sigur rós 2013 tour

campo pequeno
lisbon, portugal



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  1. A true life changing experience. A worthy description would have to be Hopelandic.

  2. Ontem uma tempestade sinfónica cai-o sobre Lisboa…a chuva não foi muita e o barco a remos não chegou…mas Sigur Ros deslumbrou. Primeiro estranha-se e no fim entranha-se até ao fundo do teu Ser…não sei se foi um momento na terra com um pouco de céu, se um pouco de céu na terra…Obrigada.

  3. I’ve seen your shows three times and each one is so unique! There’s no other sound and experiencie quite like what you provide to us… Brilliant! Perfect! :)
    I was happy all the way, and left feeling such a great energy. Congrats on an amazing work… Until the next time…!


  4. A fabulous concert with dynamic light according to each song. The stage detail with the initial cover was a good idea.
    Great lineup and a perfect sound …
    See you soon!


  5. Uma viagem aos confins da alma…despertam sentimentos adormecidos nos cantos das recordações…e enaltecem cada momento…cada sentido para AMAR…obrigado

  6. your concert in Campo Pequeno/Lisbon was an intense emotional experience. Absoulutly apotheotic. Superb! Takk Sigur Ros!

  7. Lisbon 14th on Valentines Day, of course it was true love. One thing i would love to know is, whats it like to perform in front of an audience that is in owe of you? any other gig fans go crazy, sing along etc but at yours you hold us in the cusp of your hands and at the end we get to release our emotions? or is it us as Fans that get caught in our own favorite moments that make the atmosphere what it is?

  8. One thing, gutted you left Olsen Olsen off the play list…… but hay you could have played for 5 hours and it would not have been enough

  9. Pure Magic.
    Even more unforgettable than i anticipated.
    The power of music over Language and its ability to make us Dream.
    Takk – it was a privilege…

  10. Yesterday , in Lisbon, without speak portuguese and english, you make a fusion and communication with the audience, only with your Beautiful Musique! I feel Iceland inside me (I was there last summer and I Love it…)

  11. This is the result of a Sigur Rós sensorial journey at Lisbon this 14th of February. The art of trying to catch every single emotion and detail in one shot is fascinating, it is what i saw, felt and grab my attention, where every single detail makes the difference… all through the eye of a camera. This is by any chance intended to abuse copyright content. This is something that you should not miss experiencing live, it’s a once in a lifetime experience.
    Enjoy. dKs…

  12. I love to ear your songs. They take me to a world of peace, justice and balance. Iceland is my favourite place to travel one day. I see all of you as genuine people. Iceland: A lovely and peaceful place to live.
    This concert was magic. Great songs, nice feelings.
    Thanks you!

  13. I trully loved it! It was an amazing experience, the environment with Jonsi’s voice and the sound of the instruments, all together, fitted so well and gave me such a variety of pure emotions! You’re all trully wonderful <3

  14. A magical moment that words cannot describe. I believe the meaning of life and hope is laid in your stage. Please never stop blessing people with your gift. Thank you.

  15. I still wonder what really happened last thursday and i’m still trying to come back to earth from that superb experience.
    You probably hear this everyday, but you really are amazing and you are an inspiration for us. You do make the difference!

    Please come back here. This summer, next year, in five years. It doesn’t matter, it’s only time. Just come back.

    It’s been a pleasure having you as soundtrack of my life. i’ll always be thankful.


  16. This concert is still on my head, just unforgettable and what a great performance!

    And Sara, I make your words mine. Takk.

  17. I admit I did not knew your music very well, just a few songs.. But my boyfriend really likes it, so.. since it was valentines day, i decided to buy the tickets for him.

    I was absolutely blown away. It was a magnificent surprise. I really enjoyed the whole show, from the music to the beautiful visual part of it. I was truly entertained, and when it ended i was like “so soon?” And I admit i did cry.

    I’m now a fan, you did it! And it was so easy.


  18. De regresso a casa depois de percorrer um milhar de quilómetros para poder estar na primeira fila e ver novamente Sigur Ros… o sentimento é de felicidade extrema, emoção plena e alma cheia.

    Takk! Takk! Takk! Obrigada! Obrigada! Obrigada!

  19. Absolutely magical! Can’t stop listening to you, please come back to Portugal soon!

  20. almost 2 years and i still couldnt get over it, been watching the videos over and over, thank you!i hope you come back soon.

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