sigur rós 2013 tour

o2 arena
dublin, ireland



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photos by olga kuzmenko


photos by shaun doherty



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  1. Last night was fantastic! Sigur Ros but on one hell of a show. They have to be one of the best live bands going. They evoke real emotion from everyone. Sheer passion and love from both the band and crowd.
    Come back soon!

  2. Sublime live experience. A beautiful show with all elements of the production working in total harmony. Best lighting design I have ever seen with exquisite projection design too. Sound was crystal clear and the musicianship and music were first rate. Thank you so much please come back before too long.

  3. Amazing…..a feast for the senses. Ears grappling with the confluence of minor major clashes, eyes dancing in rhythmic unison, heart thumping vibrations resonating……mystical, magical……brilliant.

  4. Seeing Sigur Rós live is kind of like finally getting with that someone you fell in love with just before s/he leaves the country, it was everything you thought it would be and more. But the next day you’re really sad because you know that it will be a long before it you see them again and all you are left with is the memories, and nothing else will ever compare that one night.

  5. I’ve been to every gig you’ve played in Ireland, apart from Oxygen. And you never cease to amaze me. The two hours were over in a flash. You rarely get a gig that is received with such respect and attention. The complete audience completely entranced! The gig of the year and that includes Roger Waters. Come back soon, PLEASE and TAKK…..

  6. what an amazing show/experience, we saw you in Manchester in March and thought nothing could top that concert but you’ve exceeded even that, the set list was well balanced with old & new classics. We can’t wait to see you perform again, takk guys for so much :-)

  7. It was more than just a concert, it was an experience. An experience that I shall never forget. It was an absolute honour to see you guys. Thank you for coming to Ireland and please come back again soon!!

  8. my first ever concert, absolutely breathtaking and such an incredible atmosphere. effects were astounding and the music was absolutely perfect, takk fyrir ?

  9. My friend and I left the O2 arena absolutely speechless. The whole performance was breathtaking. The sound along with the visual really made the experience exceptional. Please come back again!

  10. I go to gigs all the time, and only last Saturday I saw Depeche Mode at the very same venue, but I have to admit, Sigur Ros absolutely kick ass! Amazing match of music and visuals; crystal clear, powerful sound and brilliant performance. I loved the veiled intro, which worked so well. Actually, it reminded me of The Devotional Tour intro Higher Love, but that is a different story. Great support band. I wish this tour was recorded and released on DVD. massive TAKK!

  11. I was literally in tears at one stage. Unbelievably faithful to the original material, but so full of life and energy as well. I was worried that it wouldn’t be the same without Kjartan but the eleven piece band more than made up for his absence. 10/10

  12. My first Sigur Ros show, an amazing experience, loved the veiled intro and visuals throughout, fantastic finish and great crowd reaction. Takk.

  13. Amazing show from start to finish. Brilliant band and feel very lucky to have seen them. I hope you will come back soon.

  14. Amazing night, thank you.. Who were the support act & why weren’t they mentioned anywhere….Very good!!

  15. I was there. Fell in love to and with your music long time ago. Sjaldan er ein baran stok.Xx

  16. first sigur ros concert sucha magical experience sounds like you come from another planet , loved it , takk !
    come back soon

  17. My mood was dampened by the poor display Ireland put on against Australia but then…Sigur Ros…. I was transcended to places that I’d never knew existed. You touch the soul and seem to know the pure essence of music. Creative, multiple mood changing,spiritual, heavenly, emotional, original, innovative,magnificently beautiful music.

  18. Thank you so much for coming to Ireland, the show was inspiring, best performance I have ever seen. Please come back soon!

  19. Go Raibh Míle Maith Agaibh Sigur Rós! What an experience, I’m still in awe of the beauty and power and magic of your concert in Dublin. My first Sigur Rós concert and it just blew my mind like I hoped it would! Please come back to Ireland when you can! Ethereal. Peace and Love x x x

  20. We first saw you guys 7 years ago in Manchester when my partner and I were just friends. It was that weekend of the concert we realised we really liked each other more than that. As we drove home from Manchester through some beautiful mountains – Hoppipolla came on the radio and was a very special moment.
    We have seen you loads of times since and each time has been great.
    …This Dublin show though was particularly special for me as after the show, whilst we were walking back along a pretty part of the river Liffey, my boyfriend proposed!
    So all 7 years and 2 children since we first saw you – when we first got together as a couple,we are finally getting married!!!
    We will always have a special place in our hearts for Sigur Ros and I will be walking down the aisle to Hoppipolla.
    Takk xxx

  21. Brought family (incl 2 daughters aged 9 & 12 – nights like this an important part of their education). Bloody wonderful. The kids had better pick a nice nursing home for their parents when we’re older :-)

  22. thank you. what a fantastic emotional and moving performance. each time i see you live i am blown away. your music means so much. thank you for sharing it.

  23. I feel so good since Saturday night’s Dublin gig. It was beautiful, visual, emotive and perfect. Something you don’t get to experience often but when u do you want to cling on to & recreate the feeling for as long as possible! So now I’m in a Sigur Ros music bubble !! & like one other fan put it, a bit sad that it was so beautiful but I know I can’t have that again soon …. Please! come back before too long & Thank you! x

  24. Great concert!!
    from Milan Italy for this magic band see you in Iceland..

  25. Overwhelmed by yet another great performance.
    In tears at Olsen Olsen and Varúð.
    Thank you so much for bringing your music to us.

  26. on the day you are coming to Finland 30/11/13, i have to work, so had to fly to Dublin to see you for the second time this year (Ilosaari).. First time for me in The O2 arena. Great arena, spectacular band.. perkele!

  27. 1st time seeing Sigur Ros, it was amazing. I really didn’t expect to have been as blown away, I was on the verge of tears during a few songs. The gig was beautiful from a very gorgeous band. I will be back to a Sigur Ros gig, hopefully in the near future.

  28. First time I saw your concert and it was one of the best experiance ever.
    My wife has all your albums and this was a gift for her
    as she loves what you are doing. She said after the show
    that her dream came true. Thank you for creating something such beautyfull!!! Can’t wait to see you again and thank you for that unforgeteble experiance. Dziekujemy :)

  29. Beautiful from start to finish, as always!! Set work was incredible, truly amazing night!! An emotional experience through and through, come back soon!! :) Takk

  30. stunning. i saw them in Brussels in February and they blew me away – but they topped that in Dublin. essentially the same show but even better second time round. the sound, the visuals, the reproduction, the set list, the genius. an absolute must see.

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