sigur rós 2016 tour

release athens music festival
athens, greece

jun 13 2016



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  1. Absolutely stunning performance…. So evocative, so magical… Come back soon we need you!!!

  2. The most intense performance I’ve ever experienced! I felt like I was aching with emotions… Thank you so much guys!

  3. A fantastic evening on Monday 13/6 at the Water Square (Faliro Delta) on the last day of the 2016 Athens Release Festival. Sigur Ros under the rain (playing literally at a water square!). When their music and video show were assisted by nature to reveal emotions like a cheerful melancholy or a positive nostalgia (a strong recollective imprint of valuable things that have passed or those that have not even been missed yet — but will definitely go missing soon). The icelandic musical rain of fire was matched incredibly well by the (not so much icelandic) rain that (matching the minimalistic musical trek) never changed simultaneously both in drop weight and volume/density, covering the whole setting with a long, refreshing cloak that we will always be positively nostalgic of!

  4. no words can really describe the feelings I experience while attending your concerts. You make the world a better place.

  5. I just wanna share this. Sigur Ros played in Athens, Greece a week ago. I was lucky enough to be there and when they started playing it also started to rain…in June…in Greece! And their music was accompanied by thunder strikes in the background. This was truly a unique moment for all of us in Athens. Thanks SR!

  6. A concert to refer to as a lifetime experience in the years to come. I tend to believe that there is hardly any other band or artist to give an audience such an emotional, mind-blowing performance. Thank you for the moments.

  7. Best show I ve ever seen from the band over the last 13 years that I follow you.Thunderstrikes in the background,rain showers like fire,extraterrestrial visuals for an experience from the apocalypse!,You surpassed the 2003 performance in athens …miracles do happen!I AM COMING BACK TO ICELAND.

  8. “All these moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain”. But the memories of that night will never be lost. Takk!

  9. it has taken 20 weeks to leave a review but here goes – I guess that anyone who attends one of your concerts uses the words spectacular, emotional, heartbreaking, invigorating, cathartic, and they are right and all of that is true. For me, it was my first concert, even though I listen to your music and your work as solo or duo artists, the latter mostly when I come across it and not as a religious fan or anything. I remember the rain pouring down on us, a great new thing that was Óveður and how you played together at the beginning, the guy next to me murmuring ‘Starálfur and then I orgasm’ when that song was in full swing, Jónsi and Goggi spitting water to keep singing and us asking ourselves if you were really going to play in a storm. And then you took a few steps back and started playing Sæglópur, the lights were like stars and I started laugh-crying because the whole thing was very powerful. During Glósóli it had started raining again, it was really foggy around the stage, I was looking at the sky and despairing, at that moment a lightning traced an ellipse over the stage, me being near the front center, it was like an electric rainbow. I remember the couple next to me knew how to speak icelandic and were yelling phrases to you mostly thank yous and nice words, the guy gave me a shot or two to drink and it felt like time had stretched as we were listening to vaka, Ný Batterí, e-bow, Popplagið… I have a soft spot for the () songs. I remember that halfway through you played Dauðalogn and then Festival and I was drenched, I had to take my glasses off because I couldn’t clean them as fast as the rain dropped, Orri went to take off his t shirt, at some point I saw his drumstick breaking and him replacing it before the next beat, and then it was about 40 minutes till the end during which I don’t remember a single thing, we kind of merged into one, like in the parties where music is playing and bodies are moving, we dance in circle and we share a feeling and that energy is palpable. I came to listen to you play live for the first time and left that concert thinking they really did that new different thing they set out to do/present to their audience and I should take the time to say it. PS Iceland owned Euro this year! ahh I almost forgot, ευχαριστούμε :)

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