sigur rós 2016 tour

royal hospital kilmainham
dublin, ireland

jun 26 2016



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  1. I’ve never seen lights like it and, accompanied by their live sound, it was almost too much to take. Everyone should see Sigu Ros live at least once. It’s a completely different experience.

  2. Incredible gig, flawless playing and stunning light show. The imagination and creativity of this group just astounds and thrills me. Well done – again – guys, come back to Dublin soon ?

  3. Amazing gig, second time seeing the band and even dragged my sister along for the experience! Please come again and next time bring some brass players and I might just drag my parents along too!

  4. The concert was fantastic, it was my first time seeing them live and I’m so glad I went. I could feel their sound beating in my chest, brilliant.

  5. I saw you guys 15 years ago in the temple bar music centre! And it was incredible to see you again in a much bigger capacity!
    Amazing! I was a little far back but I felt like I could feel your music reverberating through my veins.

  6. Another absolutely flawless performance. Truly mesmerising. There was incredible energy and a lovely atmosphere all evening. The backdrop of the cathedral and the misty weather gave a perfect setting, i almost felt i was back in Iceland. Thank you for a wonderful time xxx

  7. Fantastic night,the setting was beautiful and the sound was amazing for an outdoor concert and as for the visuals they were fantastic. Of course I’d have loved to have heard some more of the older stuff but that’s just my selfish opinion but the new material is beautiful and I’m not complaining,I was at the 3arena last year in Dublin for the gig and it was amazing this was on par in a different way loved it can’t wait for you guys to return to Dublin.

  8. Was worth the wait since last show in Dublin, lights stage sound excellent. Would have loved a couple of encores. Would love to see you in Iceland.
    Many tanks , Takk . Anto.

  9. Second time seeing them. Absolutely beautiful show. I’ll definitely be going next time too. Amazing light show.

    Damn Jonsi can sing. When he held that note for well over a minute, maybe 2?!

  10. First time seeing you guys, totally blown away! Light show amazing, sound, couldnt ask for better! Would loved to have heard more old stuff as well as a longer set list. Only downside I have is the cost, thought it was on the pricy side for the lenght of time you played.

  11. First half of the show was amazing, visuals were stunning. However the 2nd half was dissapointing and really lacked a connection with the audience (overall). It wouldn’t hurt to address your audience at least once.

  12. Amazing gig! Last time i saw you in 2013 in Dublin and nothing much has changed: goggi – you are as God damn handsome as you were in 2013, orri – There is definitely an animal in you no one can play the drums like you and Jonsi – there is no words to describe you, you are someone to worship, every time you play/sing you bring an uplifting feeling, something euphoric. Lads you are my favourite band! Keep up with the brilliant work you do because there is no one like you out there!!! Takk for last night! xxx

  13. Overall, I always have a great experience at your gigs. I think the daylight takes away from the experience and also I felt it was a tad short with no encore. It only felt real near the end, still though, if it was winter time it would of been better but the gig itself was still amazing. Can’t wait to see you again. Peace out!!

  14. I enjoyed the gig, but where were all the new and unreleased songs we were promised? “Working stuff out on the road” and all that?

  15. Balmy breezes and slate skies over Dublin were the perfect setting for last night”s show. First time to see the band as a three piece and glad to report that you sound just as atmospheric and apocalyptic as ever! A brilliant set mixing new tunes and remodeled classics. I cannot wait for the new album and to see you again! Hope Georg’a bass guitar is still working, by the way; after he bounced it off the stage at the end.

  16. Sigur Ros live is out of this world. Ethereal & hauntingly beautiful the music goes straight to the heart strings. The misty weather in the background was a perfect accompaniment. The seagulls seemed to enjoy it too, especially ‘seagull ross’! Felt like the sound of glaciers moving at times. Come back again soon. Takk Takk

  17. Fantastic performance. The venue was perfect. The lights on stage were amazing to watch. It was misty, then foggy, then a rainbow came out, then sunny, then misty again and so on. It actually went really well with the music as the weather changed. This was a MUST SEE event!! SPECTACULAR!!

  18. What a performance! solutely breathtaking! A truly spectacular show from start to finish. Plan to see them again as soon as possible.

  19. The concert was amazing, I loved the visuals and the stage setting. But the show was short, the set list far from generous and I guess everyone hoped for some interaction with the audience which we didn’t get. Nonetheless, being a huge fan, I will attend your shows again, as soon as possible.

  20. When I got asked how was the concert after it was finished I just got upset because I just thought that I will have to wait a long time again before I will see a performance like this again. It was like transcending to a different universe which brings you through so many emotions. I could not look away for the whole experience. The music surrounded me and Jonsi’s voice was just out of this world. The visuals added a lot to the experience and looked amazing (It was a pity that they weren’t as clear because it was too light at the start). I loved how concert was finished with a bang. I am hoping the next tour will start soon and I am excited about the new direction Sigur Ros is taking.

  21. Second time seeing one of my favourite bands live and yet again blown away. Amazing set and atmosphere, you don’t just hear the music, you feel it.

  22. This was my first time seeing you live, and I was truly blown away. It was definitely a multi-sensory experience; the music reverberating through your veins, bass pounding like an erratic heart beat, vocals that will echo in my head forever. The weather was perfectly in tune with the set list it seemed. The crowd was pleasant and in a general state of awe for the whole performance. Even the seagulls stuck around for the magic! I brought my Dad along and he’d never even listened to a single song, and he was as utterly blown away as I was. I hope you play here again soon. Takk!

  23. 4th time seeing you.. in the 02 in 2014 and London in 2008; both gigs were very different and pretty much perfection so standard is very high..
    The music last night hit the spot for me; fantastic setlist – almost like a greatest hits gig.. I got my fix. So good job considering there were just 3 of ye on stage and it was outdoors. But Popplago (excuse spelling) was cut so short – I would love to know why?

  24. Another amazing show, 5th time seeing you. Visuals brilliant. Short set though, was over very early too, no encores. Still bright when you were finished! Til next time

  25. And by the way Iceland just bet the english!! it cant get any better!!! well done!! Go Sigur Ros, Go Iceland!!!!

  26. Takk to Sigur Ros for yet another unbelievably good gig … The set list, performance, spectacle and atmosphere were out of this world ?? A Sigur Ros show will live on in your memory forever … #sublime !! #classact ?? … And you’ve just gone and beaten England in the euros ?? #iloveiceland

  27. What an experience. Atmospheric, beautiful, mesmerising and it rocked! Always incredibly creative with stage setting, lighting and background visuals. 3rd show and loved it. That rainbow to kick it off! And congrats on the game today! ?

  28. Great show marred by a horrible minority in the crowd who talked incessantly throughout the set. Why did they bother going? Will never be backroad an outdoor gig in Dublin. Play indoors next time and maybe venture north to Belfast.

  29. Just so thankful of getting to see this band live, once in a lifetime event, a must for anyone with blood in their veins, total respect to the band, very well done all, perfect concert, perfect ending, faultless in every way, first concert without an encore, ending with a bang!
    burnout, dont fade away……..
    would really like to see another aspect of the band, strings, brass included………. hopefully in the future, all the best to them for the remaining tour…….. and what a tour it is……. enjoy, and take it easy

  30. Didn’t enjoy it, thought the set list was poor, visuals suited an indoor or dark outdoor gig, last night was too bright and the visuals just didn’t have the impact they should have had. Just boring overall to be honest.

  31. Thanks for another memorable show Georg, Jonsi and Orri. I’ve been a huge fan ever since first hearing your Ágaetis Byrjun album fifteen years ago. I first saw you live in the Olympia Theatre in Dublin in 2005, after winning two sold-out tickets in a raffle. Myself and my sister went and I remember being mesmerised by that performance and moved by the standing ovation we gave you and you gave us afterwards. It was a really special occasion. Love your new song Óvedur and when you opened with it on Sunday, I couldn’t help thinking that there is still something sad about seeing the three of you on stage minus Kjartan. Have a great tour and hope to see ye again very soon. xx

  32. The day I listened to live music and cried. Thanks for this amazing, emotional, incredible gig. The light show + the music = rainbow in my heart ! (and in Dublin sky)

  33. It was beautiful as always!! Thank you so much! Safe travels for the rest of the tour! Warm greetings ?

  34. A beautiful performance that I’ll remember for a very long time. I caught Jónsi’s bow & I’ll cherish it forever!! Takk Sigur Rós.

  35. Travelled over, with my wife, from Derby, England, just for the concert.
    I loved everything I saw, heard and smelt. I’ve never thought you’re the type of guys to interact with the crowd between songs. It’s just not you. I don’t take it as a disconnect in any way. We, crowd, didn’t do enough to merit you doing an encore, so no problem there. Although I don’t think encores are your thing either. However, we both were gutted that you didn’t sing “Hoppipolla”. Personally, I think it’ll be my funeral song. It’s the most inspirational piece of music I’ve ever heard. Keep on doing your thing, and Jonsi, some of your solo stuff is top class too.

  36. Slightly disappointing setlist, which was front-loaded with their good stuff, to be honest. That said, excellently performed and extremely nice of them to acknowledge how unlucky Ireland were in the game against France earlier that day…I was not expecting that.
    (The first and perhaps only time I’ll ever wear a footy jersey to a gig!)

  37. Was my second time seeing the band in Dublin and was just as special as the first. Well worth the long travel down the country – was a well needed piece of joy. Good luck for the rest of the tour and have a good rest once its done! Thanks.

  38. It was a great gig, the graphics on the big screen (though out of view from the majority of the crowd as it was placed way back, were pretty brilliant. A bit disappointed the show ended when it did as the sky was starting to turn dark, so the light show would have looked even better 30 minutes later. Great venue, great gig.

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