sigur rós 2013 tour

baltiska hallen
malmö, sweden



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  1. Having seen a load of concerts since 1971, this was definately one of the best. So full of natural beauty, so intense in the wild passages. No band sound like this. A relevation.

  2. I have waited a long time to see you perform: but I would’ve waited so much longer if I’d have to.

    The show you gave me last night was by far the most amazing moment of my life. You gave me all I wanted. Thank you for making such fantastic music and a spectacular visual show as well.

    Your music is such a big part of my life.

  3. I just love that you take “the girls” on tour to bring out all the best of your material – they sing like angels! Takk!

  4. You are fucking amazing! Love you! It never goes wrong when you´re in the house! :D Fantastic sound and fantastic voices, your music and your being makes me wanna live!

  5. I’ve been longing to see you since…2007? And now that I’ve seen you guys I want more. Definitely the best show I’ve been to in my life.

    Please come back soon!

  6. the show last night left me absolutely speechless, the wonderful combination of audial and visual artistry was top-notch. all other artists/bands can just go home and look for a new job. you surpassed every expectation, and i have a hard time imagining a better performance from anyone. absolutely blown away.

  7. Takk fyrir góda tónleika. Sennilega sjöttu tónleikarnir sem vid hjónin sjáum med ykkur. Vid komum aftur næst.

  8. Saw you in Malmö last night, it was pure magic. The music,the songs, the light and video in the background. I was in a state of purest happines trough all the concert. Thank you!

  9. I’m out of words, the concert left me absolutely speechless. The visual show and music went perfect together, and is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in all my life.

    Takk Sigur Rós!

  10. We are the ones who should say “Takk”.
    Without the fantastic music that Sigur Rós produces, reality would be harder to cope with. You don’t just produce music, you make real an entire world where all kinds of people can come to rest, where one can feel at home in their own personal experience of your music.

    So takk fyrir, your music is one that breaks the surface and allows me to breathe.

  11. Thou are true artist’s! Every little detail.. so perfect! It goes right into my heart. I hope you will be back soon

  12. I loved the show last night to bits!
    But you could’ve saved your “hits” for last, in the end it felt quite tedious.
    Me and my girlfriend celebrated our five month anniversary at your show and kissing her during Hoppípolla is something i’ll never forget.

    Takk <3

  13. You were amazing. I’ve been looking forward to this for so long and I am so happy that you came to visit us in Sweden. Please do it again sometime!

    I love you. We love you. Thank you so much. Takk!

  14. Another amazing experience with you on stage in front of me. I’m so glad I got to experience the wonder of your live show yet again, albeit in a venue that wasn’t very good – it was a bit small when it comes to really experiencing this tour’s visuals, and I lacked a bit of the heartstopping effect of the really low bass notes. As always though, your music makes me smile and cry and dream and dance, and fills me up to the point of bursting!

    I wish I would’ve timed the length of your sustained note in Festival, Jónsi, that’s the longest version I’ve heard to date, and I kind of had to pick my dropped jaw up from off of the floor after :)

    Takk, takk, takk!

  15. Last night I experienced something veyond what I thought was possible. You left me in tears. Pure magic.

    Also, thanks for the bow, Jonsì! I’ll take good care of it!

  16. This was one of the most beautiful and powerful experience in my life. You guys made me cry, laugh and feel so much love!

  17. I do believe I experienced nirvana last night. That is the word that comes closes to what happened to me. There are concerts, and then there’s Sigur Rós.


  18. Punch in the gut, tiptoe, juggernaut, delicate, happyness, beauty, breathless, hovering, love! TACK!

  19. The beautiful music, the amazing vocals, the fantastic visuals…I’ve never exeperienced anything like this!
    I felt an inner happiness throughout the entire show, and at the same time I was close to tears. It’s like you guys hit every single nerv in my body. Absolutely beautiful!
    I will carry this moment with me forever! <3

  20. Have been in love in your wonderful music since 2004. Never had the chance to see you perfore life til now and I was so nervous that I wouldn’t enjoy it in the same magical, tenderness emotional way that I do when I’m listening to your music at home.
    I was so wrong. Seeing you perform was the most amazing thing I have been a part of in my whole life. You guys are truly amazing.
    The visual effect was so nicely put together with the music and it all come together so well. It was pure art.

    Thank you for letting me be a part of your music last night.

  21. A beautiful and emotional experience

    Top notch in every way, hope you will be back soon

  22. I can’t even believe I finally got to see you guys last night. I”m originally from Seattle and I can’t believe I saw y for the first time in Sweden! It was an absolute blessing to be able to see the man and the band that inspired me to play music. I only wish I had the opportunity to meet the band and Jonsi and be able to tell them the kind of inspiration they have been.

    Keep rockin guys
    Ps. Come to Seattle :)

  23. I can’t really explain how happy I am having finally seen you perform live! I travelled 10 hours from home to Malmö to see you! And when we arrived and I had found my seat I was nearly convinced I was dreaming, but obviously it wasn’t and I sat speechless with my eyes open during the entire show!
    Afterwards I felt like I wanted to hug everybody in the hall and like I could outrun a train! It’s hard to put in words how much this has ment for me, but I think you get the point.

    Thank you for your music, for being with me everyday and for making my life such an colorful experience.
    TAKK! <3 /Erik Ahl

  24. Yesterday in Malmo. You made me speechless and again blow me away, just as in Stockholm 2005. No other concert can ever be compared to the ones that you make, and the visual effect together with the music showed me that there are another dimension. It’s pure art. Thanks for “Svefn-G-Englar” and thanks for the sustained note, Jónsi. You are amazing! I carry the Sigur Rós-angel from the Àgaetis Byrjún-cover on my back and placed it there more than a year ago, to salute.

  25. This is by far the best concert ever, truly an amazing expirience that will not soon be forgotten. I am the one who should be saying takk after this performance. It was incredible! Takk!

  26. Takk fyrir:) I expected it to be fantastic and maybe that you would just kinda play songs from your last album, but then you make an amazing, breathtaking show and play a collection of some of the best songs from different albums!

  27. i never truly understood the expression “so beautiful it took my breath away” until now. you guys almost suffocated me

  28. I have seen a lot of great concert in my relatively short life, and this is easily one of the greatest(if not the best). I really love the setlist and the amazing visuality.

    Love from Sweden!

    PS. Amazing encores!


  29. Thank you for an amazing night!

    The show was magical and almost perfect in every aspect. The atmosphere was great and the set-list was even better, I hope you come back to sweden soon!


  30. The best concert I’ve ever been to. Constantly got goosebumps and I got shivers several times. The sound was amazing and you could hear every single instrument perfectly.

    Only disappointing thing is that you didn’t play Ísjaki but it’s hard to replace it with one of the songs because the setlist was amazing.

  31. Such an amazing experience. Sigur Ros has been a part of my life for such a long time, and to finally see you live was just.. there’s no words.

    The band sounded amazing, the visuals were really beautiful, combined with Jonsis out-of-this-world voice that went right through my spine.

    I want to thank you from coming to Malmö, and I really hope to see you again in the future.

  32. Just.. magical. No eyes were left dry when the wonderful concert was over. The atmosphere was amazing, I just stood there for half the show, unable to close my mouth. Thank you, thank you so much.

    Please come back soon <3

  33. Ever since I started listening to your music around 5 years ago I always wished to watch you guys live. Bad luck and money was always the main problem. You guys made one of my biggest musical dreams come true and I will never be able to say thank you enough.

    When I went outside… I felt more alive and grateful of the little things. Once again, thank you so much.

  34. Simply amazing! The best concert I’ve seen! The music, visuals.. Perfect! Hope to see you soon again!!

  35. It was the most beautiful show I’ve ever seen. The best performance I’ve seen altogether. Pure magic. I sat with me jaw in my lap the entire show. Hope you return soon. Now I wanna visit Island to see the country that has formed this wonderfull band. Love you.

  36. This was the second time I saw you, and there are no words to describe how I felt during your concert. It was so amazing!

  37. Thank all of you, it was a spectacular concert, like none I’ve ever seen before in my life. I have seen a lot of bands over the years, and yours is one of the few concerts I will carry in my heart for the rest of my life. I burst into tears when you played Rafstraumur,and Hoppipolla cause they mean so much to me personally. To see you all so close upfront was a real treat. Didn’t matter that I had to stand in line for a long time :)

    You’re all such talented musicians <3 come back to Sweden soon again!

  38. The light went down. The audience fell into total silence. I heart was pumping in exitement. I’d been waiting for this moment for years. Finally, the time had come. The light started playing on the curtain and the sound of Yfirborð filled my up ears. I couldn’t stop my tears. They came flowing down my cheeks in total joy. Jónsi’s voice broke me down into tiny little pices. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

    You hardly gave me any time to recover from the shockingly beautilful Yfirborð when Vaka started playing. The music video at the curtain crushed me entirely. It’s such a sad song to me. So beautiful, so fragile.

    Everything about this show was heartbreakingly beautiful.
    Some moments felt magical. Like the moment in Festival when everyone was comepletely quiet, such a fragile and wonderful moment. And the long-note in the same song. It lasted for almost a minute. I sighed in awe.

    Hoppípolla was filled me with such joy. I sang along in every word.

    The lighting, the set and most importantly, the musicans, was flawless. Jónsi’s singing was amazing. Orri’s drumming so intense. And Goggi’s bass, wow. (Kveikur, come on!)The live band did such a great job.

    The show was amazing and I loved every moment of it. I was (and I am still a bit) speechless. Thank you for the most beautiful two hours of my live. Thank you for this great show. I love you guys!

    Takk fyrir!

  39. I kind of needed two months to figure out what to write about the show, and I’m still not sure how to express it.

    Anyhow, I heard Hoppípolla for the first time when I was 13 and I fell in love immediately. Since then Sigur Rós has been my favourite band and I had yet to know how much they would change my life. I waited six years to finally see and hear them live. Words can’t describe that experience.

    I cried to a lot of songs, especially Hoppípolla since it means a lot to me, and I even spaced out because of the magical show they held. It was art and music combined, giving the perfect concert.

    I will never forget this show and I’m eternally grateful for being there to experience it. I can’t wait for a new tour, because I will definitely be there.
    Takk, Sigur Rós.

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