sigur rós 2016 tour

primavera sound
barcelona, spain

jun 4 2016



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barcelona, 2001 playlists

it’s 15 years since we first played barcelona. this week we are back for primavera. here’s what we did in 2001. #sigurroslive

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  1. Such an incredible show, great sound and stage lights and projections. Very emotional and intense.


  2. That was incredible. I’ve seen the guys in 2013 (in Ferrara) but this show was something else. Stripping back to just Jonsi, Orri and Goggi seems to have been the right idea. There’s a newfound energy in the band now.

    And that video production, its greatness is hard to put into words.

  3. Terrible and intense show. I love you. Definitly. I will try to follow you this summer in Europe. And loose myself. Again. Thank you. I can hear you in my head and bones now.

  4. amazing performance: staralfur was a surprise and we saw some beautiful and creative visuals. the only complaint: the loudest parts were not as loud as I heard them some years ago and that hurt the dynamics a tiny little bit. how can you complain when you attend a great show like this one, though?

  5. Thank you. You were so expected. A ver beautiful, super beautiful, delicated, explosive, emotional concert. The sound were amazing and the visuals and stage too. Thank you for coming. It was the highlight of the night. Thank you. <3

  6. Such an amazing show!! You touched my bones with your music, it was so great. I wish I could go back to Saturday night. Thanks!!

  7. I was in your last show from the previous tour (in Helsinki) and feel very lucky to be in the first show of your new tour!

    Loved the show! Always great Sigur Rós! I hope to see you again soon…

  8. Amazing performance, with outstanding audiovisuals and show in general. Beautiful and thoughtful, so intimate and yet so spectacular. Well done. Really well done. Congratulations.

    Come back soon!

  9. The lights were amazing, the best light show of the festival (along with Radiohead), and every song was incredibly good performed, highlighting Hafsól, Untitled #1, Untitled #6 and Untitled #8

  10. Amazing, as always. your music is always a gift that makes me remind the best and most intensive moments of my life. Love the way your music makes me feel. takk fyrir*

  11. Beautiful concert, great tracklist, great visuals. As always but an especial one :) Thanks!

  12. It was an amazing performance for a festival. I already saw your for first time in Barcelona (2013) and I have a very good memories. I really love you. Thanks again.

    Best regards from Catalonia!!

  13. Just perfect if we can say perfection is part of this world, surely Sigur Ros is the best musical metaphor to illustrate it. The visual effects were beautiful, escorting the musical performance with intensity. When you see Sigur Ros live, you just have to admit the magic of their music, the passion they transmit to the audience. I just could be critical by pointing the lack of songs from Kveikur and naturally, 1h30 is too short. But TAKK Sigur Ros, TAKK !!!!!!!

  14. It was great and exciting, a dream. An intense show that hits the heart and the soul. I would only have changed Yfirbord by Hrafntinna, of the same album. I will see you somewhere once again, sure. Gràcies, Takk…

  15. The best Sigur Rós Show ever. So dynamic, so emotional. Projections, stageconstruction and lighteffects gives a 3D impression. Great setlist.

  16. Takk fyrir Sigur Rós it was a precious and magical moment full of emotions <3 it was the best show of Primavera Sound 2016! See you soon!

  17. It was freaking amazing. It felt like a rush of hapiness and emotions all over my body. The best concert of the Primavera Sound Festival definitely!!!!! <3<3<3

  18. Sigur Rós = Cathedral of sonic melodies. Crudeness and emotion. Big winners of the Primavera Sound 2016, together with Radiohead.

  19. Dear Sigur Ros
    Thank you for the amazing show. Everything was just perfect and magic, as always.
    The only problem is related to some people who keep on talking during the show….but your music was always louder than them.
    Thank you so much

  20. I flew all the way from Cape Town, South Africa to see you live for the frist time. Been a massive fan since I first saw the music video for Untitled #1 and your show was everything I could ever have hoped for, just wish it could have gone on for forever, but that would be a little unfair to the band ;) Thanks so much for an amazing experience <3.

  21. I came to Primavera from Russia, and this was one of the most impressive shownotonly in festival, but ever. Cosmic decoration, great setlist. I almost cried out of happiness. This is what music show should look like!
    Thans again! I hope one day you will return to Russia not only to Saint Petersburg, but also to Moscow)

  22. Takk fyrir!! It was awesome.. I’m so impresived for all the things you make me feel, since i was in Iceland last year i feel your music harder than before, i understand a litlle bit more of nature and a new feeling that i’m not able to describe. It was the best live i’ve ever seen!!! Gràcies per compartir la vostra musica amb la resta de la humanitat ?

  23. Incredible show. First time I’ve ever seen a huge festival audience in total silence!
    Only wished you’d played hopipolla, although it maybe didn’t fit with the darker tone, it could add a new dynamic.
    I’ll have to come see you again, maybe in Iceland some day ;D

  24. I have been lucky enough to see you guys play a few times now, but never at a festival and i gotta admit i had high expectation, but you met them all the way. The new visuals and lighting are something else and made for a whole new experience. Excellent array of tracks from start to finish. Really like the new song too, keep ’em coming!!
    I hope you get what you want out of the tour and I can’t wait to see what it leads too.

  25. This was one of the best days of my life. I was waiting to see you live since many years ago!!!!!! You are awesome. Staralfur made me cry, so many emotions and sensations at the same time: music, lights, voice… Takk for existing and for making such great music!!!!!!!! Please don’t stop amazing me.

  26. Amazing show last Saturday in Barcelona! I was at Sant Jordi Club (also in Barcelona) in 2013 and then two days ago at Primavera Sound! Both times I was really moved by your live performance! Thanks for your incredible sounds! Keep on creating and playing those perfect songs!!!

  27. Yous live in Primavera Sound was impressive! Great music, great ambientance etc… For my taste was a bit dark, but is allways great to hear Glósoli and some old and fantastic songs. Congrats!!

  28. It was an amzing show. Forth time watching you live and you figured out a new way to blow my mind. Incredible how the show starts in an intimate way using the ollumination structure and the two screens giving a 3d experience. Of the 4 time i’ve heard Popplagio lige thisbwas my favorite, the wsy the structure and the screens illuminate themselves are crazy. It totaly understandable why you choose not to play songs like varud and hoppipolla, i love them but they weren’t missed. I would’ve lover to hear with the new show songs like Brennisteinn, it would have been mind blowing. Well, more. But it was amazong. Thank you fo everything you’ve given me, your music is a wonderful gift and every time I see you live you make mi insanly happy.

  29. I was expecting a good show, they delivered an amazing one. Easily the most beautiful and emotional one at Primavera, the visuals were jaw dropping and Jónsi was just perfect. When they played Sæglópur I almost cried from happiness, it’s one of my favorites songs ever. Highlighting as well Hafsól and the broken bow from Jónsi at the end, and Festival with that amazing ending that can lift the spirit of everyone with a bit of humanity inside. I just wish you could someday come to my country so I could see you again and cry all along. Greetings from Guatemala.

  30. An absolutely captivating show, even with the Spanish audience constantly talking over the performance. The visuals were of an absolute themselves, and even though the setlist was a darker one, the fellas still managed to get me jumping.

  31. For 19 years I have been waiting to be able to see my best band live.
    Today is the day at Porto Primavera Sound.
    By the reviews so far the boys from Island will be great as always.

  32. The first time I saw this great band live – definitely one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. It’s a great privilege to hear Sigur Rós music live. The music, the voice, the visuals – everything fits together so perfectly. Also the first time I cried at a concert I think. Big love for Jónsi, Goggi and Orri.

  33. Amazing as ever, just disappointed it wasn’t loud enough!!!! See you at Citadel in a few weeks. where i’ll have to definitely get near the front to get a good sound. X

  34. My first time seeing the band and I must admit I was worried about it being a three-piece concert rather than “full band” with strings and so on… Being the first concert of the tour other than the rehearsal I was also worried but everything went away as soon as the first new song started and I lost myself completely with Starálfur. It is amazing how powerful SIgur Rós can sound as a three-piece, I trusted you on this one and I do not regret flying from Brazil with my girlfriend just to see you guys.

    Takk for everything.

  35. I’ve been expecting this moment for nearly eight years and I travelled all the way from Argentina to see you at Barcelona (and luckily also Porto on the 9th!) so if you allow me I’m going to take a moment to write an extense review of the show, though I’ll try to make it concise and interesting. It might be biased by pure awe, being a first-timer!

    Sound. It was, as I expected, nothing like I’ve ever heard before. The bow on Jonsi’s guitar does truly make up that surrounding wall of sound; its effect overwhelming and therefore there really isn’t the slightest basis for comparison with recorded sound. Volume was adequate. Being a three-piece this time didn’t hide any of the most bright carachteristics of the band’s sound (though previously I’ve only heard it on video, maybe in the cinema watching Inni was closest to the real thing); I can surely say from my perspective you managed to convert all material, both old and new, into a novel style.

    The setlist. Starálfur was the ultimate star with a magnificent adaptation and E-Bow my all-time personal favourite because of the truly emotional spirit. Very moving moments; songs seemed carefully chosen for this new tour and regarding this topic, although I’d have loved to hear Hoppípolla for the first time, somehow I agree it didn’t actually fit in this show so I reckon you made the right choice by leaving it out of the set. Hopefully I’ll hear it some day :)

    The visuals. Definitely the most astonishing audiovisual experience I’ve ever witnessed. Liked very much the sense of depth the stage conveyed, enveloping the band in a geometrical network of colourful lighting. Nice videos on the back screen.

    The new song. Brilliant atmosphere, I love the new electronic feeling you’re leading the band to and I celebrate the band’s flexibility to adapt to new courses.

    All in all, it was a million star show. Thank you for sharing it and I really hope you can take this one (or future ones) to Argentina and Chile, preferably playing not festivals but your own shows. There are many true fans there that would receive the band enthusiastically and would love to finally live that eagerly awaited moment, just as I did!

  36. Second time seeing you guys. Primavera was an epic venue for this epic show. I think anyone complaining about volume is used to shows in America (where hearing protection is needed). Incredible show, incredible experience. The lighting effects have evolved significantly since i saw you first in 2013 in New Orleans. Thanks so much and it was a concert i will certainly never forget!

  37. I saw you first in Hong Kong 2013. A very emotional and precious venue. Very rightful for those lately introduced to your music, with songs such as Hoppípolla, Varud or Olsen Olsen. Indeed beautiful as expected.

    But Barcelona’s concert went further. It was the most incredible sensorial experience I have ever had. I felt music like never before. I felt like never before. No need for precious melodies, just deep ambience and sounds. Just a trip to an own cosmos, something raw, primitive, unique and related to the mere existence of everything: music, humanity, the universe.

    For those who missed the hits, sorry, but this is raw and pure Sigur Rós. It’s about a a homage not to life, but to existence itself. And existence is about living, surviving, fighting, struggling, suffering, feeling, and last, dying.

    Takk for the best concert I’ve seen and heard in my life.

    It needs a complex mind to get to decide that it is as simple as to have the three of you on the stage playing. With all my respects, it got over any orchestra to be seen.

    I always repeat to myself and those who ask me: Beethoven, The Beatles, Sigur Rós.

    Last but not least, I asked my girlfriend to marry me when Festival was in its climax.

    She said “yes”.


  38. Much like a living thing, leaving you entranced in an other-worldly airlessness by the time it’s over. Forevz.

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