sigur rós 2013 tour

porto, portugal



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      01 yfirborð
      02 vaka
      03 ny batteri
      04 hrafntinna
      05 brennisteinn
      06 saeglopur
      07 fljotavik
      08 e-bow
      09 varuð
      10 hoppipolla
      11 með bloðnasir
      12 glosoli
      13 kveikur
      14 svefn-g-englar
      15 popplagið


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  1. The horns at the end are so beautiful. I can’t stop listening to hrafntinna… :) Love Sigur!

  2. Hello! My wife and I were the ones who were in Sundlaugin on our honeymoon in 2009 and also went to buy some sweaters;)
    Your music is absolutely outstanding for us and our relationship … It’s something that makes us fly and cry … of happiness … Please continue and please continue to come to Porto at least whenever you tour … Takk fyrir

  3. It was the thirt time i saw you alive in Porto, I love this concert particularly.
    The new songs sound a little different, but i like them, now i am curious about the new album!
    One of the most beautiful moments of the concert was the Varuo song, the projections combined with the lights on the stage… absolutely magnificent!
    Hope to see you soon…
    Takk, thank you, Obrigado!

  4. por favor voltem rápido ao coliseu do porto :)…ja vos vi tres vezes e ja sinto a vossa falta….

  5. Morales and i were there!!! And it was overwhelming in the best seat of all!!!Thank you for unforgetfulness…

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