sigur rós 2016 tour

a summer’s tale
luhmühlen, germany

aug 11 2016



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  1. TAKK for a perfect and impressive show … Leaving Luhmühlen happy early in the morning…

  2. I still can’t find the words for how impressive and beautiful your show was. Your music never needed any show but it gets bigger every time. Takk for being such an important part of my life!

  3. What a magic and awesome concert…it was my first Sigur Ros concert and I am so flasht….

  4. My words have no power, everything around remain still when I hear your voice. Its like a magic portal to another world where every emotion is allowed and seen as a part of a whole. Even sorrow. Thank you. Hope I will see you again.

  5. Dream come true!!!! Thank you so much for this perfect perfect concert!!!!! I felt you were performing with your soul and that is smth I have never ever experienced before. I am so grateful! I only hope to have the chance to see you again soon! ❤

  6. Powerful, beautiful, visually stunning with a respectful engaged audience. A warm balmy night in London at Citadel. Only complaint-more new songs needed please.

  7. Takk!!!What an amazing show in Germany!Thank you for this wonderful and heart touching music!

  8. Takk for a Moment in my life i will never forget. Me and my son and Sigur Ros in Luhmühen. Hope to see you back in Germany.

  9. From the first moment I ever heard you you: a connection to more than we are. Thank you for playing.”

  10. TAKK 1000 times – it was worth every raindrop falling down on us this night … greatest music and lightarts ever !
    Hope to see you soon again ;-)

  11. TAKK 1000 times … it was worth every raindrop falling on us this night…best music and light arts ever !
    Hope to see you again soon ;-)

  12. TAKK, Sigur Rós! Love you guys! Looking forward to seeing you again sometime soon!

  13. I was in Germany until August 16 of last year .. I did not know they would be there … I just found out and I feel so depressed about it .. :(

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