jodrell bank
Cheshire, United Kingdom

August 30, 2013



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this soundscape was produced for sigur rós as intro ‘music’ for their show at jodrell bank by producer alex somers from recordings of “sounds from space” provided by professor tim o’brien of the university of manchester’s jodrell bank observatory. the sounds include jodrell bank’s own archive recordings made over the past six decades: radio echoes from meteors; signals from spacecraft travelling to the moon and beyond; and the rhythmic beat of the first pulsar cp1919, a spinning dead star the size of a city but weighing as much as the sun. the soundscape also includes radio telescope recordings of jupiter made by dick flagg of the university of florida. you can hear more about sounds from space in jodrell bank’s podcast, the jodcast –

jodrell bank observatory is a world leader in radio astronomy. it operates telescopes which receive radio waves from across the universe, some of which have been travelling for billions of years. the invisible radio sky provides a completely different view of the universe, revealing quasars – distant galaxies powered by supermassive black holes, pulsars – the remnants of exploded stars, and even the fading glow of the big bang.

the observatory is home to the giant lovell radio telescope. one of the world’s largest telescopes it has been exploring the radio sky since the 1950’s. jodrell bank also operates the e-merlin array of 7 radio telescopes in the uk, takes part in global vlbi networks of telescopes and hosts the international headquarters of the square kilometre array. the jodrell bank discovery centre welcomes 130,000 visitors per year including thousands of schoolchildren on educational visits.

jodrell bank observatory –

jodrell bank discovery centre –

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  • D.


    Excellent gig tonight. Jonsi’s voice started to give way towards the end but it did not spoil the show. If anything I felt that it was a little short. Curfew was 11:30 but the bows took place at 10:45. Perhaps it was Jonsi’s voice. Anyhow, thoroughly good performances by all. Highlights: Goggi on e-Bow. the backing singers and of course popplagio.

  • Andy


    Awesome as usual but crescendos were heavily compressed/Limited!
    Weird phasing going on, drums only.
    Some fireworks would of been nice at the end but hey-ho

  • Tony


    ‘would of’?

    please stop butchering the English language

  • Chris


    Curfew was actually 11pm according to the running orders posted onsite and they took their bows at 10:50 so not too bad! Loved the show, very chilled out in fact, too chilled out in parts as people were lying down 20ft from the front on picnic blankets right up until the encore! Highlight for me was Varuð!

  • Lucy


    Mesmering performance at a unique setting – the atmosphere was incredible as was the concert itself. The highlight for me was Brennistein: electric energy and amazing green lighting that reminded me of the Northern Lights. Hope Sigur Rós enjoyed playing as much as we enjoyed watching. Thank you for an unforgettable night!

  • Marc


    Well despite other comments I thought the show was phenomenal. The whole lighting and setting was surreal. After Nottingham in November this year I will have seen them 3 times this year, so best year of my life. Suffering from MS and struggling daily they are the main inspiration for keeping going as I cannot imagine a single day without listening to their music. My ultimate life’s ambitions are to see them in USA and then Iceland. Maybe one day. I have travelled to Iceland twice now and been to some of the places in Heima and also had a visit to Hlemmur in Reykjavik and it brings the music to life. Guys and gals, pure genius at work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • pd


    It was the first time for me; I think I might just dip my toes again! A wonderful aural and visual experience :)

  • M :)


    You always give me goosebumps and fill my being with pure happiness-thank you for that!

    Last night was unique and magical! Went with my friend and she asks now when we can go again-you see it was her first time seeing you live and like anyone else she wants more-you touch people’s souls in a way nobody else does…

    Until next time then – it won’t be too long,I promise :)

    Much love



    P.S. On a seperate note, a big thanks to the lovely Swedish guy who kept me company in the veggie queue :)

  • Dean


    Fantastic night. Great to see a mix of the old and new songs. Vaka got me emotionally for some reason. Third time I i have seen you guys this year and each one has been a privilege and a pleasure.
    Thank you for coming to the North of England and for touching us with your beautiful sounds.
    Popplagio is the best ending to a concert that I have ever seen in my life.
    Hope to se you soon

  • Vic


    Fantastic. I managed to get right to the front for this gig, and the experience was just completely incredible. The venue’s sound was so good. It felt like a short setlist though, it all went too fast. Need to see them again as soon as possible.

  • Emma and her Dad


    Incredible. The most visually and aurally arresting experience we have ever seen. It was a privilege to have ‘been there and got the t-shirt’. Completely unique and probably never to be repeated..experience. words nor pictures cannot convey the sheer awesome sight and sound of the Jodrell telescope as a setting, backdrop and use of a prop. An experience that will stay with us forever. Well done Sigur Ros….that was genius.

  • Matt


    It was the first time I’ve seen Sigur Ros live and I’ve been waiting 10 years to see them live, I have to say it was worth the wait. The band and the backing musicians/singers were so amazing and the visual effects were out of this world, I’ve been to hundreds of gigs and this was the best I’ve been to. I just cant put into words just how amazing this experience was for me, and just how much there music has changed my life.

    thanks for the memories, I’ll honestly never forget this!

  • Dawn Stilwell


    Jodrell Bank was the perfect place to see Sigur Ros and the intro was amazing. Thank you again guys!

  • David A


    Like everyone else who has commented it was an amazing night and quite surreal with the huge satellite beaming over us. what a fabalous night. Thank you very much Sigur Ros for yet again another fantastic show. see you again in a flash.
    ps; read Marc’s message above re his MS and this life enriching music- felt quite touched by his comments “from the bottom of my heart”. good luck to you mate, maybe see you at the next one x

  • Lucy L


    As with Manchester and Wolverhampton I physically shook for the whole gig… this band is more than music, more than beautiful, and more than enough to put me in a state of wonder! LOVE LOVE LOVE

  • Andrew McCloy


    A truly memorable gig! The giant revolving telescope provided an awesome backdrop, heightening songs like the title track of Kveikur with its sense of reach and power. The moody weather also played its part, as the lights and lasers appeared to bounce off the low clouds. The sound was good, at least where we were standing, although it was difficult to see the stage at times. The free events around the science arena beforehand were also fun and helped make the occasion, but the music really blew us all away. A great concert, despite the chaos in the car park afterwards that saw us stationary for well over an hour.

  • Steve P


    Amazing venue (despite the alarming lack of food vendors and toilet facilities, though that’s clearly not the fault of the band) and a great gig, even better than Brixton earlier in the year.

    Still looking forward to Hoppipolla not being played live – at least a quarter of the crowd got their camera phones out just for one song, almost as if it was the only song they actually knew. I actually think it’d be nice to see the setlist varied a bit more. Same group of 17 or so songs have been played for the past 6 months. Would be nice to see a “Ny Batteri”, a “Godan Daginn” or “Andvari” thrown in for a change every now and then.

    That makes it sound like I’m really critical and I’m really not. They were, as ever, fantastic, and “Olsen Olsen” was a real highlight last night. Hope it’s just good at the Roundhouse on Monday.

  • will riding


    An acoustic folkie and post punk fan, I gave up on going to outdoor gigs many years ago after being bitterly disappointed by an REM gig. But I got into Sigur Ros a few years back and decided I would definitely see them given a half chance. I found out about this quite by chance and I went along because I take the kids to Jodrell bank a few times every year so it was like synchronicity. I took my youngest son too (11)for his first proper big ‘gig’. What a phenomenol night, it was the ideal place for it and the use of the dish was amazing. It was everything I would have expected and more – standouts were Olsen Olsen and untitled#8 but the experience as a whole rendered any ideas of a bucket list obsolete. The intro and the way the dish was turned away for the finale brought me out in goosebumps. Wasn’t arsed about the car park, we stopped back and had chips and watched the various projections on the dish which went on for a while after. The Jupiter effect was stunning.A night to remember.

  • Lisa


    An absolute amazing night, you guys are born performers and i loved every minute of your show. Saw you in Glasgow in February, which was awesome, but your show, especially the venue was just breathtaking and i still feel the goosebumps. My dream is to take my best friend, who has been a fan for many years and introduced me to your music to see you in Iceland. Guys, keep well and safe and thank you for giving me an emotional and moving experience i will treasure forever.

  • mark


    Loved it all to be honest!!!! Varuð was sublime and for me could have gone on for another 5 minutes. Lights and visuals were Stella as were the use of the projections onto Telescope.

    Great setting for such epic and timeless music

    One of the most spiritual & memorable experiences of my life!

    Thanks Guys! All the best!

  • Dan


    After being at the Eden Sessions gig which was stunning I didn’t think the bar could go any higher, but Jodrell Bank was simply amazing, and then some. So atmospheric with the dish being used for visuals, and again a perfect set list. Highlights were Olsen Olsen and Vaka, and nice to see material from Valtari being shown some love.

    Not sure what else to say except that for all the bands and artists I’ve seen perform live, Sigur Ros continue to impress on every level and adapting to suit to venue (stunning intro!).

    Totally worth the 4 hour drive!!

  • Jenny


    I was there basically as a glorified chauffeur but I have to say it was one of the best gigs I have ever been to in my life! The setting was just perfect for their unique brand of music, and the use of the gigantic satellite dish as a prop was inspired. Not overly enamoured with the chaos in the car park afterwards, but that didn’t detract from a terrific day.

  • Alison


    Yes, the performance was amazing. I was close to the front so I couldn’t see what was happening with the telescope. However, SR are brilliant. Years ago I got a free CD with Q magazine with a live version of Staralfur and I thought that no, no band could sound like that live. Then I saw them and – yes they do sound like that live.

    Fave track missing last night Sven-a-englar (something like that) which they played in Glasgow. I would also like to hear live Milano or Ara Batur (need a boys choir)live.

    I still preferred when their touring musicians were that ladies’ orchestra and I miss the fourth band member who left. Therefore although I loved last night my fave SR live gig was at the Hydro Connect festival, Inverarary, Scotland in 2008.

    Thank you for Live at Jodrell Bank. It was wonderful.


  • Angela


    Imagine the most pure and unbelievable sensory experience that warms your heart and your soul like you could never believe.

    That’s Sigur Ros

    Thank you

  • Stu


    Agree with all the comments above. A wonderful performance and mesmerising experience. Even better than Brixton in March. Jodrell Bank was the perfect setting for SR’s beautiful and vast soundscapes. Highlights – the moon projected onto the Lovell telescope, Saeglopur, Festival and a stunning ending with Popplagio and a hundred lasers!

    Thank you Sigur Ros and come back next year!

  • Janice Ellis-Brown


    Jodrell Bank amazing show well worth 4 hours tedious driving for incredible sound, lights, lasers just wonderful as always a mesmerising performance. Loved the special sounds from outer space intro too!

    A very big thank you to Sigur Ros keep well and stay safe xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Janice Ellis-Brown


    Jodrell Bank amazing show well worth 4 hours tedious driving for incredible sound, lights, lasers just wonderful as always a mesmerising performance. Loved the special sounds from outer space intro too!

    A very big thank you to Sigur Ros keep well and stay safe x

  • JD


    Stunning…just stunning. Oh, and mind-blowing :)

  • Jules


    to have been at this unique concert was one experience I will not forget. i have been fortunate to see Sigur Ros play live on many occasions since 2001 and every time they never fail to make their shows a welcoming and embracing experience.
    to see them at Jodrell and how they utilised the setting and environment was wonderful.
    Alex must be applauded for the effort in creating the intro to the show which really set the scene. to find it here on the site was fantastic. the way the lights flickered across the dish in sync with the radio waves made me feel and think at that time how hopefully one day we will be contacted and shown how to get our affairs here on earth into a best state. maybe other people’s thoughts wandered into that territory too before the band took to the stage.
    anyone who is reading this and was at the show will know just how lovely an evening it was. thank you Sigur Ros.

  • Carl Mustafa


    What a fantastic day. This was the best gig I`ve ever been to. The musicianship of Sigur Ros was pure genius. As for the visual effects incorporating the telescope this was truly mind-blowing.
    My only criticism is that it would have been good if the show had been recorded and released on blu-ray (I didn’t see any cameras so I assume it wasn’t recorded). That would have been the icing on the cake!
    Let’s hope that they can do another gig at Jodrell Bank. I’ll be first in the queue for that!

  • Jayne


    Thanks for a magical show. One to be remembered, in a beautiful setting. Music, lights and imagery were truly inspiring to see.

  • Reiter District


    space sounds like avant garde

  • Will


    You are one of the best bands in the world and you only need to see your live shows to understand why this is. A fantastic show, you deserve all the accolades that you get. I hope Jonsi’s voice is OK too, singing like that every night must take its toll.

  • Dave G


    A fabulous gig and a great venue. My first sigur ros concert but wont be my last. My son and I travelled from Ireland to see this concert and it was well worth it. a truly moving experience. See you in November in the O2 Dublin.

  • Gary


    The band were great. The venue was shocking. Had to queue for 90 minutes to get some food, missed Policia and the first 5 songs from Sigur Ros due to that. £15 to park in a cow field, a shoe ruined by a cow pat. Mickey Mouse organisation by Jodrell.
    Not a patch on the atmosphere down at Eden, too many Northerners yapping amingst themselves rather than listening to this wonderful music.
    Will attempt to recreate Eden in my living room on Itunes tomorrow.
    Jodrell Bank, my complaint will be in the post.

  • Joanne Byers


    i thought this gig was excellent and have no idea where some of these complaints are coming from.

    90 minutes to queue for food?? I queued for maybe 10 minutes, queues for toilets again at the most 10 minutes. the car park was chaos at the end but that has been the same at any outdoor gig I have ever been to, so I have learned to just not rush out of the venue, stay back have another pint or something else to eat and then meander back to car. And as for people yapping amongst themselves…..I get more annoyed by poeple constantly having their cameras etc in the air, just watch the concert thats what you paid your money for.

    Sigur Ros were fantastic and I can’t wait to see them tonight at i tunes festival albeit via the internet.

  • jonny hewitt


    A great, unique setting to hear the most beautiful band live, the first time i’ve seen them outside (though prefer them inside) and its great to see so many people who also love them too. slighty croaky voice towards the end ( a shortened Festival, and a struggling intro to Untitled 8), but we love you, hope you enjoyed it as much as us

  • will riding


    As a northerner I was irritated by ‘yapping northerners’ but it still remains a crass generalisation… should have got food after the gig. No queues and more projections onto the dish ’til we were turfed out. Then fifteen minutes out of the car park… have they not got cows in other parts of the country?

  • Steve


    First time I’ve seen SR live (have been waiting since Takk!) and not disappointed. Great to see genuinely talented musicians and I would recommend any music fan see them live. I was near the front so couldn’t see the dish, but I was immersed in sound and light. I have tickets to see them in Nottingham in November so it will be interesting to see how the show works indoors.
    Thanks guys, you made my summer!

  • Celeste


    An amazing night (again), 3rd time seeing Sigur Ros live, first time at Lattitude in 2008, then Wolverhampton earlier this year..
    Every time has been a different experience (outdoors and indoors), some of the same songs such as Hippopolla (who cares they are all amazing!), a very different set to Wolverhampton as they played a lot from Kveikur… Brennisteinn gives me goosebumps every time!
    Seeing them once more in Nottingham in November, so looking forward to another indoor concert as it’s quite an intense experience!
    Thank you for another amazing night and many more beautiful memories x

  • Rob


    A fantastic and beautiful gig, setting was magical, projecting onto the dish was fantastic. My first time seeing a band I’ve loved for over 5 years, and it was amazing. Good choice of support with Daughter and Polica (Not so sure about Nik Colk Void, was disorganised bad noise). The first time I’ve been to an open air gig too, and it was a day I’ll never forget. Only one thing to say to you Sigur Ros – Takk.

  • robert


    Fantastic as ever. Playing in such a spectacular location seemed to mean a lot to the band and they looked to be enjoying it. Jonsi’s voice suffered a bit at times, and I think they cut out a chunk at the beginning of Popplagid. The sound was good for an outdoor gig, but the dynamic contrasts weren’t as great as at the Apollo in March. My highlight was Kveikur. Missed Svefn-g-englar, but you can’t have everything.

  • gareth


    Sigur Ros gave an amazing performance – fantastic musicianship, beautiful lighting and visuals, and a set that is a great balance between the favourites and the latest album. I saw them at the Eden Sessions on what was a perfect, magical, never to be forgotten evening. I suppose that it was inevitable that another venue and another date wouldn’t quite live up to that so I have to agree others that the venue was a bit of a let down. The use of the radio telescope dish was quite disappointing. I picked a place in the crowd where I could see the dish as well as the stage and being off-centre may have been the reason that I found the sound to be really quite bad at times – at one point we could hear the backing percussion over the lead instruments. (This was also the case with the support acts – although with Nik Colk Void who would have known!) Having been spoiled with the natural bowl at Eden, the field at Jodrell Bank meant that having secured a view of Jonsi at centre stage, only fleeting glimpses of Orri and Georg were then possible through the crowd. Nevertheless, it was Sigur Ros and as far as I’m concerned they can do no wrong – their performance certainly rose way, way above any deficiencies of the venue.

  • Pete


    Gave a new dimension to the phrase Space Rock! Since I was a young boy I’ve been fascinated by Stars and Space, so to see the band who make the music that means the most to me in this environment for me was just the best ever. Takk x

  • Vala Vidarsdottir


    What can I say… Absolutely phenomenal. From the visual effects and overall performance, to sounds and atmosphere. Total immersion, connection and fabulous crowd. Never to be forgotten. Sigur Ros ‘YOU ROCK’!!

  • Emma


    Bit late but just wanted to say what a FANTASTIC gig this was! You were amazing and I got right to the front as well :) I was the crazy girl in the rainbow jacket and hat!! I’ve loved your music for years but first saw you at Bestival last year (which was my first festival!) – even though you were absolutely amazing then, I knew you weren’t happy with your time slot/how light it was because of all your visual affects to set the mood and go with the music!

    This was my first open air concert and you were amazinggg :) You have given me two of my most brilliant first time moments, thank you and hope to see you again soon!

  • Jonathan


    I really enjoyed this show. The setting and venue were great and really in keeping with the Sigur Ros sound.

  • Dazza


    Better late than never, a show of music and light in a unique setting to give a visually stunning experience!

  • Kay Taylor


    My first show. Amazing!❤️

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