sigur rós 2016 tour

zorlu performing arts center
istanbul, turkey

jun 11 2016



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  1. I am unable to describe how awesome I feel right now, the night was AMAZING. Setlist was perfect, performance was perfect, ambiance was perfect. Basically, it was such an unforgettable birthday gift for me and I will never forget this night. Thank you for every single thing that you have done tonight, I will eternally be grateful. Thank you.

  2. Unearthly! Completely in love with the way you perform, sing, and bring us above the clouds. A huge respect to your music and the show prepared for this night. Hope to see you soon in an open venue next time. Thank you for coming to Istanbul! Good luck with the tour!!

  3. It was like a dream. My body was in the concert hall tonight, but my soul was in somewhere else, in a parallel universe, or at the beginning of time and everything. Thank you for this awesome amazing undescribable night!! Please come to Istanbul again!

  4. We had an amazing night! I have been listening Sigur Rós for 10 years. We had expected to listen Sigur Rós live on the summer of 2013, but unfortunately the concert was canceled. It was a like promise fulfilled after 3 years. The stage was perfect, the lights were sparkling, and the screen was enchanting. The band was so modest and so perfect. The sound so clear. You were on your best. Thank you for being in Istanbul. I had a time where “now” purely met “eternity”.

  5. No word can describe how i feel right now. The show was more than amazing. I think listening the songs that accompany you nearly every night, live and on stage is one of the most unforgettable memories one can dream of! So thank you for this memory. I hope it wont be the last time i saw you on stage.
    Good luck.

  6. That was an epic night! If there is a god in this universe his style would be yours. Everyone seems like they have seen a Miracle tonight. Takk!

  7. I was waiting for you to come for a long time and certainly I had a wonderful evening with you. Your music is inspring, soulful and beyond this world. Takk Sigur Rós!

  8. I came from Iran just to see u guys, it’s like a dream come true, i was in the front row, I can’t believe it that I can see u this close. Everything was great and perfect.

  9. Second sigur ros concert in a week! I was dreamimg of even one of them for years. And you manage to hypnotize in a very profound way in each. Thanks for an unforgottable week!

  10. The performance wasn’t just a concert, it was art. The animations, the lights, the sounds, the musicians…everything. The music puts you into this rejuvinating trance that carries you out of your body while bringing all of your senses to life. Thank you so much for coming to Istanbul, it was a beautiful experience and we have been waiting for you to come for years!

  11. best concert ever. venue kinda sucked but you guys were so good that I didn’t mind the heat at all!! love you guys

  12. Your concert was like a dream. I didn’t want to wake up at all. I’m very happy to be able to see you finally . I’ve been waiting 17 years for this moment. You saw my soul. Thank you for your music, for everything.
    Love you so much! Come again please…

  13. Takk.. Thank you for your special concert. It is important experiment for me. We are waiting again..

  14. It was the greates day of my life. I don’t think I’ve ever been as happy and lucky as I was on that day. The dream I had for about 5 years has come true. You are truly wonderful and magnificent. I love your music with all my heart.
    Thank you a million times, you make this world much more beautiful.

  15. That was divine, transcendent. Even after 5 days, i’m still thinking about that marvelous performance. Certainly, I will have been in your concert at least one more time, before i die. Keep up good work, stay awesome.

  16. Best concert and best experience ever! I hope you’ll come back to Turkey again. It was my first time with Sigur Ros but definitely not the last. Cannot wait to hear your magical music again! Takk!

  17. Since I was nine, I dreamed of this moment and my dreams come true nine years after this dream ! I cried like a baby when i brought my ticket. It was a heavenly experience . It was pure art. Please , come again !
    Takk !

  18. I’ve always dreamt of going to a Sigur Ros concert but I never thought it would be anytime soon. It was everything I hoped for and more. Takk! We love you.

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