exist and I experience it with you, guys. And then how cool is to get to see you from closer and say personally TAKK for this ? You’ve been there in the worst and best moments of my life, the soundtrack of half a lifetime. Thanks for lending me the words and sounds my encaged soul doesn’t have expression for in the real world. With you I feel safe and I can be angry, shouty, sweet, sad, powerful, passionate, myself. at once. Ecstasy in Music. Takk. For Ever.

  11. Most people use music as a couch; they want to be pillowed on it, relaxed and consoled for the stress of daily living. But serious music was never meant to be soporific. ~Aaron Copland

    Something happened on Tuesday night, I don’t know what, but I got back to my hotel room and cried solidly for over an hour. I wasn’t sad or happy but very emotional.

    The highlight for me was untitled 7. Over the last 10 years I haven’t listened to the track all the way through. I always skip it because it makes me feel uncomfortable, so when I realised the guys were performing it I felt a little like a rabbit in headlights. But whoah it was incredible. The music was hypnotising and Jonsi’s vocals, perfectly haunting. It was only at the end of the song that I realised that I was crying. I also cried at Fljotavik (the woman in the next seat seemed to be a bit uncomfortable with me by that time).

    I need to take a step back and gather my thoughts. Tuesday evening was extraordinary; quite simply the best musical experience I have ever had. I have never encountered such an emotional response to anything before but the quote by Copland goes some way to explaining how I feel at the moment.

  12. The show was truly mesmerising. Thank you for making me feel like the happiest person on earth!

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