sigur rós 2013 tour

manchester, united kingdom



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photos by jamesjshaw



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  1. Overload senses , eyes full of love , ears leaking honey , smells like freshly rained on soil xxxx you get me bruv xxxx

  2. Stunning. Overwhelmed at how good tonight’s performance was. If Brennsteinn is anything to go by then the new material is going to be incredible.

  3. What a fantastic show. So many of my Favourites, Glosoli, Sven-G-englar, Hoppipolla, Untitled 8, Untitled 1.
    Excellent All round performance by everyone involved. Loved the Tungsten Filaments controlled by computer.
    Bit of a Panic when Orri couldn’t find his sticks on the floor after using the brushes, but my son didn’t even notice that. I saw someone crawling around on all fours behind his kit trying to help! Great stuff.
    All in all one of the best gigs I have ever attended. We really need more UK gigs. Iceland aint that far away – Honest!

  4. Incredible. Loud, quiet, ethereal, volcanic, psychedelic, ambient, transcendental, beautiful. The musical experience of my life.

  5. WOW. Best gig ive ever been to . Booked for the jodrell bank gig in august today . Cant wait now its going to awesome

  6. after standing ouside from approx 4:30 ish my legs where really tired, once you guys started playing i completely forgot all about my legs ! for my first time seeing you guys, the show was amazing the most mesmerising experience i have ever seen, thankyou very much, shame there was a track or 2 missing from the previous setlists you had done, and georg seemed to disapear after first track, but still amazing !

  7. Just like when I realised I was in-love for the first time or the passing away of my grandfather. This night and performance was so significant it will stay with me forever. Thank you.

  8. I physically shook with emotion for the whole 2 hours.

    I then saw them the next night in Wolverhampton and held myself together much better!

    That voice!

    That music!

    Don’t ever stop, now that I’ve found you I can’t ever let you go!!!

    Strawberry pie – Y-u-m-m-y!!!

  9. I have followed your music since i saw one of your videos on japanese tv, that was ten years ago, this was my first opportunity to see you live, it was stunning, i was blown away, very emotional for me, thankyou,

    I was hoping to see you in japan in may but even with japanese interperators, they couldn’t find where to buy the tickets from the link that is displayed, maybe i’ll just wing it, if not, have a great one.

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